UV Tigers





2015: All Tigers parallels....I don't have any!!

2014 Base variations: 81(Sbrmtrcs) 195(FutureStar) 195(photo) 250(Hoody) 250(Sbrmtrcs) 250(Sparkle)

                      297(Celebrating) 297(Sparkle) 297(Sbrmtrcs) 450(Sbrmtrcs) 450(sparkle)

                      450(Goggles),534(sparkle) 550(sparkle) 550(Hoody)

2014 Camo parallel: I HAVE - NONE

2014 Red Foil Para: I HAVE - 2,29,160,195268,295,372,381,630,US42,US207,US284

2014 Blue para: I HAVE - US284

2014 Red para: I HAVE - 195,US207

2014 Green para: I HAVE - 112

2014 Gold para: I HAVE - 81,223,335,633,US7,US15,US284

2014 Yellow para: I HAVE - 31

2014 Pink para: I HAVE - NONE

2014 Purple para: I HAVE - NONE

2014 Black para: I HAVE - 147

2014 Clear para: IHAVE - NONE

2014 Silk: Cabrera,Fister,Scherzer,Peralta,Martinez,Hunter,Nathan,Iglesias,Kinsler,Verlander,Jackson

2014 1989 Mini: TM-40 Cabrera, TM-41 Verlander, TM-66 Scherzer

2014 Silver Class Ring: CR-6 Cobb, CR-25 Verlander

2014 Comm Patch: CP-4 Cabrera

2014 All Rookie Cup Manufactured Patches: RCMP-JVE Verlander

2014 Breakout Moments Relics: BMR-MS Scherzer

2014 Breakout Moments Auto: BMA-MS Scherzer

2014 Breakout Moments Auto Relic: BMAR-MS

2014 Framed Gold Label: GL-18 Cabrera GL-21 Scherzer

2014 Framed Rookie Reprint: RCF-22 Verlander

2014 Framed Rookie Reprint Silver: RCF-22 Verlander

2014 Framed Rookie Reprint Gold: RCF-22 Verlander

2014 Upper Class: UC-23 Fielder

2014 Upper Class Relic: UCR-JV Verlander, UCR-PF Fielder

2014 Upper Class Autos: UCA-AK Kaline

2014 Trajectory Relics: TR-PF Fielder,TR-VM VMartinez

2014 Trajectory Relics Gold: TR-BRO Rondon,TR-JPE Peralta,TR-PF Fielder,TR-RP Porcello,TR-BB Boesch,TR-MS Scherzer,TR-VM VMartinez

2014 Trajectory Jumbo relics: TJR-MS Scherzer

2014 Trajectory Autos: TA-MS Scherzer

2014 Rookie Black: Verlander

2014 Name Relics(letters): Peralta,Verlander,Cabrera,Scherzer,Fielder,Hunter

2014 Super Vets: SV2 Cabrera

2014 Super Veterans Relic: SVR-MC, SVR-TH

2014 Super Veterans Auto: SVA-MC, SVA-PF

2014 Before They Were Great: Cobb
2014 Before They Were Great Gold Parallel: Cobb

2014 Postseason Performance Relic: PPR-JV Verlander, PPR-MC Cabrera, PPR-PF Fielder, PPR-PF Martinez

2014 Rookie Cup All-Stars: RCAS-14 Verlander


Base variations: 15(photo) 15(Sabermetrics) 166(sparkle) 207(Sbrmtrcs) 284(sparkle) 318(sparkle)
1989 Mini die-cut Relic: TMR-MS Scherzer, TMR-VM VMartinez
1989 Mini die-cut autographs: TMA-MC Cabrera, TMA-MSC Scherzer
All-Star Access: ASA-MCA Cabrera, ASA-MS Scherzer
All-Star Stitches: ASR-MCB Cabrera
All-Star Stitches Dual Relic: ASD-CG Cabrera
All-Star Stitches triples: ASTR-MIMCabrera/Scherzer/Kinsler
All-Star Stitches Auto Relics: ASTAR-MS Scherzer
All-Star Jumbo Patches: ASJP-MCA Cabrera, ASJP-MS Scherzer
Fond Farewells Auto: FFA-AK Kaline
Fond Farewells Auto Relic: FFAR-AK Kaline
Gold Framed Topps Gold Label: GL-31 Cabrera
Power Players Auto: PPA-MS Scherzer
The Future Is Now Relics: FNR-NC1 Castellanos

2013 Topps & Topps Update

Base: 28B,660B

Gold parallel: I HAVE - 28,495,602,633,US134,US218

Emerald Foil parallel: I HAVE - 35,42,121,220,239,327,330,343,374,516,565,602,630,633,642,US91,US120,US134,US193,US218,US223,US232,US315

Blue parallel: I HAVE - 634,660,US91,US193,US276

Purple parallel: I HAVE - NONE

Red parallel: I HAVE - 28,US91

Desert Camo parallel: I HAVE - NONE

Black parallel: I HAVE - NONE

Pink parallel: I HAVE - NONE

Sapphire parallel: I HAVE - NONE

Silk Collection: I HAVE - NONE

1972 Mini Relics: TMR-MC

1972 Mini Autos: TMA-MC

1971 Mini Relic: TMR-JV

1971 Mini Auto: TMA-PF

Calling Card Relic: CCR-PF

Calling Card Auto: CCA-PF

Chasing History Foil parallel: 88,120,127,132

Chasing History Gold parallel: 120,127,132

Chasing History Relic: JUV, PF, TC

Chasing History Auto: CHA-MC, CHA-PF

Chasing History Auto Relic: CHAR-MC, CHAR-PF

Cut To The Chase: 28

Cut To The Chase Relic: CTCR-AK, CTCR-PF

Cut To The Chase Auto: CTCA-MC

Making Their Mark Auto: MMA-BR

Cy Young Winners: CY-JV

MVP Award Winners: MVP-JV

Rookie of the Year Winners: ROY-JV

League Leader Pin: LLP-MC

Record Holder Rings: RHR-TC

Triple Crown Relics: TCR1 TO TCR10

Triple Crown Autos: TCAR1 TO TCAR10

Silver Sluggers: SS-PF

Proven Metal: PMC-JV, PMC-MC, PMC-TC, PMC-PF

Manufactured Commemorative Patch: CP-30

Manufactured Patch: MCP-7, MCP-22

MVP Award Winners Manufactured Relic: MVP-MC

The Elite: TE-1

The Elite Gold parallel: TE-1

All Star Stitches: ASR-MC,ASR-MS,ASR-PF


2012 Topps

2012: 639(Verlander-var),650(Fielder-var)

2012 Inserts -

Cut Above Autos: JV,MC,PF

Cut Above Relics: JV,MC

Gold Rush 31(Peralta) 37(Cabrera) 83(Porcello) 84(Boesch)

Gold Sparkle 358,422,491,639

Black 32,52,54,65,82,162,166,200,201,213,239,282,319


Golden Moments Autos: Cabrera,Verlander
Golden Moments Jumbo Relics: Cabrera,Porcello,Martinez


Golden Moments Giveaway Die Cuts: GMDC3(Cobb)

Silk SC44(Cabrera),SC48(Avila),SC72(Young); SC105,SC148,SC149,SC196

Stickers: 64(Avila) 65(Jackson),66(Fielder),67(Verlander),68(Peralta),69(Cabrera),


Gold Standard Relic TC(Cobb) ;

Golden Greats Coin TC(Cobb);

Mound Dominance Relic: JV

Team Ring: Cobb


2012 Topps UPDATE

Base: 15a,289a

Gold Sparkle: 15a,21,246,289a

All-Star Stitches: Cabrera, Fielder

Jumbo Patches: Cabrera, Fielder

Blockbuster Hat Logos: 8(Cabrera)

Blockbuster Relic: Cabrera

Golden Moments Auto: Verlander

HOF Plaque: Cobb



Justin Verlander: GN285,293,298

Curtis Granderson: GN521,522,523,526,527,529,531,532,533,535,537,538,543,544,548,550

2011: 150b(Greenberg) + ANY DIAMOND PARALLELS

2010: 1b(GreenbergSP),PPR-HG

2010 Gold: 84,201,212,222,277,309,475,503,513,526,575,623

2010 Update Gold: 297,326

2010 Hat Logos: Cabrera,Cobb(#19),Cobb(#20),Greenberg,Kaline,Kell,Porcello,Verlander

2010 Patch: Greenberg MLBLogo, Porcello MLBLogo

2009 Update: CQ-PerryAuto,CHR17,TR101,TR124

2009 Topps 206: 66(Cobb)

2009 Chrome: 225(Perry AU)

2008 Topps Highlights Auto: Monroe, DeLaCruz

2005 Chrome Black Refractors: 242(VerlanderAU)

2005 Gold: 185,363,677

2005 Update Gold: 220,282

2004 Chrome Black Refractors: 129,239,253,260,286,294,391,425

2002 Traded: 40,88




2016: 11(Rodriguez) 101(Castellanos) 106(Sanchez) 348(Team) 478(Cabrera)

      Color swap: 478(Cabrera)

      Throwback: 31(Simon) 404(Norris)

      Real One Auto: Kaline(Red) Wood(Blue) Wood(Red)

      Chrome: 478(Cabrera)

      Chrome Ref: 454(Kinsler) 478(Cabrera)
      Black Ref: 420(Verlander) 454(Kinsler) 478(Cabrera)

      Purple Ref: 420(Verlander)

      Punchboard: Verlander Cabrera

      Punchboard Relic: Verlander Cabrera

      CC Gold: VMartinez

      CC Triple Patch Relic (Cabrera/Verlander/Martinez)

      Mini: 420(Verlander) 478(Cabrera)

      StandUp: Cabrera

      Mini Disc: Cabrera

      1967 Stamp: Kaline

      1967 Mint: Cabrera Kaline

      Gum stain: ANY Tigers

      BuyBacks: ANY Tigers

      Red Back: ANY Tigers

      Bazooka Mini: Cabrera


2014: Logo variation: 500(Cabrera)

      Throwback uniform: 500(Cabrera)

      Black back: 1,3,5,7,9,11,130,141,196,243,258,336,356,390,406,418,430,452,459,493,500

      Mini: 130,430,459,493,500

      Red Border: 500

      Chrome Refractors: 430,493,500

      Black Refractors: 243,303,430,493,500

      Purple Refractors: 243

      Clubhouse Collection Gold Relic: Rondon

      '65 Mint Stamp Al Kaline

      Embossed: Cabrera Verlander

      Embossed Box Loader: Kaline

      Embossed Box Loaded relic: Kaline


2013: Color Var: 250(Fielder)

      Chrome: Verlander Scherzer

      Black Ref: Cabrera Verlander Scherzer Jackson Fielder 

      Venezualan black back: Berry Porcello Valverde Fielder Peralta Infante

      '64 Mint Coin Kaline, Verlander

2012: 603(Smyly-hi# series)

      63Mint Kaline,





2011 Baseball Bucks: Cabrera, Jackson

2009: FDSR-Kaline/Mantle,FDSR-BRobinson/Kaline

2008: C39(Cabrera),Kaline/GrandersonCCRelic

2007: ROA-Kaline, FlshbckRelic Bunning

2006: THC95(Verlander)

2005: 409(White),CC-Kaline/RodriguezBat

2003: ROA-Kaline,ROA-Kress,ROA-Lund,ROA-Batts,CCR-AK

2002: C27(Cornejo),C61(Palmer),CR3(Cedeno)



2013 Mini: 4,144,155,354,355,356,379

2013 Mini Relics: Avila,CFielder,Verlander,Scherzer,PFielder

2013 Relics: Newhouser

2013 Autos: Garcia,CFielder,PFielder

2013 Across The Years: Cabrera

2012 Mini: 54,97,165,197,235,238,250,258,262,307,338,351,363,376,398

2012 Relics: Peralta,Cabrera,Scherzer,Porcello,Martinez,Cobb

2012 N43: Cabrera

2012 Autos: Kaline,Verlander,Cabrera,Scherzer,Fielder

2011 Mini: 10,54,68,145,194,275,308,390

2011 Relics: Jackson(1), Jackson(2), Cabrera, Perry

2011 Glossy: 10,54,68,145,194,275,308

2010 Mini: 25,45,93,139,197,235,250,256,319,320,361,376

2010 Autos: Cabrera,Scherzer,Porcello,Perry

2010 Relic: Cabrera

2009 Mini: 32,51,54,82,122,253,262,316,332,400

2009 N43: Cabrera

2009 Relics: Willis, Cabrera

2008 Mini: 30,78,85,165,196,209,222,240,245,277,373,387,398

2008 Mini Icons: Cobb

2008 N43: Granderson

2008 Relics: Renteria

2007 Mini: 29,78,85,122,129,148,186,279,305,340,354,384

2007 National Pride: 8, 10

2007 Relic: IRodriguez

2007 Milestones: 8, 10

2006: 74(Verlander) 295(leyland)

2006 Mini: 70,71,72,73,74,76,77,78,269



2014: 333

2014 Mini: 1,1b,35,125b,131,180,180b,240,271,271b,284,333,333b

2014 Mini Relics: Rondon

2014 N174: Cabrera Scherzer

2012 Mini: 50a(Cabrera running)

2012 Mini Relics: MCA

2011: 327(Cabrera)



2005: 3(Kaline) 26(Johnson) 34(Whitaker) 35(Fidrych) 54(McLain) 89(Freehan)

2005(Gold): 35(Fidrych)

2004 Sig Black: 19(Whitaker), 22(Gibson), 25(Kaline), 37(Trammell), 83(Evans), 84(Morris)

2003: 38(Evans),63(Trammell),83(Fidrych),84(Gibson),103(Kell)

2003(Black): 35(Kaline),38(Evans),63(Trammell),83(Fidrych),84(Gibson),103(Kell)

2003 Autographs: 35(Kaline),38(Evans),63(Trammell),83(Fidrych),84(Gibson),103(Kell)

2003 Refractor Autographs: 35(Kaline),38(Evans),63(Trammell),83(Fidrych),84(Gibson),103(Kell), Parrish



2005: Kaline Auto, "BestSeatInTheHouse"(Whitaker/Kaline/McLain/Lemon)

2004: Morris Auto, Horton Auto

2003: Parrish Bat

2011 1975 Mini Relics: Cabrera, Kaline
2011 Autographs: Batts, Groth, Trucks


2013 Retail Chase: Verlander, Cabrera

2013 1969 4-in-1 stickers: Cobb, Verlander

2013 1971 Greatest Moments Box Toppers: Cabrera

2013 1998 Stadium Club Triumverate: Cabrera Verlander Fielder

2013 Mini Tall Boys Autos: Kaline

2012 Gold Parallel: 37,67,74,116,223,230

2012 FFAuto: Parrish

2012 On-Card Auto: CFielder

2002: TSR-Lolich, TSR-Anderson, FreehanGU-bat




2010 2000 Star Rookie: 548(Inge)

2005 Update: 142(Woodyard),180(Verlander)

2002 40-Man: 331-362,1046,1163

2000: 286



1993: 391

1992: 164,345

1991: 154


2001 SP Legendary Cuts Game Used Bat/Jersey

Ty Cobb

Bill Freehan

Charlie Gehringer

Lou Whitaker



2002 SP Legendary Cuts Game Used Bat

George Kell

Base set: COMPLETE


2003 SP Legendary Cuts

Mickey Cochrane Historical Impressions S/N to 250

Charlie Gehringer Historical Impressions S/N to 250

Ty Cobb Etched In Time

Hank Greenberg Etched In Time

Bill Freehan Jersey

Sparky Anderson Jersey

Base set: 51


2004 SP Legendary Cuts

Hank Greenberg bat

Al Kaline bat

Dual Memorabilia Gibson/Lolich jersey

Hal Newhouser (auto'd)



2005 SP Legendary Cuts

Hank Greenberg auto'd

Al Kaline auto'd

Al Kaline GU bat

Bill Freehan Jersey

Bill Freehan auto'd

Base set: COMPLETE


2006 SP Legendary Cuts

Alan Trammell GU bat

Al Kaline Jersey

Denny McLain "When It Was A Game" (x/99 parallel)

Hank Greenberg "When It Was A Game" (x/99 parallel)

Base set: 176,198



2007 SP Legendary Cuts

Kirk Gibson Jersey

Al Kaline (auto'd)

Al Kaline (GU bat)

Al Kaline Jersey

Jack Morris Jersey

Hal Newhouser (auto'd)

Base set: 132,133,134,135,147

2008 SP Legendary Cuts Jersey

Miguel Cabrera

Kirk Gibson

Curtis Granderson

Magglio Ordonez

Ivan Rodriguez

Gary Sheffield

Gary Sheffield/Delmon Young (Dual)

Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander/Nolan Ryan (Dual)

Dontrelle Willis

Base set: HAVE 46,47,81,95


2009 SP Legendary Cuts

Base set: 30,84,85,116