1970's Baseball

UPGRADES - A card needs to be pretty beat up for me to ask for an upgrade!  In these cases, I’m simply trying to improve something that is either heavily creased, torn, written on - or all three!! In all cases, a clean card in VG- condition is a major upgrade to what I currently have. If you can help me out, great, but ALWAYS give priority to someone who doesn’t have the card in the first place!! Oh and of course I’ll always redistribute my Tiptons to someone else.

1970 Topps Super: 30/42 (71.4%) - 12 to go

2(Bando) 4(Killebrew) 5(Seaver) 12(Clemente)
18(Mays) 21(Santo) 22(Bosman) 24(Aaron)
25(Messersmith) 34(Rose) 37(FRobby) 38(Powell)

1971 Topps Super: 40/63 (63.5%) - 23 to go


1(Smith) 3(Savage) 6(Perez) 10(Stottlemyre) 11(Oliva)
20(Rose) 21(Walker) 23(Aparicio) 29(Carty)
35(Santo)36(Agee) 37(Clemente) 38(Jackson) 39(Wright) 40(Allen)
44(Aaron) 45(Otis)48(Gibson) 49(Yaz) 53(Seaver) 56(Mays) 59(BRobby)


1971 Topps Coins: 142/153 (92.8%) - 11 to go

58(Yaz) 63(Gibson) 71(Clemente) 87(Brock) 88(Walton) 90(Palmer) 101(Rose)
108(Jackson) 118(Munson) 137(Aaron) 153(Mays)

1970 Kelloggs 3D: COMPLETE (#2 Rose, ebay Feb 2011) 
1971 Kelloggs 3D: 62/75 (82.7%) - 13 to go
2(Seaver) 4(Robertson) 8(Menke) 14(Howard) 15(FRobby) 18(Tovar) 22(Walton)
28(Wright) 30(Cater) 49(Cuellar)
54(Johnson) 59(McNally) 68(Stargell)

1972 Kelloggs 3D: COMPLETE (#49 Clemente, ebay Sept 2010)

1970 Fleer World Series:  COMPLETED by Tom Housley (1909) 16 Sept 2010

1971 Fleer World Series: COMPLETED by Richard Dingman (7 cards at 2011 National)