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Welcome to my Sports Collection Want List!
Last Updated: 10 September 2018

The list is wide and varied, consisting of baseball, hockey, and football sets from the 1950s, 1960’s and 1970’s, autographed items, books, magazines, photographs, and items relating specifically to the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions (no love for the Pistons, I’m afraid!), and Scottish-born ballplayer Bobby Thomson.

Although born in Detroit, I now happen to live in Glasgow, Scotland and being an overseas collector of vintage items certainly has its challenges - although its not nearly as tough as it was 30 years ago!!

Since 1997, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a member of a group of vintage baseball card enthusiasts called OBC (Old Baseball Cards). Thanks to OBC, my collection has grown, but more importantly I’ve made many friends with whom I share a common interest.
The links to the left will take you to lists of the various sets, individual cards, and items that I'm actively collecting. I’m always happy to trade items if I can. Condition isn’t normally an issue. I’d rather fill a gap in my collection with something than have it lying empty! Contact me using the link on this page if you’d like to try to arrange something.
Glenn Codere
With Mickey Stanley (1968 Detroit Tigers Gold Glove CF), Oak Pointe Country Club, Brighton, Michigan Sept 2006 - The Coderes (Glenn & cousin John) had just defeated the Stanleys (Mickey and his grandson) by 1 hole
With my VERY cool cousin Jillian
 at Coors Field, Colorado - August 2011

With Bobby Thomson in Edinburgh, Scotland 2003 on the occasion of Bobby's induction into the Scottish Sports Hall Of Fame


What's New??

Dec 2016 - Several sets completed during Nov/Dec 2016. Laura Brain of UK Cards finished off my 2016 Topps Update set, while Greg Henthorn of OBC killed 4 sets at one time - 1994 Topps, 1996 Topps, 2013 Topps and 2016 Topps

May 2016 - Completed 2007 Topps Heritage (last card #222 Pat Neshek from Dennis DiFrancesco of the Topps Heritage Collectors Unite Facebook group)

March 2016 - Completed 2015 Topps Heritage (last card #475 Miguel Cabrera from ebay)

Nov 2015 - Completed 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers (last card #722 Craig Kimbrel - thanks to OBC's Rich Niessen)

Sept 2015 - Finally started the 1969 Topps Man On The Moon set!!

August 2015 - Added Topps Baseball sets from 1998 to 2009 to wantlist

Dec 2014 - 2014 Topps Heritage completed (last card #426 Yasiel Puig)

Nov 2014: Completed the 1972/73 Topps Hockey Set with the final 3 cards coming courtesy of Ed Pike and Dan Angland of OBC.
June 2014: 1967 Topps Baseball virtually completed!!! Just picked up the last card (#600 Brooks Robinson) on ebay. Also, completed 2013 Topps Heritage (last card #426 Miguel Cabrera)
March 2014: It's Topps Heritage time again!! 2 boxes opened and about 70% of the set completed. More to come!!

February 2014: 1966 Topps set is officially put to bed with the arrival of the final 2 cards here in Glasgow. Only 3 cards to go to complete my 1960s Topps run.
December 2013: Won the 1966 Topps #526 Twins Team card on ebay....just one to go to close out that set!!
November 2013: Picked up 2 more 1966 Topps and 1 1967 Topps Baseball taking those sets down to 2 and 3 to go respectively. Gettin' closer!!
October 2013: Completed the 1971 Topps Football set with #156 Terry Bradshaw RC. Thanks to Adie Higginson from UK Cards.

July 2013: After opening 5 boxes, I've completed most of the 2013 Topps Heritage set. Just 18 of those pesky SPs to go. Also pulled a Mike Trout Black Refractor. Nice card!!

July 2013: The 1966 Topps set want list is down to 4 cards with the addition of the very tough Choo Choo Coleman SP. 1967 Topps is also down to 4 cards. Which will be first to fall?

February 27, 2013: Added one of the tougher remaining 1967 Topps baseball,,,#580 Rocky Colavito. The wantlist drops down into single figures.....
December 25 2012: 1949 Bowman Tigers team set completed with card #180 Connie Berry

December 5, 2012: Completed 2001 Topps Archives Reserve baseball
November 23, 2012: Took advantage of COMC's Black Friday deals to knock a wide range of stuff off the list. Lots of Tigers, and some upgrades for my 1960s sets.
September 11, 2012: Completed 2002 Topps Archives baseball
September 4, 2012: 4 baseball sets completed in 1 day!! 2001 Topps Archives, 2011 Topps Heritage, 2012 Topps Heritage, and best of all 1962 Topps. Not only that, I've also been gifted the second vintage Ty Cobb card for my collection - a 1933 Sports Kings #1. An amazing day!!

August 2012: Completed the 1961 Fleer Baseball Greats set, receiving the last 5 cards from fellow OBC collector Andy Cook
July 2012: 1959 Topps Baseball set breaks the 400 mark!
June 2012: Started serious work on 2012 Topps Golden Moments Tigers, knocking off 13 Relic cards within a few weeks.
March 2012: Received the final card for my 1961 Topps set (#531 Jim Coates).  
March 2012: I've added a separate page for Topps Heritage Baseball. At the moment, I have want lists up for 2006-2012 but hope to be adding 2001-2005 soon!

Do you live in Scotland
(or elsewhere in the UK)
and have baseball cards to sell or trade?
If so, drop me an email.
Maybe we could deal!!

Contact Me Here!

At Al Kaline's plaque, Baseball Hall Of Fame,
Cooperstown, New York, 1990

 My 30 Most Wanted Cards
(in no particular order)
  1. 1963 Topps #537 Pete Rose RC
  2. 1962 Topps #144 Babe Ruth(green tint)
  3. 1951 Topps Blue Back #46 Vic Wertz
  4. 1955 Topps DblHdr #45/46 Al Kaline
  5. 1972 Topps FB #288 Mel Farr
  6. 1963/64 Parkhurst #53 Terry Sawchuk
  7. 1970 Topps FB #260 Calvin Hill
  8. 2008 Topps Heritage #409 Jon Lester
  9. 1968/69 Topps Hky #6 Derek Sanderson
  10. 1952 Topps #354 Fred Hatfield
  11. 1951 Topps Blue Back #40 Gerry Priddy
  12. 1965/66 Topps Hky #106 Hank Bassen
  13. 1970 Topps FB #190 Dick Butkus
  14. 1962 Topps BB Bucks Rocky Colavito
  15. 1961 Post #36 Rocky Colavito
  16. 1957/58 Topps #46 Norm Ullman 
  17. 1948/49 Leaf #3 Virgil Trucks
  18. 1954 Red Heart Harvey Kuenn
  19. 1972 Topps Football #302 Mike Lucci
  20. 1958/59 Topps #52 Alex Delvecchio
  21. 2006 Topps Heritage #294 Bonderman
  22. 1972 Topps FB #347 Steve Owens IA
  23. 1933 Goudey #222 Charlie Gehringer
  24. 1934-36 Diam.Stars #67 Marv Owen
  25. 1970/71 Topps Hky #29 Gordie Howe
  26. 1971 Kelloggs FB #46 Dick LeBeau
  27. 1952 Berk Ross #28 George Kell
  28. 1970 Topps FB #180 Johnny Unitas
  29. 1969 Topps Decals Reggie Jackson
  30. 1972 Topps FB #335 Dick LeBeau
With the Ryder Cup - April 2011


1972 Broncos
Central West Little League Champions,
Westland, Michigan
Back row: Fred Schmansky, Dale Turner, Frank Szubeleski(Coach)
Robert Jackson, Mike Tavermina, Frank Pate(Coach), Rick Pinkerton,
Glenn Codere, Tony Lawson, Robin Pate(Coach)
Front row: Ronnie Smith, Tom Schmansky, Jeff Gill, Greg Kanslerz,
Jim Bowler, Joey Turner, Ricky Pate, Scott Pinkerton