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In this Step we are going to find wp theme ultima review which we will be using to promote on our thank you page. So, we need at least 3 CPA offers as on our thank you page we have created 3 bonus. So each CPA offer will fit as each bonus. Before we start finding our CPA offers, let me teach you about basics of CPA Marketing. So, what is CPA? CPA basically means Cost Per Action, in simple terms you get money for every action your customer/traffic makes on the advertisers website. These actions can be – submitting email address, submitting their zip code, completing survey, purchasing products, taking free trial etc. There is also one type of CPA offer, about which very few people will tell you – its CPC offers, which pay you just for sending clicks. They usually pay around $0.30-$0.40 per click, which is still decent. Just send them 100clicks and you can make $30-40. Isn’t it Easy? So, now the Big question is! Which type of CPA offer you should choose? The answer lies in your traffic source. Yes trust me! Every traffic source speaks something! Right now you must be thinking, what I am talking about. Let me explain.. See, not all types of CPA offers works with all types of traffic.
If you are getting traffic from twitter, then you must understand the mindset of that traffic. Why people use that 
wp theme ultima review. Most of the twitter users are there just to communicate with other people and read about what’s trending and what’s going on in the world, they are not very targeted to buying a weight loss product/offer. So, in spite of showing them something which need them to purchase it, why not try offers like “free email submit” CPA offers. When they know they are getting something for free, without paying for that, then they are most likely to grab that offer.
Now, Let’s take another Case: Traffic coming from Search engines like Google, bing, yahoo etc.
See, in normal situations people use search engines when
they are trying to find something, so at least they are in research mood in compare to people of twitter who are there most probably to hang out with their friends, so these traffic are a bit more targeted. So, for these types of traffic you can use offers like “$1 trial” for first 7 days and then $17 or $27. Or you can even go with CPS offers where they buy something and you get commission. It’s usually 50-75% - depending upon offer to offer. Now, here’s the list of two sites which you can use to find
CPA offers in any niche.
1. Offer Vault
2. oDigger
These two sites are basically directories of CPA offers. Just go to these websites, and type your niche like this:
You will get a full list of CPA offers with:
1. Payout (how much they are paying per conversion)
2. Type of CPA offer (which type of offer it is, like email
submit, survey, zip submit etc)
3. Network (on which CPA network it is available)

Here are some basic requirements which I personally look before selecting any CPA offer.
These requirements are:
1. They should be from good CPA networks like peerfly, clickbank, maxbouty, cashnetwork etc.
2. Minimum payout should be $0.40 per conversion.
3. For types of CPA offer – I personally like email/zip submit and trial CPA offers.
Let me tell you one secret way to find High converting CPA Offer within few minutes!
First select a CPA network which you want like to join. Say like MaxBouty, then go to facebook and find maxbouty related groups and join it. Check out the group and look

carefully who is writing/posting some helpful tips in groups or income proofs, then message him. And ask him if he/she can give you the list of CPA offers which is working well right now. Don’t irritate them! Just ask them in nice manner, and 90% of time you will get success! And they will tell you what’s converting well for them.
There is always another way if this doesn’t work for you! Just contact affiliate manager of that CPA network and ask them for a list of CPA offers which is converting well right now. They will help you 100%. So, Use these tips to find A Good CPA offer to promote. You can also use networks like 
wp theme ultima review  and JVZoo, which I am using right these days; they have mostly CPS offers which pay you when you make conversions. But if you are starting, then  go with email Submit CPA offers, as they work well with almost all types of traffic. Let’s move to next Step!









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