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Let me stress it from the viral payment software review : this chapter is not about ADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Attention Deficit Disorder). Ifyou suspect you may have symptoms of ADD/ADHD or any other mental or physical disorder which is affecting your attention span, seek professional help. But ifyou’re otherwise healthy and yet struggling to keep your focus on one thing for periods long enough to achieve anything, keep reading. I will be addressing:
The modern world’s Short Attention Span Curse The reality ofattention span
And how to improve your attention span In the modern world ofpressure to do more, faster, and while being always online, our ability to focus on one task at a time diminishes. I have met many adults who felt their attention span have
shrunk later on in life, even though they never had attention problems as kids.
They are waking up already in a hurry, multitasking to the point oftrying to use their toothbrush to comb their hair, replying to emails while eating breakfast and watching the news at the same time. Impatient, bored, restless, dissatisfied, with tendency to go for multiple, simultaneous, and superficial rather than mono-focus and in depth, we blame modern technology, TV, and/or the advertising industry
for our problems. Maybe the technology is to blame. Or maybe not—it’s not for me to judge (there are studies proving the point and studies proving the opposite—see the end ofthe chapter for references). But many of you would probably agree with me—it is harder to keep your mind focused on one thing for longer
these days than 20-30 years ago. Attention span—the reality Ifyou’ve read Chapter 1, you may remember how our attention works, but ifyou haven’t, here is a briefoutline. In a nutshell, we have two types ofattention: automatic and intentional. Automatic attention’s job is to alert us to any changes in our 
viral payment software review , so that we can save our lives. It is designed to grab us by any means. It is triggered by unexpected sounds, flashes oflight, pain pangs. It lasts only a few seconds, but because ofthe way it’s geared up, it can destroy your focus for a while. Think: ambulance sirens, lightning, that shooting pain in your neck when you turn your head too quickly, but also phone ringtones, pop-up email notifications, and toasts jumping out of the toaster. They are hard to ignore, and are best avoided.nIntentional attention is that part ofour ability to focus that is in our control. It’s the ‘I want to watch that video right now’ or ‘I am listening/reading/talking to you in this very moment.’ Notice the element  ofconscious choice and intention to be engaged in the activity. However, by itself, intentional attention will only last 10 minutes. Ifyou don’t fuel it with genuine interest, it will drift away to the next interesting thing. As you can see, attention by itselfdoes not last long. That’s sad news, but it’s not all bad news. Obviously, since we can manipulate our attention, we can also influence its span. Once you know how it works, it’s easy to figure out how to extend its span. It is not rocket science, but requires some time and a lot ofpractice. I admit, I feel I am a victim ofthis modern ‘attention-shortening’ disease. I have fallen asleep during lectures and meetings, walked out ofboring films, and dumped books because the plot was
developing too slowly for my liking. I have not yet to date achieved my dream ofrunning a halfmarathon, because runs longer than an hour bore me out ofmy skull, and so does listening to anything longer than 20 minutes. You may remember that my most common reason for procrastinating is long-term, complex jobs. Yes, I am a short distance runner, but after many years ofagonising over fat textbooks and snoring during lectures, I have developed a few strategies to extend my attention span. The strategies for extending short attention span fall into one oftwo buckets:
1. Minimise the impact ofAutomatic Attention, which boils down to minimising distractions
2. Maximise Intentional Attention, which is about extending your ability to focus beyond those natural 10 minutes. Let’s now look at these two main strategies:
1. Minimise distractions
Automatic attention has powerful effect on us because it it is ultimately a survival strategy. That’s why it is so important to address this aspect ofyour short attention span first. How? This will be nothing new to you, because we’ve covered it earlier in the book, but let me quickly reiterate it:
Make your environment a distraction-free zone:
Manage technology: turn offnotifications, your phone, messenger, emails Scan your workspace for any potential sources ofunexpected sounds, visual signals, etc., and eliminate ifyou can. Ifnot, manage it (e.g., wear noise-cancelling earmuffs, put on white noise, throw away that flickering lamp. For more details, check Chapter 5.). Look after your body: make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, food, and fluids, don’t forget about bathroom breaks, and schedule breaks into your work/study plan. Seek medical/health professional help ifneeded. (For more tips on looking after your body for a better focus, check Chapter 6.)
Manage your mind: your mindset, your emotions, your thoughts, etc. (Check Chapter 7 for 
more details.)
Address any interruptions or distractions caused by other people. (you will find more about it in Chapter 9.) Keep it short: be aware ofthe fact that unless you’re interested in the task/job, your attention may drift away after 10 minutes. Boost your motivation for longer and m
ore complex projects (see Chapter 4 for tips) and plan shorter and longer breaks (see viral payment software review )



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