Vidizi Review – The Key Factor to Profit-Pulling Promotional Videos

Vidizi Review – The Key Factor to Profit-Pulling Promotional Videos

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Overcoming Objections The final vidizi review that prevents people from converting is the visitors who simply aren’t persuaded to take action. They come to Michael’s site, but they don’t want to give their email address. They’re not persuaded by his offer. Quite simply, they have objections. Whenever you’re in a situation where you’re trying to sell something, you have to deal with objections. You have to come up with a corresponding claim to that objection, to turn that prospect into a customer. You have to go through the same process on the web, but it’s really, really difficult, because you don’t interact directly with the visitors. They come to the site, click around, and leave – but all you know is what your Google Analytics tells you. So, you need to put feedback mechanisms in place to understand the non-converting visitor.
Goal Example: Get More Retweets By far the most important thing is the quality of the content itself. Again, it’s got to match visitor intention: it’s got to be content that the visitors want to share. Assuming the 
vidizi review is something that the visitors want to share, you obviously need to ask them to share the content. A prominent call to action somewhere on the page that says, “We would really appreciate it if you could retweet or share this content with your friends.” You really want to present your call to action at the time when your visitors are ready to take this action. So, just use text links throughout the article, saying, “If you found that helpful, maybe you’d like to retweet it?” Obviously, have Twitter icons in prominent positions.
Practical Design Obviously, the design that converts is the design that you want to be using. It’s not so much an argument of pretty vs. ugly, professional vs. amateur, or blue vs. green. In our experience, what you say is much more important than how you say it. If you only had a day to work on your blog, work on your offer rather than your design. What you’re selling is obviously more important than how you sell it.
Imagine that you’re going to buy a car and the salesperson comes out one day in a blue suit and the next day he comes out in a green suit. Ultimately, all you care about is the car that you’re buying. The color of the suit the sales guy wears is irrelevant. Website design is a little bit like that. As long as your website doesn’t repel people and isn’t actively damaging your conversion rate, prioritize the offer, the copy, and how you describe and explain your product, this will have a much bigger impact than spending loads of time on the aesthetics.
The Right Design for Site With that said, there are certain expectations that your visitors will have when they arrive at your website and if your design doesn’t pay off on those expectations, then that can cause problems like high bounce rates. So it depends on your category. If your blog is for a bank, for example, then the website will have to look like a bank. It will have to look trustworthy. It will have to look professional. It will have to match with what visitors expect from the organization. On the other hand, if people are looking for maverick investing tips from someone who spends all day on the beach while they make millions in their sleep, then they may be expecting something totally different – maybe something anti-corporate or a little bit more personal and amateurish.
Get Feedback First If you’re ever going to do a redesign or adjust your positioning, use things like Twitter to ask your followers to review redesigns of your website. It’s really just about interacting with your visitors as much as possible. Instead of guessing at what they want and guessing at what your website should look like, actually involve them in the process of the design.
Ethnio There’s a great tool called that allows you to recruit your visitors to participate in usability studies. So, you can recruit your website’s visitors, get them on the phone, get them on a screen sharing application and actually show them the new design and talk them through it. You should also split-test any changes you make to your 
vidizi review and measure the response it gets


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