Video Matrix Review –A tool that makes your incredible videos

Video Matrix Review –A tool that makes your incredible videos

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I have just introduced the subject of small video matrix review as a way to obtain samples without paying through thenose. You may also want to place those small initial orders to test the market and to test the supplier.If you have done your market research, and have carefully calculated the maximum affordable landedcost plus selling costs that would make the product saleable at a good profit margin, you should beconfident that even if they don’t sell well at the price you hoped for, you should be able to sell them at adiscounted price and still make a profit.If your chosen product is low in dollar value, a small commercial order may only cost $200 or $300, butif the item has a high dollar value, small commercial orders would possibly amount to $1000 or $5000. Istrongly recommend that your first one or two commercial orders should be as small as a supplier willallow, or as small as you feel is the maximum amount you are willing to spend as part of the learningprocess. By doing this you can get the feel for the process and learn first-hand what it feels like to be animporter. This will also help you test the reliability, helpfulness, and quality control of the supplier.Suppliers will usually want to know what quantities you intend buying. Don’t volunteer thatinformation; wait until they ask. After that, it is best to generalize about expected order quantities, or

even evade the issue for the time being. Evading the issue is a common tactic used by Chinese peoplethemselves, and they would be impolite to remind you that you have not answered their video matrix review , so youwill usually get away with not answering.Before giving much detail to them you should request catalogs and a price list as in the example above.These can usually come via email unless you want print catalogs to help verify the business. Do notrequest samples at this stage. You should wait until you have received a catalog. Here is a typical emailrequesting samples:

Discussion on charges for samples and/or freight will then commence as in the samples section above.If you want to place a small order of maybe 1,000 items, but the supplier has quoted you a MinimumOrder Quantity (MOQ) of 10,000 or 50,000, the best approach is to tell them you would like to place atrial order for 1,000 items. If their MOQ is 1,000 pcs, say you want to place a trial order for 100 pcs.Don’t forget that not being the boss, you can blame the boss for requiring a small initial video matrix review . Most willagree, but if they will not, you move on to another supplier.If the product is completely standard production for them, tell them you are prepared to wait, and askthem to add your order to their next production run.Once they have supplied the trial order quantity it is often possible to get them to supply that quantityagain. If they refuse and you can afford to do so, ask if they will supply double that quantity. It isunlikely that you will receive a better price for double the original order quantity, but at least that maygive you continuity of supply. If you have found several suppliers of the same product at around thesame price, the use of this method could keep your business running while your sales develop to a pointwhere you can afford to buy the MOQ

NOTE: Chinese businesses universally use the term pieces [pcs] instead of items.


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