Video advertising traffic – The software that drives me to success

Video ads traffic – The software that drives me to success

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The statistics show that currently there are over 57,000 apps and over 200,000
developers are engaged in evaluating the Facebook platform,so there is some
serious money out there.
You can also see that many of these apps have got some serious numbers.Making
money through video ads traffic review are probably the best kept secret in internet
marketing.The guys who know this art are dominating this field and stuffing their
bank accounts with millions after millions.
Have you heard about this,the application developers not only get access to their
user’s personal information but also to that of his/her friends,including e-mail and
phone numbers.Yes,unless the friends of that user turn off that option in his/her
privacy settings,the app developer will have full access to their personal data.
So even if you get only 1 00,000 users for your app,you’ll be having access to
personal information of millions of active Facebook users.Now I am not going to
advise you to spam these people… .But having a niche specific app will allow you
to know about the exact needs,wants and aspirations of your prospects,plus your
app will provide you an opportunity to reach out a large section of Facebook users

and advertise your products for free.
Creating a Facebook application is not as hard as you think.There are several
programmers who will do it for you and you can get them for very cheap.You can
find thousands of them at sites like elance,RentACoder or
All you have to do is to come up with an idea which has a lot of viral potential.To
generate ideas,look at the existing apps.You can find all the apps at: is also a good site to check the stats of various popular
apps(no. of players,net valuation etc).
You don’t need to invent anything from scratch(you can surely do that if you like
and have time to do so).Just look at the popular ones and get coders to create
similar apps.Don’t copy them thoroughly,add a few unique features and enhance
the lacking components.Once you get a gaming system created,the next step is to
get it popular.There are several ways to get users for your newly created app.I’ll
discuss a few of them here:
1)Use The Combination Of Facebook Friends,Fans and Groups Methods:
Yes,Facebook friends ,fans and groups can provide you all the momentum for
free.Join a few popular apps and try to befriend as many players as you can.You
can create several FB accounts to get more friends.After gaining a critical
mass,you can subtly persuade them to use your app.
The same applies to "Groups".First ,you create a group related to some popular app
then you start promoting your own app after getting enough no. of member.
These methods can provide thousands of members to your app within days.People
like something which is offered for free and they'll be readily joining your app.
The whole thing will go viral if they like your app.According to a recent survey,a
typical Facebook user has 100 friends at an average.You can imagine about the
scenario when a few thousand of your members will be sending invite to their
friends then those people will send invite to their 
video ads traffic review and so on.
2)Submit Videos To Youtube:
Entertainment sites like Youtube are an ideal place to spread your words.In the
beginning ,you can allow your members to play for unlimited time without them
having to fill up CPA offers or purchase chips.It’ll attract new users to your app
like charm.
Create simple promo videos with Animoto and spread them to all the major video
sharing sites with Tubemogul Or heyspread tool.Include a link to your app in the
video as well as in the description.Some of these videos may go viral and generate
thousands of new users in few days.Don’t forget to social bookmark your
videos.Use StumbleUpon tool(which I have mentioned previously) for that purpose
)Write Articles:
How can you forget about the surest method of marketing? Yes,article marketing
still works.50-1 00 articles at may start bringing you from a few
hundred to a few thousand visitors per day.Remember,article marketing is more
targeted than any other form of advertising and you can maximize your potential
by re-writing your already published articles and submitting them to other article
4)Advertise With Facebook Ads:
If you can afford then advertising your new app via Facebook ads is a sure way to
get users.If you advertise your app on other popular apps(should be related) then
even better,a part of their users will be joining your app to enjoy free gaming.
You can find a lot of gaming enthusiasts at Twitter too.Just type the names of a
few popular games(should be related to your app) in Twitter search and you’ll find
thousands of people interested in them.Start following these people.You’ll notice
that 30-50% of these people follow you back.Un-follow the people who don’t
follow you back and start following new people.Repeat the process a few times
and you’ll be having thousands of gaming enthusiasts following you.
Once you gain enough no. of followers,start tweeting about your app.Don’t seem
like a spammer,just do it mildly and slowly.Many of your followers will be joining
your app and they’ll spread your message virally by tweeting and re-tweeting
about it.
You’ll need to promote your app only in the beginning.Once it get a few thousands

users,it’ll go viral and you’ll be adding of thousands of users per day on autopilot.
Monetizing Your App
I hope you'll find this part to be the most interesting portion of the whole
story.Once you get a few thousand members,you would like to start making money
from your app while it attracts more members on autopilot.
Some Of The Most Popular Monetization Strategies are:
Cost-per-thousand (CPM) and cost-per-click (CPC) advertising on the canvas pages of the application itself, including banner ads, text link ads and other "ad-based" monetization approaches. This is the most commonly used monetization model,though not the most profitable one.
Transaction-based monetization strategies including selling merchandise from within a Facebook app. This model is being increasingly popular .In fact selling virtual goods through apps has proven so lucrative that recently PayPal announced that Zynga is their 2nd biggest merchant(2nd only to eBay) and Facebook has itself started offering virtual goods.
Facebook application sales (ie. built to sell Facebook applications) .These applications are made to sell.They are same as other software products.
Pay per install (PPI) monetization methods.
Subscription model monetization strategies.
CPA Based Monetization Model

This one is the most profitable monetization model and the users like it because they don’t have to pay anything. Here we are going to learn some unconventional and unique monetization models.These models are aimed at selling more of your own as well as affiliate products through your app. One thing is certain,your app provides you an ideal platform to advertise your own and affiliate products.In fact a lot of internet marketers are now paying to advertise on popular apps.
1) Living SocialMonetization Model:
First take the case of “Living Social” app.This app achieved enormous growth thanks to the the viral power of Facebook..In fact,using viral marketing strategies,they attained 35 million members in 3 weeks flat. They chose to use an unconventional monetization model .To generate revenue from their existing member base,they started tying up with local business to offer their users “Special Deals”.In these deals,a member is everyday presented with an special offer at a discounted price,from a local business outlet.
“Living Social” gets a fixed percentage of the sale for each customer referred.This model proved very successful and a lot of venture capital is flowing in this group from high profile investors such as LightSpeed venture partners,U.S. venture partners and AOL founder Steve Case.
2) Favorite BooksMonetization Model:
Like “Living Social” ,they came up with a unique monetization method.They used Amazon affiliate program to generate revenue from their member base.

Whenever someone used this app to list the books of his/her choice, they displayed
a list of related books on Amazon.This unorthodox monetization model became so
successful that “Favorite Books” became a million dollar company in no time.
So these were a couple of unconventional and highly successful monetization
models.They became so successful that they presented a targeted offer at the very
appropriate moment.Just use your imagination and come up with your unique way
to monetize your user base in the most effective way.
xii)The Perpetual Youtube Cash Machine:
Youtube is the 2nd most visited website in the US and third most visited website in
the world.

Hundreds of millions of people visit Youtube to watch their favorite videos,search for information and for making comparisions( before shopping online). According to a recent article on Techcrunch,the “How To” video category is the fastest growing vertical on Youtube. Millions of people worldwide now use Youtube to learn new things reviews of the products that they want to purchase online.
Below Is How You Can Cash In On With The Massive Traffic Of Youtube:
*Type the name of your niche in Google search.You'll see some videos in the
*Click on the link of the video and you'll see more related videos in the right hand
side.See,which ones are getting the maximum no. of views.
*Copy-paste the URLs of some of the most viewed videos in the Youtube's free
keyword research tool( will present you
with a list of all the related keywords.
*select the keywords with adequate search volume.Write them down on a
notepad(You'll use them while tagging your videos)
*Now go to stock photo site) and get some photos related to
your product.
*Create 50-100 short 1 -2 minute videos with the help of these photos.
*Describe how your product is going to present the perfect solutions to the
*Finish the video with a happy end result like a couple kissing in case you are in
dating niche or a screenshot of clickbank or paypal payment in case of "make
money" niche.Put a link to your salespage in the very end.Let it run for 20 seconds.
*Tag your videos with the 
video ads traffic review you have collected. Use at least 10 of them
for one video.
*Upload them to several video sites with the help of
Below is the step by step demonstration of this method:
1 )I choose Dating niche and type “how to get a girl” in the Google search
Youtube video results appear at the very end of the first page like this:

Please note that this video has got more than 1.45 million.I copy-paste the URL of
this video in the “Youtube keyword search tool”.It suggest related keywords like

This provide you a list of related keywords.Copy-paste them on a blank notepad.You’ll need them when you tag your videos.You can see that the term“How to get a girl” has got sufficient video search volume.Now what I do is to type this term again in the “youtube keyword search tool” which looks like
Save this list of keywords too.You’ll be using them in the description of video(You
should include a link to your site) as well as while tagging.In tagging you should
insert at least 1 0 related keywords.
The above explained method is deadly effective .Apply this on some of your
videos and it will provide you with hundreds of targeted hits in no time.
Sneaky Trick To Increase Your Youtube Traffic Many Times:
This trick is very simple. Find a few popular videos in your niche (By typing the
name of your keyword in Google search and then clicking on the links to
videos),look at their title ,make a short 2-3 minute video with a link to your
product and name it similar to the original video. This way your videos will be
appearing right after the those popular videos .Do it for 20-50 videos and you’ll be
getting hundreds of eager visitors(If not thousands. The more popular of these
videos receive thousands of views daily so you can imagine about the traffic you’ll

be getting after submitting 50 videos) to your site within minutes.This is a proven
method and is much-2 better than SEO and other time consuming process.
Below I am going to demonstrate the “Youtube Quick Cash” method:
This Time I am Choosing Health&Fitness Niche.I type “How to lose weight fast”
in the Google Search box


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