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Believe it or not...magazines are still a great place to get video ads mastery review. To me magazines are like blogs in physical form or the other way around. Just flipping through a magazine looking at headlines can give you a ton of great content ideas. And you can pretty much find a magazine on anything imaginable. Homework Make a list of the many things you think your niche would be searching for. Really spend a lot of time on this making sure you get a lot of great content ideas. Once you have a nice list of topics and keywords it is time to move on to the next section. Find The Best Sources In Your Niche In this module we're going to get into finding the sources in your niche. We're going to be looking for the best sources of content in your niche because you want to become the go to resource. Now, this is a bold statement but this is probably the most important part of the entire training. And let me tell you why... If we're going to be the best blog in our niche we need to have the best content no questions asked. We need to have timely, relevant, high­quality information posted to our blog frequently. Because our goal with this method is to be the video ads mastery review that people

want to go to find information on your niche. We want to be the number one resource in your niche. Build your network of resources So what we want to do now is compile a list of great content resources in your niche. Now we're going to go through each one of these different types of content individually but you're looking for all types of content. You are looking for blogs, news sites, video content, audio content such as podcasts, infographics,etc. Find the industry leaders in your niche On top of all the great content that we are going to be looking for we are also going to be trying to find the industry leaders in our niche. So we will be looking for great content and authoritative figures in the niche in which we operate. Finding that content and the authoritative figures is going to be what allows us to have the best content and information that our niche has to offer. And that is how we become successful with this model. Gathering your Resources As we move forward it is EXTREMELY important that you start keeping a list of the sources that you find. Because we will use these later when we start setting up our curation process and feeds. So as you start finding great sources of content set yourself up a notepad document, a word document or a spreadsheet to keep the links of each one of these sites. lets start finding sources of great content. The first thing you want to do is head over to When you get there you can either search for keywords or select a particular category you are looking for.

When you click a category it brings up many subtopics like you see above. It is kind of hard to see but I also pointed to a few good subtopics that would be good to look in. In this video ads mastery review I chose the pregnancy category and Women’s Health. Now I can click on either one of those and begin digging around. And you will see as we continue but basically alltop is a content aggregator. So it will go out and find what it considers to be the best content for that particular category. This is going to give us some great insight into what the best content sources out there are. So I will go ahead and click on Women’s Health to see what kind of results I get. And this is just some of the results. It continued on further down the page. All of these sites could probably be great resources that I would consider following for that particular niche. But you could be as selective as you want with the sites you want to follow.

The key is to find sites that will really provide value to your target audience. Once you have found a particular site among those that you like you want to click to view the site. If you click on the orange text for the name of the site it will take you to their website. You then want to grab that link and add it to the list of sites you will source content from. Do this for each one of them. Now lets head over to Basically buzzsumo allows you to find popular articles and influencers for keywords that you search. You could start with your main niche...again as an example “fitness for moms” This site is going to give you some more great resources. with my search I found this: And with this tool you can see how many times those articles were shared. What website they were on. And you can filter results by content type and by how long of a period you want it to review. Again you would click thru to the site and grab the url to be added to your feeds later. You could do this same technique for each one of your keywords if you wanted to as well. Look at these awesome results by searching for one of my keywords


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