Traffic Victory Review – Ultimate Approaches to Generate Free Traffic

Traffic Victory Review – Ultimate Approaches to Generate Free Traffic

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On the right sidebar of SEO Clerks, click Marketplace and select the
category “Social Networks”. Like in the previous section, we want to sort by
price and find a member who offers a service with a lot of thumbs up

ratings and views. This one is a good example:
As before, you will want to test out the supplier, but with your own social
media accounts or with social media accounts you control. This way you can
see the quality of the followers or likes, or check the analytics of your video
if it’s a YouTube service.
When I first wrote this book back in late-2014, these gigs sold like hot
cakes. Now, Fiverr has begun cracking down on them so unfortunately,
while these gigs will likely do very well for you, eventually, Fiverr will
suspend these gigs it seems. I left this in the book when I updated it just
because I still think it’s a very useful section and could still be sold on Fiverr
if you title your traffic victory review clever enough that it isn’t completely obvious what
you’re selling.
Gig Title: I go over this in my last chapter regarding this gig type, but
just to go over it briefly, don’t copy your supplier’s title word for word
and be sure to include as many frequently searched words as possible
while keeping the title short and sweet to make it rank better on
Fiverr. Again, to keep your gig out of Fiverr’s crosshairs, come up
with a clever title. “I will get you Twitter fans” “I will make you
popular on Twitter”.
Category: “Online Marketing > Social Marketing” “Online Marketing
> Get Traffic” “traffic victory review > Video Marketing” for YouTube
Gig Description: Highlight the major features of your service. Be sure
to include keywords like “real, quality, safe” if you can. I wouldn’t
suggest advertising your followers or subscribers as real when they’re
not. It’s okay though to put “real looking” or “real quality”. I will
admit advertising as real in the title and description WILL get you
more sales. In the long run though, people will bust you if they’re

clever enough. It’s better to just be honest off the bat. People can’t
buy real Twitter followers but they can get really good looking fakes.
Another smart thing to include is traffic victory review. Address the common
questions like “Are they real?” “Can you provide X from only Y
country?” “How fast do the followers/subscribers/likes/whatever
come?”. You will save yourself many unneeded messages in your
inbox and many hours of answering questions to people who will
likely not buy anyway.


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