The Quickstart Challenge T100 Review – Teach You The Way to Clear Obstacles in Online Marketing

The Quickstart Challenge T100 Review – Teach You The Way to Clear Obstacles in Online Marketing

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I have created 2 plugins that will put your ads where they should be
automatically into each post.
The first Ad I put right below the menu on your site.

The ad is the 728x90 one you can grab from your Adsense account.
This way, people will immediately see an ad when they come to your
Just click on create ads and choose what size you want.

Then copy the ad code and paste it where you want it to appear on
your site.
Some themes let you easily add the Adsense code to the top of your
site just below the menu. That way the code will automatically be
there on every page and post of the site.
On thesis it is quite complicated to do that. My employee does it for
me with the use of hooks that is built into the theme.
You can have my employee do it for you for $20. Just email us
TheQuickstart Challenge T100 Review 
Otherwise you can just manually post the Ad code to the top of every
post. Make sure to also use the text editor when you do that.
The second ad I put just below your post like so.

You can just manually add the code into the bottom of your posts or
you can have us add it in there for you permanently just like with
the ad code on the top of your posts.
We will include the bottom one as well for the $20.
Below the last Adsense Ad I have the Disquss Widget show more
related content from around the web.
You can grab that widget here.
Every time someone clicks on one of those related stories, you get
Below that widget l have the comments section which also runs on

This will happen automatically when you install Disqus on your site.
It is straight forward to do just like
You will find that people will start discussing the content on your
site which is great because they keep coming back to your site for
the discussion each day which drives up your traffic numbers and ad
Then finally below the comments I have the 
TheQuickstart Challenge T100 Review related
content widget.
Every time someone clicks on one of those stories you get paid as
In the sidebar of my site I will have a large 300x250 Adsense ad on
the top like they do on this post.
TheQuickstart Challenge T100 Review
See how they have the Facebook Like Widget, Recent Posts and Also
a 300x250 Adsense ad in the sidebar?
It works! Do something similar with yours.

I put the Facebook like widget on the sidebar as well. This widget
shows how many people have liked my page and it also makes it
easy for people to like your page with just one click.
Remember, one of your big goals is to get as many Facebook
followers as possible.
This way you will get an instant surge of traffic and Ad clicks to your
new content when you share it on your Facebook page.
Below the Facebook widget I will have a list of the most recent
and/or most popular posts on the site.
This way, people can easily read more of your content.
It is also important to add Privacy, Contact Us and About us pages to
your site.
Congratulations! You now have a site that can earn you a ton of
All that’s left to do is to keep adding new content each day and
getting traffic to that content.
Traffic Getting
When it comes to traffic you have a few choices.


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