SuperSonic Review – 12-in-1 kit for affiliate marketing?

SuperSonic Review – 12-in-1 kit for affiliate marketing?

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And I made sales.
Can you write just a sales page & two emails?

How long do you think that would take supersonic review?
Let’s say you shut down Facebook & email for a few solid hours.
You could hammer out some sales copy easily in a word doc.
It’ll be even easier because I’m going to let you cheat off of my
sales letter. Now don’t go and copy/paste the darn thing, but you
can basically change a few things to match you and your offer
and go.
Two emails? Might take you another hour if you are real new to
this stuff.
That’s about 4-5 hours of dedicated work to get started.
With that you will have a $197 product and recurring upsell.
 So here is how your offer works.

You are going to dedicate about 2-3 hours of your time each week
to run the program.
What you are selling is an on-going bite sized step-by-step
training to accomplish a particular goal.
Maybe you are teaching golf and you send them a new lesson
each week on growing their supersonic review .
Maybe you are a guitar instructor and each week they will be sent
a new video lesson with the ultimate goal of mastering the jazz
There has to be an end goal. The ultimate thing(s) they want to
achieve from your teaching.
Each week you will send them a new email with that training.
Same day & time of each supersonic review.