SociVideo Jukebox Review – Optimizing your social networks

SociVideo Jukebox Review – Optimizing your social networks

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I’m just going to be frank: not everybody’s going to read your socivideo jukebox review. Not everyone likes to read. I don’t read that many blogs; I mostly listen to podcasts. There’s a big crowd out there who are not going to find you if you just stick to blogging. So now I have what I like to call the content trifecta: video for people who’d like to watch, blog posts for people who like to read, and podcasts for people who like to listen.
No matter how people like to consume content, they have a way of getting Smart Passive Income in their brain.
Podcasts It was through listening to a podcast that I learned that the Internet business was the way to go. I started listening to Internet Business Mastery off of iTunes and that’s what really why I started doing business online. So, I knew that podcasting was a great way to reach people, but I had no idea that it would be as successful as it has been for
Podcasts Attract New Readers I did a survey to my readers at the end of one of my blog posts. It just said, “If you have time, just go to this page and answer this one survey question from me.” The question was, “How did you first learn about Smart Passive Income?” I gave a whole bunch of different options from a Google search, from other blogs, from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, from word of mouth, or podcasts. Of over 2,000 survey entries, the number one way that people found out about Smart Passive Income was the podcast. Until then, I had no idea that a podcast would have so much reach. But when I think about it, I literally get emails every single week from people saying, “I found you on iTunes, now I’m reading on your 
socivideo jukebox review. I love what you do. Can you tell me more about what you can do for me?” 19% of my audience has found me through my podcasts and that’s why I know that I have to keep producing more podcasts. So the podcast is a great resource out there for bloggers. iTunes is a search engine and it’s very untapped. My podcast is actually ranking number one for blogging and it’s ranking number two for online marketing. That’s just crazy. I’ve only had the podcast up for maybe a year-and-a-half and I have over a million downloads. It’s just incredible.
The Power of Podcasts A podcast is an audio show. People download these shows to their mp3 players and they can listen to them wherever they are in the world. They can be at the gym. They can be traveling in their cars to work. They can be anywhere and consuming your content.
Another great thing about a podcast is that there’s no exit button. There’s no little ‘x’ at the top corner of the screen. They put on those headphones or they put in your player, and they’re just listening to you. The voice is a powerful thing. Reading this interview right now, it doesn’t have the same effect as it would with our voices. You can literally hear the tone of people when they’re talking about stuff and how passionate they are about a subject. That means you can really tell if people know what they’re talking about on a podcast. So it’s a great way to increase the authority that you have.
Videos Video is a great teaching tool. There are things that I can teach on a video that I just can’t teach in a blog post or in a podcast. So video kind of helps me round out my blog. YouTube is actually the number two search engine in the world, second to Google. And who owns YouTube? Google does. So you can actually get a lot of SEO things going on with your blog by posting videos. If you upload a video onto YouTube and embed it onto your blog, there’s some SEO stuff happening. You’re more likely to be found for those particular keywords. It’s a huge search engine. YouTube actually has its own keyword tool that you can use. You can see what people are searching for on YouTube and then can create videos that answer people’s questions based on what they’re searching for most. You get new people on your brand that way.
CONTENT STRATEGY If you look up content pyramid on Google, you’ll find an image of my content pyramid. That’s basically just a mix of different types of content that you can post on your blog.
Case Studies and How-To’s The foundation of the pyramid, at least for Smart Passive Income, is the case study and the how-to post. The case studies actually show analytics and results of different experiments that I’ve been doing. At Green Exam Academy, for instance, I talk about the progress of my iPhone application company
The how-to’s get into a lot of detail about how to create those things. People are on our sites to learn how to do something, to achieve something, or to get to the next level in their business. So how-to posts are always some of the most popular posts.
Analytical Posts I’ll share analytical posts that show very specific traffic numbers and income reports. For example, I have a post that’s titled, “Why My Adsense Revenue Increased by 275%” and that post I get really detailed about why that happened.
Right-Brain Posts I also have a lot of philosophical and theoretical posts that go into the more strategic stuff that’s not so concrete. I’m using my experience to show why I think things are the way they are.
Opinion I also do a lot of opinion and news type articles. If Facebook changes something, I post about that and show people the latest information about that.
Questions A lot of my post popular videos and blog posts are answers to people’s questions.
Product Reviews When you’re making passive income, there are a lot of tools you can use that can use to help build your passive income up higher. So sometimes, I’ll review a tool that I’ve used and share my thoughts on it.
Personal Posts I also like to incorporate just a little bit of personal stuff on the blog. It shows people in my audience that I’m a real person. A personal post helps build your connection with the audience, so people will actually read it and be more likely to become your friend, rather than just a visitor or just a reader. You don’t want to share everything, obviously. But I’ll share that I have a son and that he just started walking. A lot of people can relate to that.
I’m big into fantasy football. So everyone in my audience who likes fantasy football will be like, “Oh that guy likes fantasy football too. That’s cool. We have this connection.” It’s really about the relationships and the trust that you have with your readers and a great way to build that trust is by incorporating those types of personal stories into your posts.
Experience Helps It all comes from experience. I didn’t know this stuff when I started, but just by doing it and seeing what works best, I’ve been able to create the formulas and theories that I’m explaining to you now. So, I encourage you to just go out, experiment, and learn that way.
GETTING TRAFFIC The podcast is the number one way that people found out about me, but as far as traffic is concerned, it’s been a mix of social media and also links from other 
socivideo jukebox review. So my number one tip would be to really focus on the relationships you have with other bloggers and people who already have an audience. It’s the best thing that you can do. SEO is important. But to be honest, only about 25% of my traffic for Smart Passive Income and Green Exam Academy comes from the search engines.
Connect with Other Blogs Getting onto other people’s radars is really important. I learned this strategy from Corbett Barr of find the top players in your industry and then write about them and focus on them on your blog for a little bit. Corbett took it a little bit further and asked each of those people to respond to one question. Then he compiled all that information and put it into one blog post with pictures, links to their sites, and their Twitter handles. That becomes a really powerful post. If somebody features my name in their post, I’m pretty likely to share that with my followers, since I’m in it. So, if you do this with 50 people in your niche, probably more than one or two of them will share that post with their followers.
That’s going to be a huge boost of traffic to your site. People learn about you and if you write that content really well, they might be more interested in subscribing to some of the other posts that you have. So that’s a great way to launch a blog or get noticed in your niche. Sometimes, the blogs that you feature will be very thankful and remember who you are. They might write about you and that could become the beginning of a JV partnership. A lot of possibilities there.
Tip: It’s smart to target the A-list bloggers, but I think it’s more important to target the B and C-list. They have an audience too. It might not be quite as big, but you can be sure that those B and C-listers are going to be extremely happy to be featured in your post. That means they’re going to be more likely to share your post with their followers. You’re also more likely to become a major player on their radar.
Example: I had someone email me yesterday who is in the tarot card reading industry, which is a really specific niche. She did a post where she featured the top 10 tarot readers online. She emailed me back saying, “I followed your strategy and it’s working out really well. I now have some potential partners that I’m going to be working with on some projects because of this post and I’ve gotten more traffic than I’ve gotten in the past.” So it really does work. I would look the structure of other posts like that, so you can use that as inspiration.
Guest Posting In the beginning, guest posting was the best thing ever. It’s kind of died down a bit, but it’s still a fantastic strategy – especially if you get in front of a large audience. It’s a great way to get some good backlinks to your site as well, since at the bottom it links back to your own site. You can target some good anchor text keywords to help your own site get ranking in Google for certain keywords.


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