SociLead Messenger Review - The World's Most Complete FB Messenger

SociLead Messenger Review - The World's Most Complete FB Messenger Marketing Tool

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“Extras” can be anything like images (e.g. screen shots of 

the product, call to action buttons, image of bonuses , screen 

shots of the product in action), videos (e.g. on how the product 

works or video testimonials), and social proof taken from the 

sales page of the product, credentials and so on. 

The pictures or videos you have chosen to include should 

include the keywords in their file name.

If you have some of these extras on your review site, it 

will make it a lot more engaging for your readers. This in turn 

will add more weight to your article and give you more sales 

and better ranking. 

For images, I always try and look for some proof of 

income  and testimonials. You can usually find these on the 

sales page of the offer.

Let’s just say that social proof is king, when it comes to 

selling!  Up until this socilead messenger review , you should have the following ready to 


  a full review site that is packed with good information 

about the product

  lots of nice looking socilead messenger review

  a strong call to action to buy from your affiliate link. 

4. Target additional “Low Competition” keywords

Let’s talk about targeting other low competition keywords,

such as “ProductX Bonus” or “ProductX Scam”, which include

basically any other search queries that your prospect may type 

into Google to find additional information about our product. 

You want to include some of these additional keywords a 

few times in your article and also in your additional posts, 

which we will talk about in the next section. 

Keep in mind that you want to make sure the content is 

unique and not just a copy from someone else’s review site. I 

mentioned earlier that you will be penalized for socilead messenger review 

stuffing, which is the overuse of certain keywords. 

However, for me personally, I don’t actually calculate my 

keyword density as long as my articles read nicely and make 


The reason why “bonus” and “scams” are very good 

keywords to target is because there are some people, who 

have already decided to buy the products, but are looking for 

additional bonuses, while others simply want to know, if the 

product is legit or a scam. 

When adding in bonuses, they can be anything like 

personal support/coaching or extra products that you have the 

right to give away (e.g. a free report on a specific topic , which 

you can easily write up after a little bit of research, or a related, but repurposed Private Label Right (PLR) 

product, which you can find by doing a simple Google search 

on your specific niche). 


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