Social Jacker Review – Generate Free Leads from Facebook

Social Jacker Review – Generate Free Leads from Facebook

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Go ahead and repeat that for all 4 pages.

Setting Your social jacker review

Ok, so you have your homepage written out and published, but now 

you actually need to set it as your homepage. This is very easy to 

do. In the left sidebar on your Wordpress Dashboard, hover over 

“Settings” and then click on “Reading”. 

Now you will see “Front Page Display”. Select “A Static Page” and 

then click on “Front Page” and choose which page you want for 

your home page. Once you do that click on the blue “Save Changes” button at the bottom and you have just set your 


Putting The Pages In The Sidebar

Ok, now that you have created your pages and chose your 

homepage, it‟s time to put your pages in the social jacker review . Head to the 

widgets area again by hovering over “Appearance” and selecting 


Then under “Available Widgets” you will see a box called “Pages” 

All you need to do is drag that into your “Main Sidebar” widget and 

place it at the very top. You don‟t have to change anything once 

you drag it in there, just select the blue “Save” button. So your Main 

Sidebar widget should now look like this: Once you click that save button…guess what?! You are officially 

DONE setting up your blog!!!

Give yourself a big pat on the back. If you made it this far you made 

it a lot further than most people do!


Make sure you get your social jacker review completely set up before you start 

reading the next section. It‟s important you have this all done before 

you start reading about the Gameplan and learning why you did

everything you just did.


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