Social Daddy Review – A Must-Have Software to Handle Social Media Accounts

Social Daddy Review – A Must-Have Software to Handle Social Media Accounts

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After you have gained a sound understanding of what the social daddy review is about and how it can benefit buyers, the next step is to write a review about it. The reason for this is, because only a small portion of people will actually buy the product on the first go. The majority of them will always look for additional information about the product before making the decision to buy. That’s where we come in and rake in the sales!
2. Write a quality review/tutorial/walk-through article
The review article should be long enough for you to cover the following points. Generally, I find that a review of 1,000- 1,500 words is really decent. Having that said, the length of your article may vary, but try to keep it at least 500 words long. What is important is that you make your article easy to read and include all the relevant information your prospect is looking for. This is what you want to cover in the review:
1. Who is the creator/owner of the product and why should you trust them? (This gives the product more weight
and credibility.)
- Has the creator launched other products in the past?

- Do they have a long track record of industry experience or
other personal successes?
- When was the product created?
2. Tell them that you have gone through the product, so your review is based on personal experience.
- People want to read reviews from others, who have actually bought or used the product.
3. What is the format of the product?
- E.g. 52-page PDF, Video Series, Audio-Book, Membership Site, Personal Coaching, Downloadable 
social daddy review and so on.
4. What is the actual product about and what does it
- What problem can the product help solve?
- E.g. step-by-step instructions on how to toilet train your puppy. The product may include an eBook and video training, but also access to an active forum on which members can get ongoing support and discuss issues relating to their pet.
5. Who is the product intended for and is it actionable?
- E.g. is the product newbie friendly, or does it require an intermediate level of technical skills?
6. Pros and Cons of the product.
- Make sure you start with the pros, because you don’t want the reader to leave your site by starting with the cons.
- If you run out of pros and cons to talk about, remember that a lot of the time, a positive feature can easily be turned into a negative one and vice versa.
- E.g. the great detail covered by a product may be a good

thing, but on the other hand, this can mean that it will
take readers a long time to get through the product.
7. Call to action to buy from your affiliate links
- Tip: Most review sites just have their affiliate link scattered everywhere without a strong call to action. You want to stand out and offer bonuses or even just tell them upfront to click on your link to purchase.
- The call to action concludes your product review. You must not forget to specifically ask your reader to click the button at the bottom of your review.
- Remember that your ultimate goal is for them to buy the product through your link. So make sure to tell them to click the button! Don’t be afraid to close the sale! If your review article includes all the 7 points discussed
above, it should be more than enough for you to make commissions. However, to further make more sales and enhance ranking, you need to add in some “Extras”.
Quick tips on writing the review article:
Use active language over passive language. This will make your article sound more conversational and helps build rapport with your reader. An example of active language is “This product teaches you how to earn money online”. An example of passive language is “You will be taught how to make money online”. Note how in the active version of
the sentence, there is an emphasis on WHO or WHAT that carries out the action.
Add descriptive adjectives but do not use big fancy, flamboyant words that your reader might not understand. Use a lot of adjectives and emotive words in your writing.

Wherever you can, add your own twist to the article. Make
your personality shine through your article!
A good way to start the first paragraph of the article is through rhetorical questions that immediately engage the reader.
Essentially, the review article is a little piece of persuasive writing. As such you really need to work on building a good relationship with your reader. A useful trick is to use a lot of personal pronouns such as “you” and “I”, but also more inclusive ones like “us”, “we” and “ours”.
Keep your paragraphs short. For instance, when you highlight the top benefits of the product, the paragraph may get too long and chunky. In such case, break it into two paragraphs. Ideally, your paragraphs should be
roughly the same 
social daddy review. This will make it pleasing to the eye and easy to read.
Subheadings are useful to break up your article and structure it. This is also helpful because some readers do not like to read every word you have written, but only skim through the subheadings to see what is of interest to
Keep sentences short. You want to sound conversational rather than dry and didactic.
You want your review to be engaging. Avoid a sales pitch
at all cost. Instead, try to come across as honest and
Promote the product with an air of authority and 
confidence. This may put you off at first, but consider this:
If you have bought and gone through the product yourself, you have studied it enough to be an expert on the product. Even if you only got to know the product through other people’s reviews, you still know more aboutit than the large majority of people out there. Building up your confidence is important because it will show through your writing. And, of course, if you sound confident, your readers are going to trust you more.


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