Smart Video Review – Serious money in a few minutes

Smart Video Review – Serious money in a few minutes

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These are Facebook ads that run to a smart video review that gives them value first before tryingto sell them anything or even asking them to sign up to a list. They can do this becausethey are able to pixel the blog visitors and follow up with them via retargeting.These could be people who have opted into your email list, people who have visitedyour website and were pixeled, and Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube subscribers.

Warm Traffic Goals & OffersOnce a customer has passed the cold traffic phase, the next phase of the funnel is theevaluation phase. This phase is for people who are familiar with your business andmarket, but they weren’t interested enough to buy yet. They might have visited yourblog, but they didn’t buy or opt in to your email list (they didn’t take the next step).All of these ads are setup to help customers take the next step moving forward.The only two goals of warm traffic are:1. To generate leads (getting people to opt in to our email list).2. Low ticket sales (credit card knife, free+shipping offers).For digital or intangible goods, Molly wants to generate the lead first before trying tomake any sales because they run paid traffic for DigitalMarketer differently

These are your buyers, and this category is the most under-utilized audience of all time.These are people who’ve bought something from you. They’ve already committed andthey know you really well. Don’t stop running ads to your buyers because this is whereyou’ll make money.Now, you’re either wanting to increase their value as a customer (get them to buy again)or reactivate them (remind them that you still exist).Most of your communication with “hot traffic” is going to be through retargeting ads andemail marketing and most people only rely on email marketing.

Goals of Hot Traffic1. Activation: remind a customer who hasn’t purchased in a while that you still exist orsee if they’re interested in a product that’s different from what they purchased. You wantto target them with paid ads because their initial point of purchase didn’t inspire enoughenthusiasm to make them “ascend” to the next purchase.2. High Dollar Sales. How can you make more money with that client or offer them ahigher smart video review to purchase that complements what they’ve already purchased.

If you’re able send emails to existing customers along with running paid traffic to themyou’re able to ensure they see the message and respond.So now that you’re aware of the different traffic temperatures let’s talk about yourbudget.You should divide your $10 budget like this 6/3/1.

Campaign #1: Cold Traffic$6 of every $10 that you spend should be allocated to target cold traffic.You could spend that money sending traffic to a blog post. You would do this because itallows cold visitors to get to know you, it establishes you as an authority in the market,it’s cheap, and you’re building assets (retargeting list).

For Facebook ads, Molly likes to spend $6 per day. She sets her Facebook ads up forclicks to websites and usually bids 6 cents higher than the suggested bid so that shecan get all of the traffic. Molly likes to do targeting based off interest and looks forpotential audience sizes of 500k to 1.5 million customers.For Facebook interest targeting, Molly likes to use The “But No One Else Would” Trickin that she likes to target interest that only a golf enthusiast would know about.Everyone in the word might know about Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, but not a lot ofpeople know who Bubba Watson is. By targeting people who know all three, she is ableto focus on the real golf enthusiast and bypass the casual fan or non-golfers.Try to pick audiences interested in lesser-known elements of your interest area – eg.Bubba Watson.

To find out this same information for your target market you need to answer a fewquestions.1. Who are the authority figures, thought leaders, or big brands in your niche?2. What books/magazines/newspapers does your ideal customer read?3. What events do they attend?4. What websites do they frequent?5. Where do they live?6. What tools do they use?7. What’s SPECIFICALLY UNIQUE about this group?

For most cold traffic ads, the ad is heavy with copy.With Facebook, the headline in the ad is usually the headline of the blog post they aresending them to help with message congruity when they click over.You want people to know it is actual content and that you’re going to be sharingsomething of value. Put [Blog Post] in the ad if possible to let customers know that theyare not getting pitched something.These aren’t typical direct response ads, you’re telling them why they should click andwhat they are going to see on the other side.The main elements they focus on when crafting cold traffic ads are:1. Text heavy: What are the benefits of consuming the content and make sure it lookslike content when they click through.2. Branded Image: Use a branded image or a photo when posting the ad to make itstand out and build brand awareness and marketing message.3. Content headline: Use the headline of the content as the headline of the ad.4. Summary of Content: Give the reader a brief summary of the content they’re about toconsume.

Campaign Type #2: Warm TrafficOnce you’ve run your cold traffic campaign and built up these custom audiencesthrough Facebook it’s time to start retargeting them to a lead magnet (opt in page) or alow ticket offer.For this you’ll spend 30% of your $10 budget or $3 per day. For these ads you’re goingto measure success by cost per lead or cost per acquisition and measure that throughwebsite conversions or clicks.If you’re going to attempt to do this with cold traffic you want to target interest with anaudience size of 500k to a million but mostly smart video review does retargeting throughcustom audiences.Here is a warm audience ad example:

These ads to warm audiences are a little more direct response than the cold traffic adsare.You want to hit a pain point at the very beginning and offer a specific benefit if possiblealong with a strong call to action for them to immediately act on.The image matches the ad - in this case the ad is for a blog template and the imageshows a blog template. The headline tells people what it is and the summary at thebottom of the ad matches the call to action at the top.It’s very important to keep congruency between the ad image and the landing page –make them feel like they’re staying on the same platform.

Once you’ve generated the lead (through opt in or sales) now it’s time to retarget themsome more with your higher ticket offers.This is really all about retargeting throughout the funnels you’ve setup for cold andwarm traffic.For this you’re going to spend $1 a day and using cost per acquisition as your successmatrix. You’re only going to target your custom audiences with these ads, no generalaudiences.Your objective is clicks to website and you typically will be paying 6 cents higher thanthe suggested bid price to ensure you get the traffic you need to be successful.

DigitalMarketer uses this line of copy for most of their retargeting ads: “Did life get in theway? You forgot to take advantage of this deal?” in most of their ads and they don’tacknowledge that the customer said no previously.Have the image be similar to the one that they saw in the warm ads but different enoughthat they don’t think it’s the same. You also want to reiterate the call to action you usedin your warm ads and acknowledge their previous action (that they downloaded thetemplates in this case) in the headline.Wherever they stop in the funnel, the ads they see from that point on are just trying toget them to take the next step. So if they buy a $7 offer but don’t buy the membershipoffer, they will start to see membership offers via retargeting ads.


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