SEO Toolkit Review – World’s First 25-in1 SEO Toolkit Is Here

SEO Toolkit Review – World’s First 25-in1 SEO Toolkit Is Here

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I then started to pick and choose
a few books among seo toolkit review posted for free and downloaded more
than ten of them. They were in niches that I was personally
interested in, like nutrition, cooking, medicinal herbs, DIY, social
media marketing, internet marketing, personal development, habitbuilding, yoga and meditation. After I downloaded the books, I
contacted those authors and offered them a review swap if they
were interested in my book.
I was found a few people who liked my books about smoothies
and salads, but some authors were not interested in reading and
reviewing my books. However, I was satisfied. I got great books
for free, I wrote few nice reviews and helped other authors and I
got a few reviews from them for my seo toolkit review. Yay! Plus, I met a
bunch of other reclusive authors who shared their pain with me.
I’m planning to do a review-swap in the future for all of my
launches, too. I don’t think Amazon minds when authors do a fair
review-swap, either. Why should they? If two authors like each
other’s books and would download them or buy them anyway,
how can Amazon complain about this? They can’t. However, they
do have a rule that if you received a book for free in exchange for
an honest review, you have to state that in your review.
Taken from Amazon’s
General Review Creation Guidelines: “If
you received a free seo toolkit review in exchange for your review, please
clearly and conspicuously disclose that that you received the
product free of charge.”
This is not a big deal. A review is a review! Many authors give
away copies of their books in exchange for reviews, and this
practice has been allowed for some time.


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