Scarcity Maximizer Review – How To Boost Up Sales With Timer

Scarcity Maximizer Review – How To Boost Up Sales With Timer

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Your market research really needs to involve two things:

· Finding currently profitable scarcity maximizer review (these are ones that arecurrently full of people spending money)

· Brainstorming product ideasI’m going to suggest a streamlined approach that lets you do bothquickly…for free.

Looking For Hot TopicsA hot topic is something that everybody wants to learn more about, andthey just can’t seem to get enough. Hot topics are usually:

· Difficulties that people have (such as losing weight without mucheffort or getting more traffic without spending money)

· New technologies or other stuff that everybody is talking about (suchas online video, Windows Vista, the latest fad diet)

· Controversial subjects (like succeeding where others usually fail)

· Desperate subjects (how to quickly sell your home or lose 5 lbs in 2weeks for a wedding, and so on)There are more things that could fall under this classification, but the listabove should give you some ideas.How do you find hot topics?

Another great resource is the set of mailing lists you’re currently on. Payattention to what people are talking about.You can also get the latest news from Google Alerts, and you can see whatpeople are talking about at Google Groups and Yahoo Groups

Let Successful Products Lead You to MarketsYou can brainstorm market ideas until the cows come home, but you canbe more efficient about making money.The ClickBank Marketplace has over 11,000 information products topromote in dozens of markets, and most pay 50-75% commission per sale.

Just go straight to the ClickBank Marketplace and select one of the topselling products in a category that interests you. You don’t necessarily haveto be passionate about that market, but you should have enough interest tolearn about it and sell it to other people.You’ve probably heard the saying, “Do what you love and the money willfollow.” Well I say, “Follow the money and then you’ll have the time andfreedom to do what you love.”You don't want to waste your time selling products that won't make youany money. So you need to select a market in which there is already moneybeing made.Many new marketers think you need to find untapped niche markets to besuccessful. But markets with high demand and no competition are veryrare.You might be able to make a little money in a niche market where there islittle scarcity maximizer review. But you can’t build a business in a market with lowdemand.You want a competitive market where a lot of money is already being spent.There will always be room in a market of cash-in-hand buyers. All you needis a small slice of the pie.

Choose one of the main categories from the dropdown on the left. Next,select a subcategory from the dropdown on the right. Show 20 results perpage and sort by popularity. Choose one of the subcategories as your targetmarket.If a given product has high gravity and the percentage referred is also high,you know there are a lot of affiliates making money on that product. Andthat means there is money being made in that market.

Once you have an idea for a market, it’s time to apply the four-step formulafor testing that market’s profitability.

Action StepsTo summarize, there are four steps you need to take to find a profitablemarket:

· Step 1: Target markets with high profit potential. Focus onmarkets that help people make money, save money and/or improvetheir lives. And don’t ignore IM as a potential market, thinking it’s“too competitive.”

· Step 2: Look for currently hot topics. Forums like and others will help, as will toolslike Google Groups.

· Step 3: Use ClickBank to find profitable markets. Use theClickBank Marketplace to find products with high gravity and a highpercentage referred. If you find a healthy bunch of those in a market,people are making money there.Once you have some market possibilities, it’s time to get more data toconfirm you can make money in those markets...

Step 2: Test The Marketmarket might sound great, but that doesn’t mean much. Youneed to make sure the market is as healthy as you imagine it tobe. Then you can decide to enter that market or steer clear of itbased on facts.Here’s a quick method for discovering if a market is where you want to be.

Step 2a: Check The Search VolumeGo to Google’s Keyword Tool and type in one to three keyword phrases thatbest describe your market (for example, weight loss, home business, horse

racing, home improvement, etc.)If there are a lot of related keywords with a decent amount of searchvolume, it passes the first test.If there are a lot of related keywords with a ton of search volume, youprobably want to narrow your topic.So let’s type in horse racing and see what comes up

As you can see, there is a fair amount of search volume and relatedkeywords. And it appears that there is plenty of advertiser competition,which we’ll test in the next step.Now let’s type in make money online and see what comes up

Obviously, there is more than enough search volume for the relatedkeywords and they go way beyond this screenshot. But that’s just the firsttest…

Step 2b: Check The Profit MarginsIt’s one thing to have a high search volume on related keywords, but whatyou really want are buyers.Unfortunately it’s not always easy to know how many of those searchers arebuyers. So what we want to find is a market with a high amount of demand.Common sense tells us that, if there are a lot of advertisers (companiespaying for advertising) in a market, then there MUST be profits! Otherwisethe companies would soon lose money and stop advertising.Of course there are always new companies in markets who start advertisingbefore making any profits, so there will almost always be some sort ofadvertisers in any market.

That’s why we look for markets with LOTS of scarcity maximizer review, because it provesthat there must be high profit margins!So here is what you do…Go to and enter your keyword phrases. See how manysponsored ads there are for each phrase. Take a look at this screenshot forthe search phrase horse racing


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