Revamply Review – is It Legit or Scam?



I’m a new blogger. In facts, I wanted to start a blog or a website for quite a long time ago. But, because of lacking coding and designing knowledge and experience and I didn’t want to hire a web developer, so I didn’t make it. I gave up before the complication of making a captivating website. You can say that my desire was not big enough or the technical skills for building and editing websites are not for everybody. But, one sure thing is building and editing a site is not easy. It needs time and dedication.

I started making my old wish come true right after I came in contact with a website editing software, Revamply. It was claimed to be for everyone, and that took my attention. I used it right away after some instruction to confirm the advertisement, and it didn’t disappoint me. And here I am, a new blogger, I’ll give you a Revamply review to have some insights into this new cool software and may you be some of the first ones to use a new trend.

Revamply Review – Overview


·         Product Creator: Sam Bakker

·         Product Name: Revamply

·         Price: $67

·         Niche: Software

·         Sales Page: Revamply Review

·         Refund: Yes. In the first 30 days

·         Verdict: 100% Legit!

Revamply is a new editing website software which uses simple principles to function. It is for anyone who works with websites and blogs such as an online marketer or the ones who use the websites for sharing, and so on. It is simple, fast and useful.

What is Revamply?


Revamply was born to do one thing: Editing websites. And by editing sites, you can also make a simple design to your web. It has been in development for two years by professional and experienced developers. The app has been already filed for a patent since it is unique and is the only one with these helpful functions that exist on the internet currently.

Revamply works for everyone since it uses drag and drop motion as a main developed core for the clients to use. Everybody knows how to drag and drop on the computer. More and more applications are made to have drag and drop feature wherever it fits as an addition because it’s convenient and straightforward. Revamply used the most simple on a computer, point click, drag, drop to manage the complicated. No coding, no technical skills are needed.

Moreover, it can be applied to any platforms like WordPress, Weebly, et cetera. There’s no limitation. And, you can edit your many websites just from one dashboard.

In short, Revamply is simple, helpful and unique website editing software which helps you in ways that no other software can.

Fascinating Features of Revamply


Here I review the fantastic features of Revamply for you to see its awesomeness:

·         Simplicity: As I said, I’m a beginner in building and editing website. If Revamply hadn’t been simple, I couldn’t have used it. It gives you an easy way to edit which is Drag N Drop and simple interface. No coding and technical skills are required.

·         Convenience: Simplicity and convenience are somehow close to each other. If you get simplicity, you’ll get convenience. But, the factor what make it’s convenient is speed, it is fast. First, you don’t have to wait for your developers or finding one when you want to edit websites. Second, after a few simple customization, you’ll get the result right away after one simple click. Moreover, you can manage websites you want to edit in one dashboard.

·         No limitation: Revamply can work with all the platforms of a website. There’s no websites or blogs that it can’t work with.

·         Advanced function: Besides from editing, it can also add elements to your site such as opt-in, animation. With more than 50 design elements, you’ll get to create and design as much as you want. You can also drag and drop color applied.

How Does it Work?


Because it’s simple as I mentioned above, there is just three main step to make it work:

·         Log into the cloud-based software and add your website URLs then click Revamp.

·         Customize anything you want and add any elements you like.

·         Publish your job with one click.

1.    Why Should You Buy It?

Well, if you don’t like simplicity, convenience, creativity especially saving money and time, then you shouldn’t. If you do, like all of us, that’s the cue.

Revamply works with all websites which are existing and interact with many favorite apps. So there’s no worry of limitation and borders.

Don’t think that if it’s simple and the customization and elements you make or add are simple and not good too. You can edit anything. Additionally, if you want to decorate your websites don’t think it’s just adding colors. Revamply has thought about that, so it uses Innovative Drag and Drop Color Applier, the colors will get applied, not dragging and dropping onto the elements.

We can save time, money and figure out more what we can utilize the software, why shouldn’t we buy it?



Revamply is an amazing software. The time of struggling with website editing has passed. Now, we can easily do it by ourselves with Revamply. Simplicity, convenience, no limitation and advanced function are what software should give clients and Revamply has done that.

This is my Revamply review so that it may be a little bit biased. But hey, it’s awesome, and it deserves the praise.