Refreshen Review – Expose Yourself to Massive Profits

Refreshen Review – Expose Yourself to Massive Profits

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A new shared space is a key part of the 8 Step SEO Plan.
In order to do this, I converted years of data into one client center. I always had
migrated the different analytic accounts into one account, but never one that shared live
access to the SEO Plan, documents, files, graphics, and business information. Needless
to say, this was a massive undertaking, since some of my older clients have 10 years of
data that we had to move. The new sleek Opt-Center is made up of one main refreshen review with 8
added tabbed step sections. Now I have a shared workspace with ranking data, traffic
data, and Opt-Team work that is shared in real time. This has solved a lot of
communication issues among the Opt-Team, clients, and myself. I like most of all that
sharing the live work and data encourages everyone to work as a team. Now the data
can be easily compared against previous benchmarks, goals, past ranking positions, and
user behavior.
investigate - carry out a systematic inquiry to discover and examine the facts of an

incident so as to establish the refreshen review
“There is always room at the top - after the investigation.”
Oliver Herford
Every SEO company that has been around for a few years hates to be on the other end of
the question:
“How much longer until we are 1st on Google?”
There are two inherent problems with this question. First, it depends on the plan that
was set at the beginning of the campaign and how Google reacts to our live adjustments
made based on their changing criteria. Second, only Google knows the answer! I am
always upfront and honest with clients before they sign up for a new campaign that I am
in no way in control of Google or any other search engine. The intention of any new
campaign is to
make the website attractive to Google. This is done with simple
planning and a clear strategy,
always aiming to exceed the competition. It remains at
the discretion of each search engine which sites they want to rank first, second and so
The benefit of bringing clients and all of my refreshen review  onto a shared space platform is
that everyone is now on one team. The calls asking, “Why are we not first yet?” and
“What work is being done?” have ceased.
Once everyone is acting as a cohesive unit, it is time to analyze the data. It is a daily
task at my agency to run ranking reports, check website analytics, and track user
behavior. Since creating the shared workspace, clients can view this data in real time.
The center makes clients a part of Step 7, instead of depending only on my assessments
of the data.



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