Provely Review – Ultimate conversion tool

Provely Review – Ultimate conversion tool

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Start putting together reviews for your approved provely review . Focus on quality and really get people interested in the products you are promoting. Make sure to add your affiliate links on your reviews and make them enticing to click on.
Module 6 ­ How to get traffic to your
review site Now we're going to talk about the almighty traffic. Now I want to be very clear with this. I
don't want you to get too hung up on driving traffic. What I see so many people do is focus on every single traffic method out there and waste a ton of time. With traffic you want to find the one or two methods that provide you with the most results and then focus primarily on those methods. That way you can maximize the amount of traffic you get and focus on the methods that are working the best for you. Don’t spread yourself too thin focusing on every traffic method out there. Alright, so lets dig into some of the traffic methods we will be using.
Amazing Content I know you don’t want to hear it but good content is a key component to a lot of traffic. And here’s why… If you create amazing content all of the other traffic methods are going to work 1 0 times better and 1 0 times faster. And let me tell you this, amazing content doesn't have to be the longest blog post known to man, or the most in depth 
provely review ever created. Amazing content comes in many different shapes and sizes. As long as your reviews are helpful and honest people will visit your site again and again.
Email List In the beginning your email list may not be an option for driving traffic to your site. But as your review site grows and your email list grows it will most likely become the number one source of traffic for your site. Once you have people on your email list you can send them anywhere you want again and again. And if you are trying to make affiliate commissions sending them to your review site is key. We will get more into building your list later in this guide but I wanted you to be aware that your email list will be a key component to driving traffic to your review sites.
Make your reviews easy to share Now that we have amazing content we want to make it easy to share. This can be done a number of different ways such as sharing plugins, click to tweet buttons, using call to actions, pop ups, slide ins and more. The important part is you give your audience a lot of different ways to share your content and encourage them to do so with call to actions. Here is an example of using the Digg Digg plugin that is a slider that slides along my blog posts.
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This makes it incredibly easy for people to share this content with a click of a button.
Interviews (Utilize Influencers) Want to know one of the best ways to get an influencer in your niche to share your content? Sure you do! Well here it is. The best way to get an influencer to share your content is to include them in your content. And one of the best ways to do this as a product reviewer is interviewing product creators. When you start to interview product creators they will often share your review with their subscribers and even post it out on their social media accounts.
Guest Posting Now I'm not a huge fan of guest posting but it is a great way to get a lot of traffic very quick. I guess I'm stingy with my provely review and want it all for myself :). Long term, guest posting is something I do sparingly. But in the beginning it can be used heavily. Something I learned very early on in marketing is to not wait for your target audience to find you but to actually go to your target audience. Guest posting is a great example of that. I'm not going to go into depth as to what guest blogging is. I'm sure many of you know already. Plus there are so many good guides already out there on guest blogging. I want to show you how guest blogging can help you get traffic to your review site quickly. The most amazing thing about guest blogging is the ability to reach your target audience. If you can land a guest post on a popular blog in your niche you can get a ton of quality targeted traffic. Here is the formula to success with guest posting:
Deliver value with a high quality piece ofcontent and leave the reader asking for
more. Delivering quality content is going to show you that you are an expert and authority in your niche. Someone in your niche that people can trust and get valuable information from. But when you leave them asking for more you get them back to your website. Bingo!
Lets look at an example: If you are in the IM niche you might consider creating a free report about list building or similar topic.You could even create a free report targeted to the audience of the site you are guest posting on. Whatever niche you are in a free report will help with this traffic method because it will get more people on your email list that you can send back to your review site again and again.

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