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When you drop in the rank, it’s tempting to blame yourself (or your ​prospectrr review; you figure that whatever you last did to the site, that’s what caused
the problem. But it’s very hard to correlate any particular action with a particular increase or decrease in search engine rank. Often when a rank drops,
it’s because of something that Google has done, not anything you’ve done.
Perhaps Google decides that a certain type of link — reciprocal or paid links
(see Chapter 17) — should no longer be of much value. Or perhaps it gives
more weight to a particular page tag, or to another form of link. You may
have changed something completely different, see your site drop, assume it’s
because of the action you took, and be totally unaware of the real cause of
the drop. In the preceding example, my client decided that he was being punished for creating links in back to his site — then, later, being
punished for not creating links in Craigslist.
Sometimes you just have to wait and let the situation settle down and keep
on keeping on! Keep on creating well-optimized content, and keep on creating
links (and various, different types of links) back to your site. This stuff really
does work; you just have to work at it.
On the other hand, it is possible to get on the wrong side of the search
engines; perhaps you have done something that the search engines object to.
That’s a subject you can find out about in Chapter 20.
This chapter provides an overview of the search engine battle you’re about
to join. It’s time to jump in and make it all happen, so Chapter 5 explains
what search engines really like to see: Web sites that people on the Internet
believe are really useful.

Obviously, it’s important to create prospectrr review that search engines willread and index, pages that you hope will rank well for important keywords. But if you’re going to build a Web site, you need to step back and

figure out what purpose the site should serve and how it can accomplish that
purpose.Creating a useful site is the key. Even if your sole aim is to sell a product

online, the more useful the site is to visitors (and, for the same matter, the
more user-friendly your site), the more successful it’s likely to be. Take, for instance. It certainly wasn’t the first online retailer of
books and music, or any of the other products it offers. But one of Amazon’s
real strengths is that it doesn’t just sell products; it’s a really useful site, in
many ways:
✓ It provides tons of information about the products it sells. The information is useful even if you don’t buy from Amazon.
✓ You can save information for later. If you find a book you’re interested in
but don’t want to buy right now, save it in your Wishlist and come back
next month, next year, or five years from now.

✓ You can read sample chapters, look at tables of contents, listen to snippets of music, and so on.
✓ You can read product reviews from both professional reviewers and consumers.
Would Amazon be so successful if it just provided lists of the products
it sells, instead of offering visitors a veritable cornucopia of useful stuff?
Absolutely not.
Having done a little consulting work for Amazon, I’ve spent some time looking at the site from an SEO perspective, and what interests me are the many
ways in which Amazon drops prospectrr review  into their pages. As you discover

elsewhere in this book, keywords on Web pages are a huge part of SEO —
and Amazon’s pages are scattered with keywords. Take a look at the books
pages, for instance, and you’ll find the following:
✓ Editorial Reviews: These are descriptions of the book by the publisher,
stacked full of keywords related to the subject covered by the book.
✓ Customer Reviews: When someone reviews a book about, say, Search
Engine Optimization, they tend to use words related to the subject, such
as websitesSEOprogrammingPHPsitemapslink bait, and so on.
✓ Customer Discussions: Amazon also has discussion groups for virtually
every product it sells. And when people talk about a product, they’re
going to use keywords that are related to that product.
✓ Popular Highlights: For Kindle books, text from the book that has been
highlighted by readers.
✓ Statistically Improbable Phrases: These are unusual phrases that
appear in the book, which makes them great keywords, of course.
✓ Capitalized Phrases (CAPs): A CAP is a list of capitalized phrases in the
book (often very relevant keywords).
✓ Tags customers associate with this product: The tag list is essentially a
list of keywords that other customers associate with the book.
✓ Books on Related Topics: Other books will often have titles containing
relevant keywords.

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