Postly Review – Discover the Gurus’ Ultimate Affiliate Tricks

Postly Review – Discover the Gurus’ Ultimate Affiliate Tricks

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In 90% of the cases, you shouldn't begin writing your copy until you know the story
you're going to tell in the copy and how you're going to present it.
There are several reasons why you should do this. First, most cultures are “story
cultures”. We take in our entertainment through postly review . People watch hours upon hours
of television a week, and a good portion of it is fiction stories of comedy, drama and so
Plus, stories are perfect to engage a reader's emotions. People buy emotionally, not
logically. Although it's a cliche, facts tell, stories sell. Facts tell the prospect the benefits
of why they should buy (logical approach). Stories demonstrate those benefits in action,
show the prospect how it can transform their life (emotional approach).
Finally, stories are the “hooks” to hang your other persuasion elements on. The best way
to prove your claims is while you're telling your story. The best way to put a ton of
benefits into your copy is by lacing your story with the benefits of your product and
Stories build your credibility, and also help explain why you decided to price your
solution at the price you did, and how it's so little compared to the postly review they get, and so
Just study the greatest sales letters of all time and you'll find that 9 times out of 10, they
used a story to do the heavy lifting.
I'm now going to show you how to do the same.
The 3 Types of Story Plots That Almost Every Killer Sales Letter Follows
The good news is you don't have to be a genius story teller to write great stories that sell.
No. You just need to know three basic approaches to create good stories that will help sell
your products. You master these three, and you don't really need anything else.
That makes it easier to become a great “story telling” copywriter in no time flat.
The first plot is what's called a “journey plot”. This is the simplest plot to use to improve
your conversions and postly review It works like this.
You start out explaining where you were at when you decided to go out and find a
solution for your problem. Then, you explain your lowest point, where things got really
bad for you. Next, you talk about how you found the path that started to make positive
changes in your life. Then you talk about how that led you to discover the solution.
Finally, you explain why you're sharing the solution for them.


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