Playtraffic Review – Get unlimited video traffic with this brilliant tool

Playtraffic Review – Get unlimited video traffic with this brilliant tool!

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5. When you find a keyword that fits one of the playtraffic review above, make a note of it (keep a 

separate notepad file, write it down, save it in a spreadsheet – whatever works for you)  

6. You can continue scanning the list and build up a store of keywords you can use later  

Here’s what the first few options look like when I do a search on UberSuggest for “smallest 

kitchen table”: The keywords you find must fit ONE of the above two criteria options.  

The reason for the two different criteria is to help you focus on low competition keywords 

without having to go through a bunch of steps to check the playtraffic review levels in Google.  

The keywords that contain the superlative form of your size word (i.e., “smallest”) are most 

often going to be lower competition in Google so you can go with keywords that have 3 or 

more words in them whereas the nonsuperlative form of your size word (i.e., “small”) is 

probably going to be more competitive so going with a keyword that has 4 words in it will force you to choose a lower competition keyword. You’ll have an easier time ranking in 

Google in general if you focus on low competition keywords when starting out.  

If you’re a keyword research fanatic or want to up your playtraffic review, you can read my bonus 

Advanced Keyword Research PDF that came with this book. With your chosen keyword in hand, it’s time to find the products that fit that keyword. 

The keyword should include at least two clues about what you have to find. First, it should 

have the product in it since one of the criteria is that the keyword mention a product 

people can find on Amazon. 

The next clue is the size. If your size word was “smallest” then you know you’re looking for 

products that are small. If your size word was “most compact” you’re also looking for small 

products. If your size word was “largest” you know you’re looking for products that are the 


This is probably the most time consuming step of the process but it is simple work. You 

need to gather size/dimension information for your products so that you can choose the 

ones that truly fit your size word.  

I’ve included a spreadsheet with this book to help you keep track of the products and 

dimensions you find. The spreadsheet comes in Excel, Openoffice, and PDF formats.  

Bring up the spreadsheet format that works best for you and fill in the columns for each 

product you research.  


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