PayDrill Review – A Smarter-Faster-Better Solution For PayPal Users

PayDrill Review – A Smarter-Faster-Better Solution For PayPal Users

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A Beginner Alternative If you’re just getting started with ​paydrill review, maybe you don’t want to use a DSLR camera, because it’s got quite a steep learning curve. A great camera is the Kodak Zi8. It’s a little camera, about one or two hundred bucks. Great for just getting started and it records in HD. It’s got an external mic jack on it. I’ve used the Zi8 many times to record some great videos.
Lights Lighting is very important. I use professional lights now that are a bit more expensive. They are white, fluorescent, professional video lights. I use them because they create a nice, white light. They don’t get hot and it creates a very beautiful, professional effect. I started with some halogen lamps that I just got from a hardware store. They cost me like $50 bucks. But they had a sort of yellow tinge and they got really hot, so I stopped using those after a while. I’ve seen people use the power saving little light bulbs now as well. They’re a lot cheaper. You can get away with probably $50-$100 bucks and you can have your studio set up pretty well with really nice lighting.
Microphones My microphone that I currently use with my Canon 60D is a wireless microphone from Sony, the UTX-B2. So that plugs into my camera and then I can have a very nice, little, wireless lapel mic on me when I record the videos. They’re a bit more expensive, $700 bucks or so. You can probably get it cheaper on paydrill review.

Beginner Microphones You don’t need to start with the UTX-B2. I actually used a $30 Audiotechnica microphone that I got from an electronics store. It provided near professional quality audio and the only drawback was that it was not wireless. It came with a four meter cord. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great result.

Why YouTube? Really it’s all about traffic on YouTube. That is the short answer. Last time I checked, YouTube is the second biggest search engine, after Google. Three billion views a day is pretty impressive. Personally, I can’t really fathom the number three with nine zeros next to it. It’s just incredible. There’s a ton of people who hang out on YouTube every single day and it’s not just teenagers any more. The main demographic now is between 18 and 54, which is quite a wide range. As we progress through time, since we’re still on the growth curve, more and more people will get on it. So more and more niches will get opened up on YouTube.
Linking Outside of YouTube I create my videos and my content on YouTube, but then I redirect the views that I get from that off to my own online assets that I’ve created, like my video blog and my email database. I think that it’s absolutely critical that you do that, because you don’t own your own YouTube channel. YouTube does. So if something goes wrong, you want to make sure that you’ve built your own asset that you can continue with.
Strategies to Get People onto Your Site One very simple thing you can do is to just say at the end of your video, “Hey, look at my site. I’ve got some cool stuff there.” If you can offer them a free resource, that’s even better. You can tell people to go to your site and download your free resource, like a free ebook or free report or some free videos. That works really well, especially if the content that you have in your video is aligned with the free content that you’re giving away. So, that’s a very, very simple strategy and you can immediately see a difference when you start doing that.

Putting the Link Directly in the Video If someone watches my video on YouTube and they like it, they might embed it on their own site. Then the description area for that video wouldn’t be on their site. So, if someone else comes and watches that video on that site, there won’t be a paydrill review in the description video that they can access. So then it’s important to have your URL just straight in the video itself.

Using the Description Area This is so elementary, but always have your URL in the description area. Even point people there to click on it and go to your site.
Annotations If you’ve got a ton of videos on YouTube already, but they don’t tell people about your website, make use of YouTube annotations. Just list your website address in an annotation inside your video. That can give an instant boost to traffic as well.
Custom YouTube Background You want to have a nice, professional look. Spend a couple hundred dollars on having a nice YouTube background developed for you. You can outsource that to places like 99
Designs, Elance, or Guru – just get it done to look nice. If you’re good with graphics yourself, just create something that looks in line with what you’re trying to achieve with your channel. It doesn’t have to be super fancy. It just has to be simple and professional, so that when people visit your channel, they know you’re not just another teenager who’s started a channel to upload videos about cats, dogs, and babies. People can tell you’re a bit more serious about creating valuable content.
Encouraging Subscription I value an email subscriber higher than I value a YouTube subscriber, but YouTube subscribers are pretty important too. That’s one of the things that YouTube looks at to figuring out if you have an authority channel or not. I’ve been pretty privileged. My growth for subscribers has been pretty healthy, even though I haven’t asked people to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I guess when you have great content, people naturally want to subscribe. But certainly all of the big guys in YouTube have a very strong call to action to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Monetization For some of the top guys on YouTube, their main monetization strategy is through YouTube’s partner program. Some of them make very comfortable, six-figure incomes just from that. From the tests that I’ve done, the income you make from a partner program is actually very, very small in comparison to the money that you can make if you implement the system that I teach. In that system, you have a YouTube channel, a video blog or squeeze page, and a list-building mechanism. So, with that sort of growth system in place, you can still make money from a partner program but you can also increase your income a hundredfold. Seriously, there’s so much potential. So, yeah, get subscribers, but also get people onto your email subscriber base, because that’s where you’re going to make more money.

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