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Forum Marketing When I first started out, I got pretty much all of the traffic through forum marketing. I went to various forums that talked about blogging, WordPress, or internet marketing. I just looked for people who were asking questions and I gave them really great, indepth responses. In forums, typically there’s an option to have a signature on your forum posts and you can have a link back to your site in that signature. So, I would have my signature say something like, “To learn more about WordPress and to get some free training, check out The local seo ninja review.” The people who I helped would see my signature and then come back to my site to get more of my training. That was the number one way that I got all of my traffic for the first year or so. A cool resource for that is a site called big-boards.com. It’s a listing of forums. You can go on there and find forums in almost any niche.
Matt’s 4 Traffic Sources Today
Search Engine Optimization I used to hire out other companies to do my SEO for me. But most SEO companies don’t want you to know their secrets. I guess the fear is that, if you knew how they did it, you would just go around them and start doing it yourself. I got really frustrated because they never wanted to share their strategies for the SEO. So, I brought all of my SEO in house. Now I have guys that work for me that go out and just do nothing but SEO for me. I focus a lot on things, like article marketing. I still have them do some forum marketing, some blog commenting, and just doing a lot of backlinking on social media sites and various link directories.
Affiliates Affiliate traffic is huge for membership sites. If you can offer an affiliate program, it will definitely be a huge traffic generator for you. In The WordPress Classroom, there are a couple of training modules on monetizing your blog. I actually teach them to go around and promote The WordPress Classroom
So, I turn many of the members that go through my local seo ninja review into affiliates. That’s one thing that’s worked out really well for me.
Facebook Being really active on Facebook has been huge for me. I get in there and try to answer questions about WordPress and blogging. But one thing I find interesting is that doesn’t always get that great of a response. It’s when I’m like, “I just had a churro. It was great. Who else likes churros?” that I get like 100 responses. It’s just crazy. The people that go on Facebook like to see that you’re a real person. That’s where you really start building the trust factor.
YouTube I do a lot of training videos on YouTube and just put them up for free. That way people can get an idea of my training. If they want more, they click on the links to my site and opt-in to get the more free training on my site.
Recruiting Affiliates To be honest, I don’t do enough recruiting of affiliate partners. Most of the big affiliates that I have, I’ve met in person. I go to a lot of events. I just got back from the traffic and conversion summit in Austin a couple weeks ago. I’m pretty much at a different marketing event every single month. So most of the people who make a lot of money by promoting The Wordpress Classroom are actually people that I’ve met in person and hung out with, bought them dinner, taught them some tricks, they’ve taught me some tricks… they’re just people who I’ve built relationships with. A lot of people do 
local seo ninja review . “This weekend, the person who gets the most sales gets a free iPad.” Stuff like that definitely works, but I haven’t really played with that a lot. I’ve just personally focused on really building relationships with people. I go out and meet them personally. I go out to dinner with people. I buy them beers. I go bowling with them. I just try to get to know people personally, become friends with them, and then we end up working out deals where I promote their stuff and they promote my stuff.







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