LiveReach Review - The Ultimate Livecast Desktop Software

LiveReach Review - The Ultimate Livecast Desktop Software

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"The Skinny"
In this section, you'll learn about the marketing hot buttons that 'activate' the desire to
fulfill some of these basic human needs.
Chapter: The 9 Basic Needs of People in the 21st
Generally when people talk about basic human needs, they're talking about our most
primitive drive for
food, shelter, clothing, and love.
We aren't taught to need these things, the desire for them is hot-wired into our genetics
and are responsible for our primary motivation as human beings: to
avoid pain and
maximize pleasure.
No longer primitive, and generally able to satisfy this quartet of the most basic of needs,
contemporary humans are now free to expand their "gotta have it" list to include…

Security - the need to feel safe
Adventure - the need for a "rush"
Freedom - the need for independence and spontaneity
Exchange - the need to share information and knowledge
Power - the need to be in a position of authority
Expansion - the need to build and grow
Acceptance - the need to be accepted by others
Community - the need to be around people like ourselves
Self-Expression - the need to reveal ourselves through livereach review, actions,
dress, etc.

If your marketing copy can demonstrate that you can meet any of these basic needs…or,
better still, that you can
satisfy a combination of needs…then selling your product or
service is a snap.
You probably don't sit around thinking about worst-case health scenarios, but insurance

companies do. They use those scenarios and the fear attached to them to shock you into
buying a product
that you wouldn't have considered otherwise.
Our fears, whether they're of
illness, livereach review, or social rejection motivate us to make wise
decisions by forcing us to consider negative possibilities -- "Will I die if I don't follow
this diet?" "Will my business collapse if I don't purchase this software?" "Will I be
embarrassed if I don't use this deodorant?"
There are three kinds of consumer 'fears' that you can leverage to your advantage.
Fear that the status quo will go from good to bad and from bad to worse if he/she
doesn't buy your product

Fear that the consumer will be paying more than is necessary unless he/she does
business with you
Fear of making a mistake in choosing a solution unless it's YOUR solution
Fear of losing out on an opportunity unless they act now and purchase your
Food for Thought: Fear of Loss is A Biggie
When writing your marketing materials, bear in mind that people respond
more to what they are going to lose
than to what they are " going to gain. It's
called "fear of livereach review."
Ask yourself:
What will my customers stand to lose if they do not buy my product or
service? When you've figured out the answer, you've identified a key sales point for your
sales letter.
A word of caution: Fear works when an
optimal level of fear is evoked. Not too much,
not too little, but a level of fear that's just right.
How do you know what's optimal? That's tricky. You need to go to a level of fear that's
strong enough to scare people into action, but not so strong that it makes them so
disturbed that they just turn off and stop reading.
And, of course, you should only use fear as a button when it's clear that there is a way to
avoid the feared stimulus is
explicitly indicated -- and the way to avoid it is with your


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