List Janitor Review – Give your email marketing a boost

List Janitor Review – Give your email marketing a boost

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Some people say it takes two weeks to run a list janitor review; some people say 1,000 visitors. They‘re wrong. The only correct time to end a test is when you’ve reached statistical significance. If you want to estimate how long it will take a test to reach statistical significance, use one of the statistical significance calculators provided by the software vendors. Search
for “Website Optimizer Statistical Significance Calculator,” and you’ll find pages where you can input your data, the conversion increase you’re looking to detect, and the calculator will tell you how long the test will take. Really put an emphasis on testing big, bold, changes that will have a significant impact. When you just tweak page elements, it takes so long to collect the data that you’re missing opportunities by not testing other things. We call it meek tweaking versus bold-targeted tests. There’s a huge advantage to carrying out bold-targeted tests.
What to Split-Test
Headline Headlines are really, really important. Obviously, people normally look at whatever’s above the fold first. So all of the elements above the fold need to encourage the visitor to take your designed action (this could be clicking a call to action, scrolling down the page, entering an email address etc). Having an effective headline is essential. Though you don’t necessarily have to sell the product in the headline; you just have to engage the visitor enough to consume your sales message. Try to sell the content of the page. Instead of saying, “Sign up for these weird, wonderful, life-changing widgets now,” you could say, “Read this page to discover why companies like X, Y, Z are benefiting from an exciting new technology.” So, the headline is important, but you don’t always have to go for the immediate sale with the headline. The headline’s job is to get attention, to get them to read on.
Social Proof Obviously, any social proof is valuable. Anything that gives you credibility or will persuade your visitors that they’re not the only person in the world considering buying your product. Testimonials from customers are good. If you have been featured in the media, it’s definitely worth mentioning that.
Competitive Advantages Every client we’ve worked with has really special things about their product or business that they totally take for granted and don’t even mention. It’s really worth telling somebody about the history of your business and then asking what impressed and/or
surprised them. There will be things about you as an individual or your list janitor review that your prospects would be really reassured by, but you just take it for granted.
Call to Action Obviously, the call to action is important. But don’t always assume that you need to show somebody the call to action straightaway. With some of our experiments, we’ve seen it’s best to leave the call to action at the bottom of a long copy page, because you really want to give people the full sales message before they click away from the page. The more sold they are on the product page, the more likely they are to go through the shopping cart and the rest of the process. Don’t always assume that getting them to the checkout page fast is the optimal goal. That’s why you always want to measure the right things. If you measure things like click-through rate, that can lead to bad choices. Try to avoid split-tests where clickthrough rate and bounce rate are the goals. Instead, align your goals with your business metrics.
The Offer The offer is everything: what you’re selling and how you’re positioning it. Spend a lot of time on your offer.
Risk Reversals If the product is perceived to have risk, or if one of the objections is that it feels like a risky decision, it’s important to include risk reversal within the offer itself. Examples are guarantees, free trials, low-cost offers, basically, anything that removes some of the risk from the prospect should be tested.
Price Levels A lot of people that sell information products or software create different versions (often known as gold, silver, and bronze). They do those things for a reason, because different visitors want to spend different amounts of money. Having upsells and cross-sells is a quick way to make sure that you’re getting the most revenue per visitor.
Body Copy Again, it depends on the product. If you’re Amazon and you’re selling a Kindle, you may need a lot more technical information and specifications, rather than just hype.

Depending on the product, comprehension is one thing that often kills conversions. People like the offer; they like what the product does; but they don’t really understand how it works. So, it’s essential to do a good job of explaining your product and how it works, how it would benefit the prospect, so they can really comprehend exactly what it is. If someone doesn’t understand what the product actually is, they’re not likely to convert.
Nurture Relationships One thing that’s really useful is to start building a relationship with the customer. It’s much easier to get a customer to reorder from you than it is to acquire a new customer. So, do whatever you can to build a genuinely valuable relationship with that customer. So, have a monthly email newsletter where you send them valuable tips, advice, free reports, tools, widgets, and anything else that they will find genuinely valuable. You want to become a trusted advisor. You don’t want to be just some cold, boring ecommerce store or yet another info-marketer. You want to genuinely help them. Sometimes that may mean recommending things that are slightly against your own self-interest, but that will win the trust of that customer. The goal with any website is to become the visitor’s trusted advisor and to hold that position by genuinely doing whatever you can to understand their needs and to help satisfy those needs.
Cross-Selling Cross-selling’s a great one. One of our clients owns an ecommerce store. They had a specific product and they came to us and said, “We want to sell more of this product.” We surveyed all of these customers and visitors, asking them why they weren’t purchasing it. The overwhelming feedback was, “I love this product. I always buy this product when I need it. It’s fantastic. I wish you guys had other products.”
So, we designed a sample product, which people could buy for just a few dollars to sample all of the other products he sells. Obviously, that encourages people to sample other products they may not know exist, and they’ll hopefully buy the “full version” next time.
Upselling People may want more from you. A really useful thing to do is to survey your customers and ask them what else they would like to buy from you. This is a question that we actually use in surveys, “If you could have me locked up in a cage creating anything for you, what would it be?” Customers will tell you what they want you to create. If you have a good 
list janitor review with them, your customers will develop your up-sells and your cross-sells with you. Again, they like you, they trust you, and they’ve already chosen to do business with you, so obviously they would prefer if you became their supplier for other products and services as well.
Refer a Friend A great thing that most websites forget is a refer-a-friend program on the thank you page. The best time to ask a customer to recommend a product is when they’ve just committed to buying it and they feel good about the purchase that they just made. So, have a refer-a-friend program on the thank you page. If possible, incentivize the refera-friend referral program by giving the friend an offer and the customer an offer and then track them. There are lots of tools out there for doing refer-a-friend programs. If you have a good relationship with your customers, a refer-a-friend program should become a real benefit for your business.


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