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Trends A lot has changed over the last few years, particularly in the last five years since Tim Ferris released “instantazon pro review .” A lot of people have been outsourcing, particularly lifestyle entrepreneurs. I’ve spoken to a few CEOs from a few outsourcing companies in the Philippines. I’ve even interviewed a few of them. I asked them, “What do you think is going to happen in the next five years or so?” A lot of them said to me, “Well, it will continue to grow because we are such a large economy. We’re still growing in terms of the Western World.” Even when I speak to my local business clients here, a lot of them have never even heard about outsourcing. They really don’t even know how it works. There’s still a huge market to tap into. But in terms of the labor force over there, things will keep increasing. It may get to a point where the cost of labor is equivalent to the cost of labor in Western country. Therefore, we may have to find another country to outsource to. But until that happens, business is probably going to run as usual and it will probably be at least another decade before that happens. So, in terms of the future, I think outsourcing is still the way to go. If you haven’t started, I highly recommend getting your business to outsource as quickly as possible and set up the right systems in place. If you’re not there, then you’re going to be behind the game.
Last Words If you are interested in finding out more about outsourcing and stuff, feel free to ask questions on my blog, at 
instantazon pro review. You’ll be able to get lots of tips from me, and I’m more than happy to provide you with more information.
ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS 1. Start with a virtual assistant. The first position you should outsource is somebody to handle all of your
administrational activities and the simple tasks that collectively take a lot of time (i.e. publishing a blog post). 2. Qualify service providers. Use a virtual staff finder service to pre-qualify people who are seeking a fulltime position. Get them on a video call to learn about them, their family, and their ambitions. Hire for character, skills, and work experience. 3. Set expectations. From the outset, tell them what you expect from them on a daily basis. If they fall short of expectations, establish consequences. Then talk about salary, how you’re going to pay them, and send them a “getting started” guide. 4. Help them manage themselves. Tyrone uses Basecamp to manage the projects and Jing Project to create screen capture videos. From there, he empowers his employees with responsibilities that encourage them to manage themselves. 5. Train them with videos. Create a series of “getting started” videos to show them your instantazon pro review  for managing them and paying them. Then keep a database of every training video you produce so you can send them to your next staff member. 6. Pay them punctually through PayPal. Tyrone pays about $300-400 per month per full-time staff member. They’re independent contractors so they send him an invoice and keep track of their own taxes. Then he pays it right away through PayPal and it only costs a few dollars per transaction. 7. Take care of your outsourcers. Pay them well. Tell them that you appreciate their work when they do a good job. Give them bonuses every once in a while, not always monetary. When they need to fix something, take care of it. And encourage them to interact with one another.


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