GIFbuddy Review – Discount And Special Bonus

GIFbuddy Review – Discount And Special Bonus

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Here we will cover the basic gifbuddy review that you will need to get started.
Domain and Hosting
If you are already have these, then you can skip this section.
Greg Kononenko:
I recommend you register both the domain and the hosting together. The
reason I recommend to do that together, is because you will generally get a
great deal - as you read my example below, you will see that you can save
around $10 immediately that way.
Your Domain is the web address, for example Google domain is
Hosting is a service that actually contains the information that your website
consists of. The website consists of folders and files, just like the files on your
The hosting company holds them for you, and makes them available to the
whole world to browse.
So if someone types in into their browser, they will see
your website - and your website will be shown to them by your hosting
You need hosting, there's no way around it :)
I personally use Siteground - they are an absolutely awesome company, and
they are very cheap. I've been with other hosting companies (Hostgator and
NameCheap Hosting), but SiteGround are cheaper and their websites are
Get their cheapest package, it's only $3.95 per month, and they will give you a
free domain.

You can get creative with the domain names, but I recommend registering one
quickly so you don't waste too much time.
You may come across some popular 
gifbuddy review that are taken, so just keep
searching till you find something that's available.
Something like "" or "" will work
just fine.
Select the ".com" option - it's the best and easiest to remember.
Follow the prompts to buy and pay for it.
Your account should get set up in 1-2 hours, you'll get an email with advice.
The whole thing should only cost you $3.95 for the first month - hardly

In my view, there are only two real choices in the marketplace -
They are the only two serious competitors, and I strongly urge you to have an
account with one of them.
While there are many other competing products out there (MailChimp and
others), these two are by far the best - they offer the highest % of emails
delivered, best functionality, good pricing, etc.
They have been in business for decades, and are not going away any time
soon, so you can easily trust them.
So I suggest you make a choice and register for one or the other - it doesn't
really matter which one. Personally - I use Aweber today.

If you have not yet picked up our “DONE FOR YOU” templates, then you can do
so here.
The will help you get started as soon as possible and will be a great time saver.
Your assignment from "Module 2":
If you have Autoresponder, Domain and Hosting - no need to do
If you don't have them yet, register Domain and Hosting
Sign up with Aweber or GetResponse

Ok so let’s go ahead and register on all of the required networks. That way, if
you do this RIGHT NOW, you will probably be accepted very shortly after you
finish this report. Or possibly even while you’re still going through it.
Cash Network
Cash Network is one of our two favorite CPA sites.
They pay weekly, and we have never had any issues with receiving payments
from them. They have pretty helpful affiliate managers too who will answer all
your questions.
So head on over to CashNetwork and fill out the application form.
This is our other favorite network. They actually have many offers that have
been producing spectacular EPC’s. They are a little bit newer to us than Cash
Network, but we have been very happy with them so far.
They have a lot of what’s called “Binary” offers which normally pay a
commission of about $200 - $250 or even $300. Binary offers have to do with
trading foreign currency and options online.
However, we recommend you initially stay away from binary offers, simply
because yes they pay out a lot of money but they also convert at less than 1%.
You can make good money with them, however to truly test the offer you will
have to send 500-600 clicks to it, and that’s a lot of traffic for someone just
starting out.
As your list grows, 500 clicks will not be such a huge deal to you anymore so
you will be able to experiment with the higher end offers.
So you can head over to Clicksure and register as an Affiliate.

You may be thinking… “What, Clickbank?? Isn’t Clickbank dead?”
No – it’s more alive than ever! In fact, it’s doing very very well for us, because
they have some really hot offers that convert EXTREMELY well for traffic that
is interested in making money online.
We will show you the exact best way to set up which traffic goes to your
Clickbank offers and which traffic we will send to CPA.
For now – please head over to Clickbank and register as an affiliate.
Your assignment from "Module 3":
Register at Cash Network
Register at Clicksure
Register at Clickbank

The optin gift is a very simple report, which you can quickly create yourself in
30-60 minutes.
Alternatively, you can just buy it as PLR (Private Label Rights).
Since we will be working in the 
gifbuddy review, here is a quick list of topics that will
always do quite well:
How to make money with...
o ... Affiliate marketing
o ... Social Media
o ... Fiverr
o ... Facebook
o ... YouTube
Most of the people on your list will be complete newbies, so you don't want to
choose an advanced topic like "product creation".
But what will people think about my report?..
Here is a little secret for you...
We have been closely tracking all of our stats, and here is what I have found.
You may be disappointed, but if we look at our history from the last couple of
weeks in the tracking software, only 14.74% of people who have joined our
list have actually clicked to download our report.
As you can see, I (Greg) have had a total of 1,302 subscribers join.

So that's 14.74%.
And I bet only something like 2-3% will actually look at it.
So you don't really have to worry about the content that much! Unfortunately
or fortunately, not many people will even look at it.
OK, so what do I put in there? (the hard way)
Well – now the weight is off your shoulders, right? Pretty much no one is
going to look at it, so it doesn’t matter what’s inside
But – all jokes aside – you should be able to punch out a 2-3 page report one of
the topics suggested above in less than 30 minutes.
Just go to the Warrior Forum and read a few posts related to the topic.
As an example:
Maybe you’ve chosen your topic to be “Fiverr”
You can title your report “How to make $50 per day doing fun, simple
micro jobs”
Then you would head over to Warrior Forum and search for “fiverr”
using advanced search

Just in case you're not familiar with a squeeze page - it's a page whose sole
purpose is to capture the email address of the visitor.
This is what it may look like:

There are dozens of options for how to make a squeeze page...
There are lots of free options... For example, we have attached 5 HTML
templates which you can use as you like - you can edit them, change them in
any way using a program called "Kompozer".
Alternatively, you can pick up our “Done For You” pack which already
contains a squeeze page.

The option that we are using ourselves are a paid Wordpress plugin called
Epic Squeeze as well as LeadPages.
It takes us less than 5 minutes to set up a page that looks similar to the page
What to include
Squeeze pages are a whole science in itself. True masters of the art are able to
optimize and create squeeze pages with conversion rates of over 65%.
For our purposes, 40-45% is quite good. You can always tweak the squeeze
page down the road to increase the conversions.
Here are key elements:
As little text as possible
Try to make it sound exciting
Don't ask for the name (in my experience, you get higher conversions if
you only ask for the email)
Put in 1-2 benefits of your free gift into the headline
The simpler - the better, this has been proven time and time again.
Technical setup
If you use our HTML templates, then you can follow the video instructions in
order to be able to integrate the squeeze pages with your Autoresponder.
If you decide to use Epic Squeeze, it comes with instructions on how to set it
up - just follow those.
Here are a few critical elements that we wanted to call out:
1) Make sure you turn off the "Confirmed Optin" or "Double Optin" in your
auto responder


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