GeoCraft v2 Review – why should you buy it?

GeoCraft v2 Review – why should you buy it?

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Now go back to CloudFlare the click Continue.You should see that the domain is set up and ready, if the “geocraft v2 review” is Pending it simplymeans that your nameservers changes haven’t propagated across the internet yet, thiscan take up to 24 hours, but is usually done within minutes. Once your domain status shows as active all the traffic will be passing throughCloudFlare System.


Notes:You need to determine your domain registrar, this is the company that youregistered/purchased your domain name through. If you are not sure who is yourdomain registrar is, you can find it in from the website, simply type in yourdomain and then you see the results where you’ll see the registrar listed.


Each registrar is slightly different, so check the help/resources specific for your geocraft v2 review the most current and accurrate information on how to update your nameservers. Although CloudFlare creates copies of your websites on their distributed global network,CloudFlare is not web hosting, your website should be hosted prior to getting set up onCloudFlare.


Confirm That Your Site Is Now On CloudFlareOnce your domain is shown as active on the CloudFlare Network and you have visitedyour site to make sure it is resolving correctly, there is one more check you can do tojust to ensure that everything has moved accross and you are leveraging the CloudFlare network. There’s a site called Open DNS that maintain a huge network of main nameservers across the internet and they will usually pick up nameservers changes quicker than your geocraft v2 review, usually within seconds. Go to and pop your domain name in the “Enter a domain name to check field”, then complete the captcha check and hit the “Check this domain” button.


It will take a few moments to run, you can see the results popping up from across lots of different locations, from across North America, New York, Miami, as well as across Europe, Australia and Asia. What you are looking for is the two IP numbers for each location being the same. Before using CloudFlare you would just see one IP number, that being the one of your regular host. 


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