Funnel Messenger Review – Unleash the Power of Facebook Messenger

Funnel Messenger Review – Unleash the Power of Facebook Messenger

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Let's say that Kathy had a sneaky agenda; maybe she'd read my persuasion material, and was really out to persuade you to go on that vacation right from the start. The very first thing she needed to get you to agree with was the idea that your previous vacation together was great. Fortunately for her, she didn't really need to persuade you on that point. You were happy to accept funnel messenger review, although she still reinforced it by reminding you of that fun experience in the Karaoke bar. 

The next point she needed you to agree with was that you should both go back. That was also easy to agree with, since it didn't involve committing yourself to a specific time. After that, you were already sold on the idea, and then the real persuasion began. She had to get you to agree to definitely go, and actually book it, and this is where you started to put up resistance, so she needed to also convince you that you could afford it, that you'd have fun, and that you deserved it Simply by coming up with all the “points of agreement”, I have the basic outline for a sales pitch! “Points of agreement” are the points you need to establish in order to build your case. If they don't agree with a particular point, it's going to hinder your case. In a sales pitch, your aim is to establish all of the points of agreement in your prospect's mind, so that they are left with the inescapable and inevitable conclusion that your product is THE product for them. Let me show you how this works in the context of creating a sales letter. Let's take an imaginary funnel messenger review, aimed at men who feel they need help in their dating and love life. Let's ask: What do they need to agree with, in order for them to view my product as THE solution for them? Write down as many points of agreement as you can think of for your product. 

Then, you'll want to think about each one, and determine how useful they are in building the case for your product. For example, if my imaginary product contained a chapter on “the 100 greatest chat up lines” (oh dear!), then it's not going to be particularly smart to make the point that “chat up lines don't usually work” in the copy. The sensible reader is going to wonder, “What then is the  point of having a chapter with the 100 greatest chat up lines... if they don't work?” Drop any points that aren't helpful to your case. Next, you want to  put the remaining points into a logical order that develops your funnel messenger review naturally. 


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