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Once you get going on getting some flowleads app review on the torrent sites you will start to see commissions trickle in. Then as the amount of reports that you get out there starts to grow those commissions will start to increase daily. Pretty soon you won’t even be able to stop them unless you cancel your affiliate account! The other good program to advertise in any IM product that you put out there is Aweber. They always have it set up so that you can get the 1 st month for $1 . The people who read your ebooks won’t know this. All you have to do is place in your ebook: “Click this link to get your 1 st month of Aweber for $1 ” Since this is a recurring commission you get every single month that they continue to pay your monthly revenue will continue to grow every single month. Those are 2 different niches that you can get involved in right this second and start making a ton of money using torrents. Now let’s talk about the 2 nd method because this is the big 1 . This is the way to make a ton of money from torrents. What you will be doing is letting people download stuff in a .zip file. Once they open it they will see 2 different files. 1 will be the .zip of the product/report/video that they want and the other file will be a simple text file. Now the “datingreviewsite” file will be password protected. When you open the Read Me file it will tell them what they need to do to get the password.This can be:

1 . Fill out a CPA offer

2. Opt in to a Squeeze Page

3. Click like on a Facebook Fan Page

4. Anything else that you can think of!

So now you know how to turn this type of traffic into flowleads app reviewAs you can see, torrents are a huge source of LEGITIMATE traffic. Now using what you have learned here you can tap into this never ending source of traffic. Not to mention that you can get an endless stream of content from torrents and then just repurpose the content to make you money! Step 6 - Covert Traffic Secret Welcome to the Covert Traffic Secret section. In this section i’m going to reveal a traffic method that you’ve probably never come across in any other report or product that you’ve bought online before. So this method involves printing flyers, leaflets or postcards with details of your CPA offer, So when people visit a particular link they get taken to the CPA offer, take an action and you get paid. It’s just another method of advertising. Huge companies such as Walmart deploy this to rake tens of thousands of dollars every single year. So the first step that you would need to take in order to implement strategy is find a designer on Fiverr.com that can create a leaflet design, postcard or flyer for you. Obviously you want this flyer/leaflet/postcard to be relevant to the CPA offer that you’re promoting.Once you’ve got a design done and you’ve either printed them off yourself or got a professional provider to do it for you, you then need to think about distribution. So you can get a professional printer to print 1 000 leaflets with design for only $25 so that’s about $0.25 cents per leaflet. So once you have your flyer or leaflet printed off and in your hands you want to thinking about where you’re going to distribute these leaflets. For example if it’s an free iPhone CPA offer you  could actually leave these leaflets in a library.Now as you can see this offer requires people to enter a zip code. Once the person enters their zip code then you get paid just over $1.50 (depending on the payout of your CPA Network). Now make sure your Flyer has an image of the product (e.g. Iphone 4) and at the bottom there is a link which would take to the actual CPA Landing page. Now when it comes to entering your URL link at the bottom you can use a domain name (simply buy a cheap .info name) or you can use http://bit.ly/ at the bottom of the flyer. Now a lot of “Free Iphone 4 offers” are popular with the general public. If you are going to focus on libraries all you need to do is talk to the library manager and ask their permission to leave flyers/leaflets next to the computers. You can also contact other institutions such as Universities/Colleges to distribute leaflets to students.Here is another example of a CPA offer and how you would use this method to make maximum cash. As you can see all the user needs to do is select their make-up gift card and then enter their email address. This type of CPA offer will generally be targeted towards female students. Scaling Up This Method So if you wanted to really get serious about pumping out leaflets you can use a professional distribution services that usually charge $100 or more depending on the volume of leaflets you want to give out.

Step 7 - The Tube Loophole In this final section I’m going to be sharing a traffic method i’ve used to generate thousands of dollars in CPA commissions as well build a list of 7500 subscribers. YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet. What that means is it gets thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Now it doesnt matter what niche you’re in, you can tap into every niche on YouTube. However there is a simple formula you must follow that will allow you to get tons of high quality traffic from YouTube. 

Step 1 ​ - Create A Review Video About The CPA Offer You’re Promoting

Step 2​ - Record & Upload The Video

Step 3​ - Use QQTube to boost your video on YouTube and force YouTube to send you tons of laser targeted traffic So now you the basic outline i’m going to go into more detail for each step. So once you’ve found an offer you want to make a short powerpoint presentation around 7 slides reviewing the CPA product. To make your life easier i’ll give you the outline of the powerpoint slides and what I think you must include:

Slide 1 :​ CPA Offer Name

Slide 2:​ Introduction To Who You Are

Slide 3:​ Benefits To End User Of What The CPA Offer Is Giving Them

Slide 4​: Features Of The CPA Offers

Slide 5​: Your Thought’s On The Offer And Why They Should Either Optin/Make A Purchase

Slide 6​: Depending On CPA Offer You Could Offer


Slide 7​: Call To Action Telling The Viewer What To Do

Next After you’ve got this powerpoint presentation ready, you then want to use a screen recording flowleads app review such as Camtasia to record your screen and talk over the presentation. Once you’ve recorded the presentation camtasia will give an MP4 which is ready to upload to the mighty YouTube.So there’s some important fields that you need to fill out correctly if you want YouTube to actually send you Title:​ In the title section you want to enter name of the CPA Offer so for example It might be “Win A Free iPhone 6 Review” or “Win A Free iPhone 6 The Truth” Description: ​This is where you want the link which leads to your CPA offer so after people watch the video they click on this link and go and take the action you want, i.e. submitting their email, entering their zip code or buying a product. Tags: ​In this section you want to add in the relevant keywords related to your CPA offer. So once your video is on YouTube you then want to headover to QQTube.com and this is where the magic happens. We want to buy at least 2000 videos and 50 likes for your video. When YouTube see’s a brand new video getting alot of likes and views there is something within their algorithm which forces them to push your video to the top for the given keywords. traffic:








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