FB Vidmatic Review – Impressive Facebook Video Plug-in

FB Vidmatic Review – Impressive Facebook Video Plug-in

Official Site: https://goo.gl/US0vjp

So in this fb vidmatic review, everything inside of our spintax for that series of synonyms (prettiest, hottest, finest, etc.) will be underlined. No matter which of those words is actually used in our rendered article, it will become underlined in our blog post. But what if we wanted to add terms like “most beautiful,” “most gorgeous,” and “most breathtaking” to the mix? We obviously don't want to underline “most.”

In this case, we will need to use the <u></u> tag multiple times, and instead of placing it on the outside of the spintax, we'll place it within. {<u>prettiest</u>|<u>finest</u>|<u>hottest</u>|most drop-dead <u>gorgeous</u>|most <u>beautiful</u>} and so on. Where adding intelligent HTML to your overall spintax really shines for you, though, is in the glorious world of hyperlinking.

You can literally create your own link rotator using spintax and the <a href></a> tag. You can have a hundred affiliate products to promote, and if you don't mind promoting them in random order, you can set your article up to be as ultimately hands-free as possible. Let me give you the gist... We recommend that you take a look at <a href=“http://imwithlee.com/breakfastembed”>Breakfast Embed</a> by Lee Murray.

This can easily become: {It is recommended that you|We recommend that you|Please|Go ahead and|Feel free to|It's a good idea to|We suggest that you|We urge you to} {take a look at|consider| pick up|look into|grab} {<a href=“http://imwithlee.com/breakfast-embed”>Breakfast Embed</a> by Lee Murray|<a href=“http://affiliatelink1”>Affiliate Product 1</a>|<a href=“http://affiliatelink2”>Affiliate Product 2</a>} and so on.

You can rotate as many fb vidmatic review as you see fit. Just be sure that you're keeping your call to action congruent. I almost added “read” to the {take a look at|consider|pick up|look into|grab} spintax... but this makes it so that I wouldn't be able to promote a video product or software program, etc.

So keep you CTA a bit general, I say Another thing you want to make sure you're using where HTML is concerned is <h1> and <h2> tags. I use these to break up my text, create lots of white space, and just generally improve the overall readability of my article. I like to use these tags (only one <h1> tag at the top of the article, focused on my main keyword...

and multiple <h2> tags focused on various secondary keywords) in conjunction with <center> and <hr> tags. For example: <h1>Free Forum Traffic: 7 Tips and Tricks</h1> Gives you this: At the top of your post will be either the video title or your focus keyword. This is simply the title that you give to your page in Wordpress. Next will be the video.

This is the first thing that you want your site visitors to be exposed to. This will get them engaged and hopefully keep them that way for a good, long time. Directly underneath the video should be an affiliate link or horizontal banner; ideally, one for a product which was discussed in the video. Slick, right? At a bare minimum, try to keep your offer as closely related to the video content as possible.

If the lady or gent in the video mentions GetResponse, for example, as a key component of their overall message or strategy, then right under the video, YOU should have a great big “Click Here to Try GetResponse for FREE!” link... Or a horizontal banner, as I just mentioned. Become an affiliate for whatever the person is talkin' 'bout, Willis. It's not the only whey. But it's the best whey. Relevancy is always king.

Under this link, I might place an <hr> tag just to break up the content a bit. If you forgot, that's a horizontal rule, like this... Then, I'd welcome the person to my site, thank them for watching the video, make sure that I'm using my keyword in the first sentence, and basically just bs with 'em. Take about two to three paragraphs to explain to them that you've taken some great notes for them outlining the key takeaways of the video.

Tell them that you've done this for them so that the information will better “stick” in their minds this way. Then, another <hr> tag. Then, your <center><h1>[[KEYWORD]] Notes:</h1></center> Then, another <hr> tag. (I'm going into this level of detail because I do believe that style matters. You want good white space, monotony-killing headers, etc. Make your shit look sharp, baby.

I'm know you wanna put your best foot forward, right? I would then inject the hyperlinked code for an affiliate banner... or Adsense ad block. You want it to be left aligned so that the first paragraph or two actually wraps around it. Remember, you can use HTML to “rotate” different fb vidmatic review or whatever. At this point, you'll want to manually take notes. Don't worry, it's so stinkin' easy You can basically just paraphrase what you're hearing as you're hearing it.

Don't get too caught up in how long your content is. Do get caught up in how much you're actually learning from the video... or how much you're enjoying it... or whatever. Just take good notes. Obviously, the longer, the better. But if you've taken the time to craft a great (or have invested in my) spintax article, you will NEVER have to worry if you're putting enough content on your posts.

It'll be a non-issue. So again, just take good, detailed notes. After this, your generic (but inspired) article will follow, complete with more <h2> tags, hyperlinks, and just genuinely great content. I'd close it with a link to my squeeze page. A strong call to action to opt-in to claim your exciting free gift will be great. This is covered in the next chapter.

Also, encourage your readers to leave a comment on your blog, like you on Facebook, etc. You know the drill. Now do it! Again, it's: 1. Title of Your Post (Can be different from video title if you're focusing on a different keyword.) 2. Video Embed Code (We'll be covering this in just a moment.) 3. Horizontal Banner or Large Hyperlinked Call to Action (Remember to keep this relevant to the content of the video.) 4.

A Few Paragraphs of “Fluff” (Inject your keyword(s) where appropriate... thank them for watching the video and tell 'em what to expect from the remainder of your post.) 5. [[KEYWORD]] Notes: That's literally what will be written in your article, as a placeholder.

Center it using <center></center> tags and make it a header with <h1></h1> tags. 6. Left-Aligned Affiliate Banner or Adsense Ad Block You'll either insert your ad block code or your HTML banner code. It will look something like <a href=“affiliate-link.com”><img src=“bannerurl.com”></a>. 7. Your Actual Video Notes – Listen to the Video and Paraphrase! Wrap the first few paragraphs around the image from number 6. 8.

Your Article Remember to keep this generic to your niche. Inspirational, general, it need not have anything whatsoever to do with the video. 9. Social Signals Invite them to comment, subscribe, and like your post on social media. That's pretty much it. Just be smart with your white space, and feel free to scatter a few more ad blocks and/or affiliate banners throughout your content.

There's no one right way to do this. Your own creativity and design sense will come into play. Bottom line... do it. If you want to see examples of my own video blog posts, go to http://PJDollars.com Damned marathon of a chapter, yeah? Well, it ain't over yet, homie! We've still gotta actually create a video post.

I'm gonna show you exactly how I do this, both manually and using Video Jeet. This is obviously THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of this chapter, so pay very, very close attention to this and for the sake of your future success, follow along in real Alright, so to pull this off, you're going to need 3 main things... 1. A Wordpress site. 2. A YouTube video's embed code... or Video Jeet. 3. Your spintax article...

or, at a bare minimum, the willingness to take notes. 1. A Wordpress Site: So let me just be perfectly clear here... I have done so much training on setting up Wordpress sites (and probably 75-80% of ALL online money-making courses on Earth teach this)... and I will be gall darned to heck and back if I'm gonna teach it again here. Do a YouTube search for it, if you just wanna learn it for free.

There are likely dozens, if not hundreds available to you. I'm just... yeah... not into it. You'll need a niche-focused domain name (I don't care what it is... if you want to put a keyword in your domain, cool... if not, cool), hosting (I'm not fancy... I just use Hostgator), and a Wordpress installation. Configure your site however the tutorial you watch instructs you to, get set up with Google Analytics, etc.

If you don't already know these basics, learn them first, and then come back to me for the money-making stuff. 2. YouTube Embed Code or Video Jeet: Alright, so this is actually purdy darned easy. Most people reading this have probably embedded a YouTube video at least once or twice.

But I'll take a few screen shots for anyone who has never had the experience Now, if you're using Video Jeet for this process, your job is actually much easier. You really won't even need to go into YouTube at all. The software will grab the videos on your behalf and embed them on your behalf. All you'll need to do is insert your article spintax and post away, Johnny! I don't really need to show you how to do this because the good people at Video Jeet are happy to hook you up with great tutorial videos that do a better job explaining their awesome software tool than I ever could.

Click here to check out Video Jeet. 3. Your Spintax Article: Again, this is optional. If you don't want a full-on spintax article because you think it'll just take too much effort... or you're not skilled enough to create one... or not well-funded enough (or willing) to either pay me for mine or outsource one... I totally get it, big dog. You needn't worry about such things.

Just take notes on the video and you should be golden. Or create a spintax “blurb” of a paragraph or two. You know, kind of like a short article resource box. Maybe build up to a full-on article over time. The possibilities are abundant. Just know that, as a general rule of thumb, the more content you have, the better. The search engines like it more, the people visiting your site like it more, and your bounce rate certainly likes it more. So if you can rock one out, do so.

If you can afford mine (it's $97 as-is or $197 for lifetime revisions and additions), then pay me the money and get the best stinkin' spintax article that money can buy... without a close second! Up to you, my friend. :) But I'm gonna wrap this chapter up now. If you'd like to actually WATCH me put one of these video posts together, then watch my spintax offer video here. Hey, I'm not just a pitchman, ya know.

I like teachin' you mofos a thing or two, too! ;) In the video, I'll show you what to do with your spintax article to render new versions... whether you invest in mine or not. So go check it out. Then, proceed










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