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Ok you know your market, you have your product and you got your sales letter up and taking orders. It’s time to start driving traffic to your sales page and expand your fb exciter reviewThere are a million and one different ways to drive traffic and the key is to focus on creating a plan or blueprint you’ll stick to and follow daily or at least weekly until you get things going. If you’re familiar with the 80:20 rule or Pareto Principle – how 20% of the things we do get 80% of the results – marketing is the 20% that will yield 80% of the results. First you need to drive traffic, then you need to watch and improve conversions and when you know people are prepared to spend money on your product… it’s time to expand, create a sales funnel and start to ‘go deeper’. Build your empire! Start Driving Traffic Traffic is one of those evergreen niches because it really is the lifeblood of your business. By evergreen I mean it’s one that it’s going to be relevant for a long, long time! Without traffic you make a big fat zero sales… with traffic you might still make zero sale but at least now you know you have to work on conversions! Bottom line - you need traffic! The list of methods to drive traffic is longer than both my arms put together. Here are some of the most popular:

1. Article marketing

2. Search engine optimization

3. Forum signatures

4. Banner advertising

5. Pay Per Click

6. Blogging (and blog commenting)

7. Recruiting affiliates

8. Working with Joint Venture partners

9. Social media (eg. Facebook and Twitter)

There’s just too many to list and too many to become an expert at all of The most attractive forms of driving traffic are usually the free ones and that’s a great place to start, build experience and avoid losing a ton of money. But the real cost is your time. You can always make more money but you can’t make more time! Is it better to spend 10 hours writing articles or $100 dollars on paid advertising that gets you traffic immediately? Your time is valuable and you have to ask yourself: Is it more profitable to spend $100 on driving traffic so you can free up time to create a new product – than spending that time driving free traffic?Quite often free traffic is a false economy. You can work your butt off posting on blogs, getting exposure to your forum signature and writing articles – when you’d have been better spending that time on paid traffic or networking to build relationships and find JV partners. If you’re the kind of person who believes it’s a good idea to spend $1 to make $2 – then as soon as you start to make money from the sale of your fb exciter review– reinvest your profits back into getting more traffic. Think About This:  Have you ever refused to invest money in paid traffic yet bought a product (or five) on learning a new technique to drive more traffic to your site? Next time you dig out your credit card to buy a new traffic super-solution consider investing that money directly into paid advertising instead -- it might get you better results! A great example of paid traffic in the Internet Marketing niche is of course – the Warrior Special Offer section of the Warrior forum – and the classified adverts on the pages. There you see well targeted paid advertising (ie. adverts for Internet Marketing products and not weight loss products)! Start slowly, track your results and you’ll soon discover that paid traffic is the only way to truly turn traffic on and off like a tap – you decide whether you want a trickle or a flood. Now Before Your Drive a Single Visitor to Your Website… Think of a big marketer you like to follow and listen to. The reason for their success is because they get a lot of traffic and they convert that traffic.  There’s no other way to make money other than bringing an offer and traffic together. Now have a look at how they get their traffic. Can you find them writing regular articles on Ezinearticles? And if they do… did they really write them or where they outsourced? Are they spending hours on the forums posting so they get clicks on their forum signature? Do they invest the time in Search Engine Optimization so they rank highly in Google for the search term and keyword? I sincerely doubt you’ll find one marketer – big or small – who spends the majority of their time doing any of the above. Not because you can’t but because it’s not easy waking up everyday and wondering how you’re going to get traffic to your site and pay the bills. What they will do is drive traffic using affiliates and joint ventures. You may like it, you may not feel comfortable with it but it’s a fact. The easiest way to put your traffic on autopilot (or at least as close as possible) is by constantly recruiting and motivating affiliates to do it for you. Affiliates specialise in traffic. Let’s say that again – affiliate specialise in traffic! They don’t create offers, they don’t have customer support. All they do is drive traffic using all of the methods listed above (and every new traffic source that comes out in the future). You recruit affiliates and they use – article marketing, seo, PPC, banner ads, social media, forum signatures, email marketing, banner advertising, blogging and every brand new method that comes out in the future. Seriously… you need to think about recruiting affiliates and letting them drive the traffic so you can focus on building your business. It means you can work ON your business and not IN your business. Build a Ginormous Sales Funnel Not sure if ginormous is a real word – somewhere between gigantic and enormous - but everyone will agree a huge sales funnel can only be a good thing. So what’s a sales funnel?Diagram Above: Your sales page is your opportunity/product and at this moment in time your traffic either buys your product (the sale) or leaves your page. Chances are, those visitors will never return. With a sales page your website traffic lands on your page and either buys – or does not buy. And that’s a good place to start and find out if (and how well) your product converts. Without any delay or ‘over thinking’ you have your business up and running – you’re taking orders and testing the market. The downside is everyone who doesn’t buy leaves your webpage and is unlikely to return. This is particularly bad if you’re paying for traffic that simply bounces back and leaves your site – you are pouring time and money down the internet drain. Unless you build fb exciter reviewHopefully from the diagram above you’ll appreciate that the more people you ‘pour’ into your funnel (traffic) and the wider the neck at the bottom (conversions) the more money you will make. Between your traffic and your sales page it’s time to add a lead capture page (squeeze or splash page) and entice them to join your list.  Once they join your list they are instantly forwarded to your sales page where you they hopefully buy your product.










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