FB ComAzon Review – Turning FB Page into Cash Machine

FB ComAzon Review – Turning FB Page into Cash Machine

Official Site: https://goo.gl/xwwRU5

The People On Your List Are Real People With Real Problems:
They aren't just numbers on a list designed to make you money.
Solve their problems, help them, take time to list to them and you'll
be rewarded.
Spamming them with endless promos and offers might work for a
while but it will be shortlived.
Tell People What To Expect In The Next Email: A sure fire way to
increase email opens is to tell people what to expect in the next email
– make them curious enough to want to see it and get them looking
out for fb comazon review .
Curiousity Results In More Open & Clicks: If you can make
someone curious they will open / click. Be cryptic without being
deceptive or lying and they will open your email or click your link.
Give People Multiple Chances To Opt In: The more chances
people have to opt in the more likely they are to do so. Put multiple
opt in boxes on every page on your site.
Split Test Everything For Best Results: Don't just add an
opt in box put an email into your follow up series and then never try
and improve fb comazon review.
Split test headlines, copy, colours, button text / size / colour. Work on
email headlines to see which receive the best open rates and work on
calls to actions and link to see which get the highest click rates.
An Email Is The Ultimate Sign Of Trust: When someone
hands over their email online it's the ultimate sign of trust so do not
abuse it!
No spamming, selling / trading, sending things you are not supposed
to be sending.
Add More Links For More Clicks: Seems simple but
something a lot of people over look. The more links you have in
emails the more likely you are to get fb comazon review.
I generally have around 5 links (some in content and some naked
URLS) even in small emails with different anchor texts / calls to
action to give the reader more chances to click.
I also try and make sure there's a link in the first sentence 'above the
fold' to try and get an instant click.
Images Increase Clickthroughs: Using images in emails can
increase click through rate.




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