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First of all, I would like to welcome you to the fancontact review. Blogging is somethingthat I have always had a love for and it is a true passion of mine. And I want to pass thatpassion on to you and get you set up running your own powerful authority blog.Now many of you have probably been through my Authority Blog Launch Blueprinttraining.

And if you have, this is going to build on top of what you learned in that trainingand show you how you can leverage the power of others to really build an amazingauthority blog.And for those of you who are new to me don't worry as I'm going to give you everythingyou need to launch a powerful authority blog.What I have for you in this training is really exciting stuff.

Not only am I going to beshowing you how to create a powerful authority blog but I'm going to show you how todo it with less work leveraging the work of others.And by doing this, you are going to be creating a great user experience for youraudience that will build trust and credibility. Two things that are key to running a successful business. And you're going to get it all right here in this training.Before we get too deep into things I want to give you a little bit of backgroundinformation about me.

About Me How I got my startIf you haven't already noticed I'm super passionate about blogging :). The biggestreason being, this is what kick started me into Internet Marketing. And is something thatI have always done since I started internet marketing.There is just something in me that gets me excited knowing that I can go online andhelp others and build a business out of it at the same time.

To me, that is a very powerful thing. And I love the fact that the Internet has made it so that anyone can starttheir own business. You don't need thousands or millions of dollars to get started. Youneed a few things to get started and you can build a real business online.Let me get back on the rails here….I just get really excited talking about this stuff andwant you to be excited too.

Once I saw the power of the Internet and what you could dowith an authority blog I got involved with product creation and affiliate marketing.And these are the things that I do everyday in my fancontact review with success. Now I wantyou to be able to build your dream business as well and we're going to start that todaywith your authority blog. So let's dig in and do this.And if it anytime know that I am just an email away: william@authoritypowered.comWishing you the best! Authority Blog LabSo I want to be very upfront about this.

This isn't a shortcut method about creating anautoblog. However, it is a great way to create a profitable website leveraging otherpeople's content. The key to a successful authority blog is having great content. We all know that contentis king. That hasn't changed.But with this method you won't be creating all of the great content you will be leveragingthe content of others. But here is the key...You'll be choosing the best and most timely and needed content for your particularniche or market.

So instead of focusing all your efforts on creating great content you'regoing to focus your efforts on finding the best content and becoming the best resource on the web for your niche.This works amazingly well because we can spend all of our time focusing on finding thelatest and greatest content that our audience will absolutely love instead of spending allour time creating great content. Now, I want to give you the absolute best chance to succeed with this method and lay itall out there for you.

One thing that you will be doing is also creating a small blurb orpiece of content for every article that you post. A lot of people leave this out when theycreate a curated blog. But there are two main reasons why this is important.1 . You are going to be creating unique content on your website.

So all of your contentwill not be curated and you will be giving yourself a better chance to rank in the searchengines.2. Giving your feedback, your take, and your opinion on every post that you write will setyou apart from the competition. When people just curate content without giving insightor opinion they're not adding value. You want your website...your authority blog to havepersonality and opinions that people can trust and want to follow.And when you do these things you can become the go to resource in your niche.

Andthat is when things get really exciting! While other blogs are struggling to create contentyou will be taking and posting the best content your niche has to offer on a daily basis.This will provide great insight and amazing content for your audience.As we go through the training you are going to see how to find the best content and getit on your blog.

And I will be sharing with you some of my favorite tools to find thatcontent and get it on your blog with ease.But before we get into that let's look at the steps of the entire process Steps in the process: Pick a nicheThe first thing we're going to do is pick a niche for our authority blog. In this module youare going to learn the right way to pick a niche for a successful authority blog.

Do your researchOnce we have a hot fancontact review picked out we're going to dig in and do some research. Thiswill allow us to find amazing sources for content, keywords, and everything we need toknow about our niche Get setup the right wayOnce we have all our research done we are going to get everything set up. I'm going toshow you how to set up everything you need to set your blog up the right way.

How to curate contentOnce we get everything set up it is time to load our blog with awesome content. So wewill be taking all the resources we found earlier and start generating a lot of content forour authority blog. MonetizationFinally, we're going to get into the monetization section of the training.

In this part of thetraining I'm going to show you how to setup your blog to effectively monetize yourefforts. HomeworkIn this section we covered the big picture idea of this method. Remember, this is allabout creating amazing content for your audience. Before moving on keep that idea inyour head. 


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