EezyGram Review – All in one Instagram Graphic Suite App

EezyGram Review – All in one Instagram Graphic Suite App

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Welcome to my quick and dirty guide to setting up your own
"eezygram review" which you can use to start generating affiliate
commissions while building a list at the same time.
The "Squeeze Funnel" method is one I made up on my own after
realizing the best way to setup my squeeze page, thanks page, and
redirect/landing page to my affiliate link in the proper way that
makes the most conversions and commissions.

I have always tried tons of squeeze page tools, and setup methods,
but I found that using a precise logic of steps will practically
guarantee that you begin building a highly responsive list and
generating affiliate commissions at the same time.
This is because of the way and order that you setup your pages
when sending traffic to a squeeze page.
This is what I call your "Affiliate Squeeze Funnel":
1. Squeeze Page - has optin form giving away free gift
2. Thanks Page - has 'thank you message' usually talking about
how to confirm the subscription email to get the free gift they
opted in for
3. Redirect Page - users are redirected here automatically after
eezygram review - this url is usually your affiliate link
The trick is to setup your pages in this exact sequence, however
most people do NOT do BOTH steps 2 and 3.. they usually pick one
or the other.
For example some folks have a thanks page after you optin, and
some have a sale page after you optin... but instead with my
squeeze funnel method you have the ability to do BOTH (and you
should) so that the user is not putoff.
So, this reassures the user who opted in that 1. YES your free gift is
being sent by email but also that 2. You will also get redirected to
the next page automatically...

The best part is that if you setup your thanks page correctly you can
even redirect the user to your affiliate link automatically after 10
seconds without them needing to click OK or Continue.
This way whoever lands on your thanks page has a chance to read
your message saying YES your free gift has been sent... but also that
you are now being taken to your destination.
This destination just so happens to be your affiliate link! hehe.
Now, you could take the time to find the best squeeze page
possible and make it do all these things, setup the thanks page, and
redirect page, etc
BUT who wants to go through all that trouble?
I have setup the perfect tool just for you, that does ALL this work in
about 2 seconds flat.
The best part is I am giving you lifetime access to this exact 
eezygram review as a
free bonus!
This is my "Squeeze Ninja" squeeze page builder.
Please see BONUS #7 in your download package to begin using this!
It does everything for you automatically, so you won't have to
worry about setting up your own money-making affiliate funnel.


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