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Some people put opt-ins in the easy estore builder review , which is usually a pretty good place to put one. You’re not going to get a super-high opt-in rate, but it catches people who have scrolled through all of your content and all your comments. You give them something to do, which is opt-in. You can also put an opt-in right underneath your articles. Again, the idea is that they’ve read it and if they liked it, they can get on the list. Just think about the typical stop points where one’s eyeballs might come to rest on your page and you can think about putting an opt-in form there.
Opt-In Giveaway It just needs to have some type of solution to a problem that they’re looking for. My market is bloggers and I know that they're typically dealing with traffic issues and how to make money with it. So I give away something up that will help with that. If you’re in the photography market, then your giveaway would be completely different. Maybe there's some complicated camera problem that people can’t figure out and you help them figure it out. So it’s all a matter of what solution your audience is looking for.
What to Ask For I just ask for email and 
easy estore builder review . Actually, some of my forms ask for name. Some of them ask for just email. I can’t say that that’s super-strategic on my part. Typically, it comes down to testing. In most cases, entering a first name is not a big deal for people. In some cases, if you remove the name, you’ll get a little higher uptick. But there are some benefits to being able to address people by name. So, in general, I would say probably try to keep it. The only situation where you might want to ask for other stuff is if it’s more of a lead generation form. If you’re really trying to qualify leads and they’re signing up for specific stuff, then maybe you can ask them for more information. But if it’s just a general list, just keep it simple.
Off-Site Strategies There are also things outside of traditional blogging that can build lists quite well. Webinars can build a list really well. You can have it set so that every person who RSVPs for that webinar is set onto your list. Also, you have no better way to build a relationship with people than to have them sit there and listen to you for an hour. You can sell things to them during that time, as well. Another way to build a list is through social media marketing. Build up a Facebook page and have an opt-in over on Facebook.
Pruning Your List Soon, I’m probably going to begin a campaign to actually weed out the people who are not opening emails. It’s something that I haven’t done in a while and it starts to show in my open rates. With AWeber, you’re paying for the number of emails that you have in your account. If you have a lot of people sitting on your list and they’re not ever opening your emails, what’s the point of paying for 
easy estore builder review ? Plus, it artificially makes your open rates look lower, since you have inactive people on your list. If they have not been opening my emails in six months, it’s probably a pretty good indicator that they’re not that interested. That’s a big thing in maintaining the list: go for quality, not so much quantity.
How to Eliminate Low-Quality Subscribers What you first need to do is start emailing the people who are not opening. With AWeber, you can run a search of people who have not opened an email from you in whatever time frame you want. You can segment them out and then just email that segment.



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