Easiest System Review – The first easiest sale online

Easiest System Review – The first easiest sale online

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But the site didn’t have any job listings and easiest system ever review didn’t have any people looking for jobs. That made Advice Monkey a bust, but it taught him the importance of driving traffic to your website. Still in high school, Patel starting mastering techniques to optimize websites for search engines and he decided to use SEO as his subject for a speech class assignment. One of his fellow students was impressed enough with Patel’s knowledge that he connected Neil with a job as an SEO consultant.
Neil Patel Today Patel is focused on his company, KISSmetrics – a tool to that helps companies make more money from their websites. KISSmetrics provides software that tracks a website’s most relevant data, like its true conversion rate and the funnels where people are dropping off. Clients include Viacom, Amazon, AOL, and AirBnB. Patel has another successful startup, Crazy Egg, and a blog on business and marketing,
QuickSprout. At 26 years old, Neil is a Top 100 Technorati blogger and Wall Street Journal labeled him as a top influencer on the web
How to Build an Awesome Business
How His Blogs Make Money
Creating an Online Brand
Company Culture and Bringing on a Team
Landing Big Customers and Negotiating with Companies
Launch as Quickly as Possible Don’t try to plan 
easiest system ever review out to the very last detail. I’m a big believer in just getting it out there: create a minimal viable product or website, launch it, and get feedback. From there, keep iterating and improving.
Get Customer Feedback Let’s say your website is not doing as well as you want. If you’ve got a few customers coming in, start surveying them. You can use SurveyMonkey or KISSinsights (which is one of my other products). When your visitors get to the checkout page, you can ask them, “What else could we do to make this offer better? Do you understand what we’re offering? What else would you like to see on this page?” Get feedback – and then adjust from there.
Invest in Your Success I think I’ve already dumped probably $40,000 bucks into Quick Sprout Pro – all costs inclusive. I’ll probably put in another $40,000 into the program before I’m done. It took three months to create the sales letter for Quick Sprout Pro. I didn’t write the sales copy. My first one was written by Brian Clark of CopyBlogger and then this one was written by Michael Williams (Mementum) and Matt Converse. Both of those guys are great copywriters.
(WITHOUT TRYING TO) I started Quick Sprout to give free advice and to share. I don’t care to make money from it. But, funny enough, the side effect is that I actually make quite a bit of money. The blog actually produces over a million dollars in income a year. Here’s how: I give away so much free content on my blog that big companies find me and pick me up. Without my blog, Intuit wouldn’t have known I existed. Instead, I have almost a half-amillion dollar contract with them. I have a well over six-figure contract with AirBnB because of my blog. A lot of my best customers come from my blog.
Why Big Companies Hire Him Big companies that have money don’t actually care to do the work themselves. They’re reading a blog post, like: this guy seems smart, let’s hire him. This is because, if you have a billion bucks like Intuit does, it doesn’t make sense to try to learn and do it themselves. They have so much cash on hand and the time and resources it would take internally to learn is much more than just writing a check.
THE ROLE OF BLOGS FOR BUSINESSES There’s nothing wrong with being a professional blogger. They’re probably making well into five figures every month – with practically no overhead. But at the end of the day, that’s probably still under a million bucks a year from the 
easiest system ever review.
NOTE: A blog’s overhead is just domain name costs, hosting, and a few other things. Worst case scenario, you’re looking at $1000 a month.








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