CloudCreate Review – Easily, Quickly, and More!

CloudCreate Review – Easily, Quickly, and More!

Official site:

The first step is to choose the domain name you want to install 

Wordpress on. I went ahead and blacked out that section in my 

picture for privacy reasons. You can leave the box right under that 


Admin Email: Just enter your main email address here.

Blog Title: Right here I just like to write out what my domain name is 

without the .Com. So for my latest blog, 

I wrote out “Breakthrough With Bryan” in the Blog Title box.

Admin User: Just write your name or whatever you want your 

username to be.

First Name: Enter you first name

Last Name: Enter your last night Once you get all that filled out, just click the “Install” button

And that‟s it! You have now installed Wordpress. I am not going to 

show you what the next page looks like for me because it has 

important information such as your temporary password.

Changing Your Password

If you want, you can use the password they generated for you. 

However, if you are like me you will probably want to change your 

password. This is very easy to do. Just log onto your blogs Dashboard 

by going to cloudcreate review

To log in, enter your username and temporary password. Once you 

are logged in, click on “Users” in the left sidebar:

And then on the next page click on your actual username:

Once you click on that, just scroll all the way to the bottom and you 

will see a section to enter a new password. They will make you enter 

it twice just to ensure you entered it correctly. Go ahead and fill that 

out then click the “Update Profile” section.Once you do that you have now changed your password! Now it‟s 

time to choose a theme.

Choose cloudcreate review

Out of the whole process of setting up the blog, this is by far my 

favorite part. Why? Because it allows you to use your own creativity 

and choose a theme that YOU want to use.

There are a lot of premium themes out there that you can pay for, 

but with how many free themes that are available, I don‟t see much 

of a point in paying for a theme.

In a second I am going to show you how to search for themes, but 

before I do that, I am sure some of you just want to know what my 

favorite theme to use for creating an Authority Blog is…

I really like a theme called “Admired” which you can download 

cloudcreate review

The reason I like this theme so much is because not only does it look 

great, but they have a lot of different options for color schemes, so 

you are sure to find a color scheme that you like.

Here is what one of my posts looks like with the Admired Theme: 


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