BlogaShop Review – An incredible library of articles

BlogaShop Review – An incredible library of articles

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Link Directories

Overview: Everyone that has a business, online or offline, these days are looking for a boost to their SEO and a way to drive traffic to their blogashop reviewWith a Link Directory you could be the provider of this site and make it to where you are the place that businesses use to improve their search engine positioning. The concept is pretty basic and straightforward so it could be easily duplicated. The Opportunity: The opportunity is to provide your associates a place to put the link back to their website and promote their experience. There are a few different ways to put together a profitable website with a link directory and you just need to choose the approach that will work for you. Here are two possible options for you:

1. You become the SEO Hub for many websites to place their link and gain traffic and good position. You then reap the rewards of the SEO for your website and make money from advertisements or Adsense.

2. You monetize the website by making it a “pay for placement” program that allows people to pay for a link directly to you. All you have to do is prove the amount of traffic you receive to your website and you can start to charge whatever you choose to your potential clients. How to Get Started: Getting started with a link directory is basically just as easy as putting together the WordPress template and marketing yourself to your target audience. You will need to start your own SEO approach to gain the initial customers and then hope the word-of-mouth starts to grow. Using products like the Business Directory Plugin will allow you to use either of the aforementioned financial approaches based on your blogashop reviewThey offer you the ability to add links and profiles easily to your WordPress website or they will soon offer you the option of allowing people to submit their information to you and pay you through PayPal for the business.

Events Portal Sites

Overview: Each day tens of thousands of searches are done online for events of all kinds. These types of events range from local events to niche types of events. You can use the power of WordPress to create eventsbased websites and charge to publish events or monetize your site with Google AdSense and/or affiliate links.

The Opportunity:

With WordPress, it is possible to easily create an events website. There are several themes and plugins available to help you turn your site into a powerful events portal. You could create: · Local Events Portal – Create a website that lists upcoming events in your hometown. Advertise it to local businesses as the place to list their events. You can list events such as sporting events, chamber of commerce events, church events and much more.

· Niche Event Portal – Create niche event sites that are not based on a specific locality or area. Samples of these types of event sites could be band performance event sites, specific sporting niche sites, industry tradeshow event websites and more. As you can see, there are many different types of events websites you could build with WordPress!

How to Get Started:

The first thing you will want to do is decide what type of events portal website you want to build. Do you want to focus on local events in your area or will your events portal be more niche or industry focused? Once you have made your decision, you should buy a domain name. If you can get an exact match domain name, you will really help yourself in the search engine rankings. For example, if you could get or even you would really give your site an upper hand in possible search engine traffic. Once you have your domain name, install WordPress and find a good theme for running your events portal. You may also want to look into various events calendar plugins available for added functionality. Once your site is setup and live, you can start marketing it. If it is a local events portal, attend some chamber of commerce functions and mention it. Consider advertising on local websites, blogs, newspapers and magazines. If your event portal is more niche specific, consider purchasing online advertising through pay-per-click or on social networking sites like Facebook.

Classified Ad Sites

Overview: Do you ever wonder how much different your world would be if Craigslist was actually a website that started with your name, followed by list? Would your world be easier and feel a little more complete because of the accomplishment that came with such a game-changing website? You can create the competitor to Craigslist...the Steveslist or blogashop review that makes people remember that there can be competition for classified ads. You can do all of this with the ease of several different WordPress themes that make the process just a few minutes to complete. The Opportunity: The opportunity is easy to see and easy to implement by using the tools that you see below and you could take a few different approaches to getting it started. Keep in mind that there can be other opportunities, but these are just a couple that could make the ideas start to flow in your mind. Pay to Display: The simplest approach is to have users pay a fee to post an ad and you get paid based on how many ads you sell. The beauty is that it is easy to see just how much money you have made, the difficulty is that it is a field that is very saturated and hard to break into. Benefit to Members: Let‟s say that you already run a successful niche or hobby website that brings together many people with the same interests. You offer your members the opportunity to buy, sell or trade items of value that they may have as a benefit to being a member of your site. Depending on your niche or theme, this could be something of tremendous value. How to Get Started: It is easy to get started by using the links and resources that are listed below because they make this a truly “push button” experience. You literally push a button to make a theme be installed and then you start to install the information. What you have to do is decide on your approach and who your audience might be. If they already exist in the form of your members, this benefit could happen overnight. When you want this to be a stand-alone business you can get things started by mentioning your website on Facebook or any other social networking sites. The more of a niche you carve out the better, but like other opportunities, the better you market yourself the more success you will have.


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