Animatio Review – 1 second to capture website visitors attention

Animatio Review – 1 second to capture website visitors attention

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We all love to travel and get away from our daily lives and animatio review . Some people like traveling to
the other side of their city, others to the other side of the country but for most people visiting other
countries is their preferred option.
Travel has come a long way in recent years and consumers can take advantage of huge discounts by
booking in advance or using sites such as Skyscanner to find the best deals out there. There are
some consumers that will gladly pay full price as money isn’t an issue or they prefer flying business
class or on a particular airline for air miles but for most consumers they love deals.
Enter your new business,
For the last few years I’ve been making huge affiliate commissions by researching cheap airfares and
blogging about them. There are many companies out there that will pay you 1-5% of the total airfare
purchased as an affiliate commission. So for example we might have a ticket from London to Sydney
normally retails at $1500 and is on special at $1250.
We’d create a blog post about this discount and if someone were to purchase this we’d earn $12.50
- $62.50. Now imagine if 500 people bought this ticket? You’d be sitting on $6250 to $31,250
commissions from one blog post!
Simple business model with easy profits however generating traffic and converting buyers is the
difficult part. Later in the guide I’ll show you how to drive tons of traffic using viral traffic and let
others market your site while you make commissions day and night.
There are many other sites operating in the same market place. I’ll show you how to use their deals
on your own websites and how to find your own deals for even more 
animatio review.
This marketplace is a goldmine waiting to be exploited. My websites generate millions of visitors
every month and I’ll show you how to do the same.

Word of Note
You’re not going to be an overnight millionaire with this guide nor will you make thousands in your
first week however if you are looking at building a business, earning affiliate commissions and
building your list that you can market too whenever you want to earn healthy commissions then this
is a great business model to follow.
If you’re ready to get started, then proceed to the next chapter.

Travel Affiliate Domination allows anyone to get started the same day of purchasing and completing
our training course.
In order to get started we need a few things:
1. Domain Name
2. Web Hosting
3. Wordpress
4. Wordpress Template
5. Facebook Page
6. Facebook Ads Account
7. Mailing List Provider
8. Affiliate Network
9. Time & Effort.
Don’t be put off by the big list above, chances are you’ve used some of these resources before and if
you haven’t most of them can be purchased and implemented for a small monthly fee.
In this course I’ll be using paid software and plugins. For every paid product I will provide a similar
free plugin so you can get started with minimal 
animatio review. My advice to you is that if you want to
make your life and business easier then opting for premium products always pays off.
If you’re just starting out and have never setup a Wordpress site before we can get everything up
and running within an hour. If you’re familiar with setting up Wordpress then you can probably skip
the first section of this guide.
On the next few pages you’ll see what products and services I’ll be using to setup my travel affiliate


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