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This should be obvious but everything fits into one category or the affiliate titan 3.0 review. Traffic PLUS Conversion is the sum total of Internet marketing. Traffic is the process of bringing people in and conversion is the process of getting them to take an action that you want taken. I’ll break traffic down shortly, or at least how you want to think about for best results. Not all traffic is equal – there is high conversion traffic, and then there’s a lot of garbage. Here’s why this is important because here’s what you’ve probably never been told about being an affiliate and it’s critical mindset shift Of course you know that front-end products can be free to low-cost products, services or trial offers. They’re like bait intended to start prospects in a funnel. Everyone says “the REAL money is in the back-end” (and they also say “the money is in the list” – get the correlation?) The reason so many affiliates struggle is that they focus on front-end products.  Which means they don’t focus on list building or selling back-ends. They don’t realize that a front-end product is a traffic generation mechanism. And therefore they’re only a low-risk, cost-effective source of traffic; a traffic conduit, if you will. Those affiliates are doing a lot of work, assuming a lot of risk, while cutting themselves out of the richest part of the deal. Don’t be a conduit Be an interceptor

This is based on a research study I did in the mid-90s as it related to networking in affiliate titan 3.0 review.  What I discovered was the people who had power in a network were those who controlled the flow of communication. You may want to reach the guy at the top, but you’re better approaching the person of controls the flow because they’re connected to everyone. Google’s page rank works very much the same. The site given the most power, the most page rank, has the most pointers at it. It controls the flow of communication. As an affiliate you’re a conduit, giving all power to X when you direct traffic to their property in the example on the left. When you become the interceptor, as shown on the right, then you take control of the flow of communication. This is how you quickly gain power and influence in a market – and it’s how you position yourself to profit from the back-end.Until you can execute this set of 4 processes at the most simple level you will not be able to execute with added complexity. This is simple and there’s no good reason to add any complication because it works, and always will.People ask me, “How do I compete with someone that’s able to pay more for a click than I can?” It’s a simple answer: Make a click worth more to you than it is to them. How? First, you need to know your numbers. You may focus on more numbers than I do, or fewer. They may be different. But I have found that my entire job, and mindset, shifts when my focus is on numbers because numbers don’t lie. Sure, they can be twisted in their meaning but if you’re not hitting your targets you’re not hitting your targets and the only way to know that is the numbers. You can grab the worksheet for this but here’s how it works. First, define your end-game for the promotion. You may want to earn $50,000 per year and set a goal of promoting 10 products that earn you $5,000 per year each. Let’s call it $400 per month, per product. Your commission on the product is $40. How many ad impressions do you need to generate that $400? How much can you spend per click? How about the conversion rate?

It’s OK that you don’t know those numbers now, but to just start building without knowing you can make the numbers work, or what it will take, is craziness. So, here – working it backwards, these are the numbers I want to know before I begin work and I want to see these numbers weekly into the future. I’m keeping these numbers modest, even low, to encourage those that may still be working on first successes. Plug in your own numbers . . . First, $400 is the income goal. Second, $40 commission means I need 10 sales. Third, 10 sales with a conversion rate of 3% (on highly targeted traffic) means I need about 350 visitors (10x100/.03) per month, or about 90 per week. Fourth, I’m striving for a CTR on my ad of 5%. That means I need . . . Fifth, 7000 ad impressions per month. From this overview of the process I identify my *my* critical numbers are:

1. Conversion rate

2. Weekly visits

3. Ad CTR

4. Ad impressions

5. List growth (adds to email and retargeting) Other numbers that matter are (in no particular order):

• Cost per click (I strive to make $2 for each $1 I spend, at least)

• Opt-in rate (more later on why this is both deceiving and overrated)

• Ad rank (relative to CTR – it matters)

• Email open rates


• Conversion rates from traffic sources

• Etc

We could come up with a list of 20-25 numbers that affiliate titan 3.0 review, but when it comes to making the numbers work you should strive for 5-7 numbers that tell you what’s working, and what’s not, so you know at a glance where you’re time, money and energy needs to be invested. Instead of jumping at the next shiny object, you’re now empowered by KNOWING what isn’t working and where you need help. And since it’s a process, if ‘system one’ is failing then everything else will fail.


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