BC Summer Vacation '08

Summer Vacation 2008
In summer, the song sings itself.  ~William Carlos Williams

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Laughing Falls... in the Yoho valley. This roaring waterfall has a vast 'smile' in the rock cliff behind it. 

Twin Falls... also in the Yoho Valley. Something of a hike to reach, but worth it. Yoho Glacier is easily visible from this vantage point. It's behind me as I'm taking this picture.

Point Lace Falls...   still in the Yoho Valley. A small nook off the main trail contains this lovely little waterfall, like lace flowing over stones.

Glacier Stream... hidden just off the parking lot for the Great Glacier Trail in Glacier National Park.

 Fallen Douglas Fir... the climb up the Great Glacier Trail passes through heavily wooded areas.

Diagonal Cascades... From the top of the Great Glacier Trail you can see meltwater flowing over a tilted ridge of rock.

 Stellar's Jay... this fellow haunts the picnic area near the Cedar Trail. He was inquisitive but unwilling to be approached.

 Revelstoke Thaw... on June 30th, Mount Revelstoke Park is still not accessible all the way to the top. By the end of the day we were seeing the mercury at 41C in the shade... at a much lower altitude.

Swallowtail... on the Skunk Cabbage Trail. This little boardwalk took us into wetlands for the first time on the trip.

Cathedral Grove... in MacMillan Provincial Park. A lovely stand of old-growth coastal rain forest.

Bald Eagle Juvenile... at Long Beach National Park Reserve. This huge bird was clearly ready to shed it's first plumage. A smaller adult watched from higher in the same tree.

McKenzie Beach Sunset... it was a grey evening, but the sun was able to squeeze a little bit of colour through.

McKenzie Beach Intertidal... an island when the tide is in, a point when it is not.

Pine Queen... another grey day on the Pacific, but the working boats were out. We were on a tour to the hot springs, with wildlife watching along the way.

Bald Eagle... perched on a large boulder beside the ocean.

Black Bear with Starfish... the tide was out again and this bear was taking advantage

Black Bear Fishing... after it's little meal, the bear was back for more.

Harbour Seals... kept close to the water. We didn't interest them, but I imagine the bear would have garnered a reaction.

Star Fish... clustered near a cave that was underwater or not, depending on the tide.

Hot Spring... that lived up to it's name. 

Shore Crow... watched the visitors closely, no doubt looking to glean some scraps.

Afternoon Nap, Sea Lions... barely even budged as we chugged past. Very like a pride of lions dozing in the sun.

Cathedral Grove... we stopped here again on our way out of Tofino. The light wasn't any better, but I had some new ideas on how to approach this subject.

Great Blue Heron... was seen right from the window of our hotel in Campbell River.

Lower Myra Falls... are very accessible, just a short trail away from the highway.

Upper Myra Falls... you go way up the road, through the working mine site, down the trail, past the explosives hut, then hang a right and it's 3 km into the woods... BC Parks just aren't normal.

Great Blue Heron... another patient fisher, this time within Mount Douglas Park, which itself is inside Victoria.

Grey Squirrel... common as dirt, yes, but I was feeling wildlife deprived in the middle of the provincial capitol.

Rose... spotted in Beacon Hill Park, still in Victoria.

Pink Dahlia... was just one of many thousands of lovely flowers at the Butchart Gardens. More to come...

St John's Wort... and more...

Rose... in the Rose Garden, naturally enough.

Great Blue Heron... was wading intently along Tsawassen Beach, near English Bluffs. I was fortunate to capture this action sequence.

Quail... roamed wild at the Spiller Estate Vineyard. I took very few worthwhile pictures in the Okanagan. This may be somehow related to the wine-tasting tours we embarked on. The weather was bad here too, which affected us not at all.

Mountain Goat, and Kid... the last day on the road and the Kootenays finally delivered a stunning photo-op. The goats are normally almost inaccessible, but once a year they travel to mineral licks at lower altitudes.  I expect the milder climate helps the young get a good start too. The adults shed their heavy coats at this time.

Deer... not far from the goats, this deer was waiting for us. I expect it was a Mule Deer, they are common in Kootenay Park.

Lodgepole Pine Cones... a major fire was let burn in Kootenay National Park five years ago. It scarred the park horribly, but is necessary to the natural forest cycle. These Lodgepole Pine cones have cooked open, which is the only way they can release their seeds.

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