Dominican Republic 2007

How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterward ~ Spanish proverb

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We stayed at the Bahia Principe San Jaun, which is up on the north coast of DR, near Puerto Plata. The grounds are busily maintained, gardeners always in evidence.  I know very little of the flowers I saw, except, well... pretty.

This large bell-like flower bloomed on a vine growing on a trelliced gazebo facing the beach.


This cream-coloured one bloomed on a stalk growing out of the central cluster of leaves which was the plant.


Hurrah! I know this one! That's because it's obvious; the Crown Of Thorns plant.


And this one is too! Remember, if you encounter a Crown Of Thorns, the sap is poisonous. It's another Spurge, like the Poinsettia.


Sunsets were glorious. Out in the water you can see a pair of sticks. These are on public beach, just off the resort grounds. I assume someone once strung fishnet there.

We saw rain almost every day we were there, but only once did it last for long. The mix of sun and cloud offered some splendid views.

This little burro was grazing blandly beside the road as we jolted our way through a jeep tour.


These little reptiles (I assume gekkos, but couldn't really prove it) were found everywhere. In this case, on a citrus tree across from the coffee plantation we visited..

Once again, the combination of light and cloud made for beautiful landscape.

Still on the tour, we discovered a colony of egrets, roosting in trees beside someone's house.


We played hide-and-seek with the sunshine all day long on that tour. Somehow, it all worked out.

Back on the resort, I am again finding flowers I want to take pictures of, yet I have no idea what they are.

The resort beach was strewn with interesting small things. This little crab was either dead, or part possum on his mother's side.

Fascinating patterns were formed by simple objects and the constant wash of waves and tide.


I figured this bird for some kind of jay based upon its size and that it stayed among trees normally, but the beak is wrong for a jay.

Probably my favourite image from the trip. I'm lying on a little footbridge that crosses a tidal lagoon at one end of the resort beach.

Once again, it's a flower that I cannot identify. There were gardens everywhere on the resort.


And again...


This gekko was camped in a planter near the beach.

Another golden sunset.


Once more, I visit with the gekkos in the same planter. It is completely coincidental that this planter was right beside the bar.

The resort, a former coconut plantation, was overrun with Hispaniola Woodpeckers which are only found on that island.


Our flight out was delayed by poor weather back in Edmonton. I used the extra bonus vacation hours to... take more pictures of plants I cannot identify!



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