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The Roaming I

 Photography of the natural world by Glenn Gill

Welcome to my site.

If you want to jump right in. Then just click any link on the left there. Else, some random thoughts.

Photography has been my hobby for 20 years now and I like to think I'm getting good at it. Originally, my images were largely from airshows and zoos. If anyone likes aviation images, by all means, tell me, I'll scan in some of my old 35mm frames.

A few years ago though, I married a very lovely lady and we've begun to travel more widely than I ever did on my own. Hence the roaming part of the site's title. The camera came along for the ride,  and now you can too. Which serves as the I, or eye. Don't hate me because I pun, that's an entendre.

Various cameras were used for the images here. The oldest ones were taken using my venerable Pentax K1000. My early digital images came from a cheap 1 Mp Kodak. A Canon A75 came along in 2004, and finally in 2006 I moved back to Pentax with the unpronouncable *ist D.  (I'm a computer-techie by day so I confuse camera shops by calling it a 'splatist')

The images on this site are my own and copyrighted. You are permitted personal use at no charge. Most are sized to be wallpaper for 1024 x 768 desktops. As the site develops, I will be making other sizes available.

If you enjoy my pictures, reward me in any of these ways:

  • tell all your friends to come visit
  • contact me to negotiate commercial use, or 
  • contact me to order a print of any image you enjoy. Prints will be signed but without the copyright notice visible online. 

I have organized the images in several ways. Primarily I have them sorted by when they were taken, but some general categories are included as well.

 If anyone wants advice on purchasing a digital camera, I have exactly two things to say:

  1. buy something made by a camera company, not an electronics company. Good electronics can be glued together by any idiot, but good glass requires art.
  2. buy something that uses standard batteries. A lot of people hate the *ist because it runs on AA power. I love it for that reason. Forget to pack the custom battery charger on your 2-week trip into the outback of beyond? Fresh batteries are found at any gas station along the way. Suh weet.

text and images copyright Glenn Gill