Archived Newsletters

Hi all, we had to have a change of venue for October meeting as the Glenisla Hotel was closed as Shelly was not well, but since the meeting the bar has re-opened so November meeting will be held at the Glenisla hotel at 4 pm as normal. We all hope Shelly has a speedy recovery.
CALENDAR: When we held the meeting Scott had only received 4 pictures for the calendar but since then we now have 12 pictures thanks to those who sent in pictures. If you haven't already sent a picture in sorry but it's too late for this year now but you'll still receive a calendar if you have ordered one.
MUSEUM OF FLIGHT TRIP:  We are heading to the museum of flight on Sunday 17th November on a bus this will cost £5.00 per head for the bus and there will still be an entry fee for the museum on top of that, we still have seats left on the bus so if you know of any friends that might like to join us on our trip please contact Scott. Please don't just turn up on the day we do need to know before hand if any extras were coming.
the pick up places and times are as follows-  Paddy bus stop 9am, Kirriemuir Spar 9.10 am, The Blackbird Inn at Alyth 9.20, the square at Blairgowrie 9.30, and final pick up is Broxden roundabout Petrol station at 9.45.
WEB PAGE: Andrew mentioned last month he was very busy and asked if anyone wanted to take on the roll of keeping the web page up to date and Marie has kindly offered to do this so if anyone has any pictures they would like put on the web page please email Marie on-
CHRISTMAS MEAL: We were looking for another venue for our Christmas meal this year and Bob suggested The Park Tavern at Roundyhill so Linda is going to get prices from Jim and bring them along to the next meeting and menu choices too, we're hoping its going to be Sunday 8th December, we'll give you an update next month.
George asked if Scott had been in touch with Angus chainsaw but he's going to wait until the new year and get a date to go visit them.
CHIPPY RUN: This turned out to be a great run on the Sunday afternoon and then we headed to the Bervie Chippy on the A90 we had approx 30 people came along to join us. 
WEEKEND AWAY 2014:  Janey suggested we head towards Dunoon area, so Bob is going to get dates and prices for us, this will be happening around April May time.
PRIORITIES FOR NEXT YEAR: Graham would like to fit in another couple of shows in different areas. Nick suggested trying to pick out 4 dates for road runs next year and 4 different people would get selected to organise the runs, it was thought this was a bit much so maybe try picking 2 dates and get 4 people to share the organizing together.
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

Graham welcomed everyone to the meeting.
EXTRAVAGANZA: There was a good turn out of helpers to set up on the Friday night, the weather and turn out for the whole weekend was great, Duncan managed to bring his Iseta along to Glamis, it was good to see it there.
B.B.Q: Scott has had a few nice emails from people that came along to the club b.b.q saying how much they enjoyed the day. 
On the Saturday at setting up we did have one wee accident the older gazebo blew away, and we had to bring in 2 smaller ones for the Sunday, but all turned out fine in the end. Think it has been decided to get some prices of another pop up Gazebo as its much easier to put up and store, the trailer isn't really big enough for another big tent.
Graham had a list of people to thank as follows- Scott and Eric for building the new bridge into the field, Heidi and Gary for use of the field, all the cooks on the day, tombola and raffle helpers, and also the parking attendants, Bob's wife Diana for making the plate for one of the prizes. Hope we haven't forgotten anyone.
FARMING YESTERYEAR: Gates will be open at Scone as follows- Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 7am-8pm and SUNDAY ALL VEHICLES MUST BE IN BEFORE 9AM OR YOU WON'T GET YOUR VEHICLE ON THE STAND. PLEASE ALSO DISPLAY YOUR NUMBER IN THE WINDOW OF THE VEHICLE. Saturday set up will be 1.30pm on Sat afternoon.
BUS TRIP SUNDAY 17TH NOVEMBER: We are heading to East Fortune Scott will be booking the bus this week if anyone interested that has not already put their name down please phone Scott.
YEAR BOOK: The year book information is just getting sorted now we want everyone to know you only get 1 year book per family.
CALANDER: Scott is wondering if people want a calendar made again this year if there is anyone that would like their car on a month of the calendar please can you email the picture of your vehicle to Scott as soon as possible please so we can get this made up before Christmas the calendar will be smaller than last year and will cost £7.50.
CHIPPY RUN: The chippy run has been organised for Sunday 29th September meeting at 3pm in the greens car ark Forfar leaving at 3.30pm, not sure what route will get taken yet but we will end up at the Bervie chippy on the A90. Just turn up on the day.
CLUB CLOTHING: Scott will be putting another order away this week as he has a few people wanting fleeces and hoodies, if anyone wants anything new please contact Scott.
CHRISTMAS LUNCH: It has been decided to see if the hotel would be willing to do Christmas lunch for us this year again to give them another try Graham will speak to Shelly or Willie to see if they can give us some ideas for next meeting, Alison suggested Buffet so we'll see what they come up with.
A.G.M. 1st September 2013:
Graham Bruce chaired the AGM for us today. We have had a good and busy year, we have lost a few members over the past year but we have also gained a few new members over the last few months.
Some members don't think we do enough road runs and shows other think we do too many shows and not enough road runs, so if anyone has any suggestions please come forward and pass on what suggestions you have.
3 years are up for Pam and Scott this year, Scott would be happy to stay on as events organiser, but Pam doesn't have the time any more to keep up the job as secretary.
Secretary position – Graham proposed Heather Kelly, Jim MacFarlane 2nd this and the rest of the room agreed.
Events organiser- Graham proposed Scott Pam 2nd this and rest of room agreed.
Committee member- Graham Proposed Bruce Miller, Eric 2nd this and rest of room agreed.
All other committee members stay as they were, as from January the positions held are:-
CHAIR PERSON- Graham Bruce
VICE CHAIR- Eric Mitchell
SECRETARY- Heather Kelly
TREASURER- Colin Middleton
Committee Member- Bruce Miller
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

Hi all, I hope everyone has had a good summer, we couldn't have asked for the weather to be any better, it makes a change for the school holiday's to have so nice weather. This is a short newsletter since we didn't have a meeting in August and I was just letting everyone know how the Annual BBQ went, the weather was kind to us we had a good turn out of vehicles I think the count was approx 110 vehicles, we have had more but this was still a good turn out. Altogether we brought in £600.00 not including any deductions I thought this was a great amount. I thought the field was looking very good with the new bridge and we would like to thanks Heidi and Gary for the use of the field for the BBQ.
I would also like to say welcome to our 2 new members Alex Souter and Linda Duncan-Browne.
Glamis Extravaganza- What a great weekend brilliant turn out of people think everyone that came to Glamis had a great weekend, Duncan McIntosh went home with a Rosette for his land rover it was good to see someone from the club win a prize.
MEARNS SHOW: Mearns show is on the 25th August we will get any passes handed out for this over the next week, could everyone entered for Mearns please be there for 9.30am on Sunday, if you have never been before its held at Arnhall Farm, Edzell. 
SCONE FARMING YESTERYEAR: If you have your name down for Scone we will have the passes at the September meeting for handing out, lets hope the weather holds up for these events too.
It would be great to see old and new members come along to this meeting we are always looking for new committee members. It's time for Pam to stand down from secretary so anyone interested in this job please come along and put your name forward, it is also Scott's time to stand down from events organiser we are also looking to fill this post. 
Also at the A.G.M we like to vote on what member of the team you think has done the most for the club over the past year they will get the hunter's trophy at Christmas time to keep for a year, another trophy we hand out is the points trophy and the way it works is every time you turn up to meetings or events you get points, the furthest traveled gets points these get counted up over the year and the trophy also gets handed out at Christmas time.
Christmas meal- last year some of the club went to the Strathmore Golf Club for a christmas lunch in December it is now time to start thinking what the members would like to do this year. Have a wee think and give us your thoughts.
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

ANYONE THAT IS NOT GOING TO MAKE IT ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY CAN YOU PLEASE CONTACT Scott on 07811127924 so we know not to keep a space on the stand for you.
SCONE AND MEARNS: The lists are now closed for these events.
BUS TRIP TO THE FLIGHT MUSEUM: The date has been arranged for 17th November but we are needing some more names on the list for this event or its not worth while booking a bus, so if anyone is interested please contact a member of the committee.
Burgers- Doreen
Rolls- Scott
tombola and raffle prizes all donations welcome from everyone.
Setting up the gazebo will be on the sat afternoon 3.30 for 4pm all just to meet in the field across from the hotel.
We are also having a book stall this year all the donation will be going to the relay for life that's to be held in kirrie on sat 10th August. Anyone wanting to bring books they want to get rid of please feel free to bring them up on the day.
The last road run will leave approx 12pm this year we have been invited to pop into peel farm for a cuppy on route.
CLOTHING AVAILABLE~: BEANIE HATS, T-SHIRTS, POLO SHIRTS, HOODIES AND FLEECE, we are hoping to put the order away this week so anyone that asked for them last month we hope it won't be too long now before we get them.
ROAD RUN ON 14TH JULY: Bernard has organised a road run for the 14th July anyone interested please meet at the Blackbird in on the out skirts of Alyth at 10.45 am.
MANY THANKS, Pam and the committee.
P.S. Can we all remember its the A.G.M at our September meeting and we are always looking for new committee members and this year I am stepping down so we're also looking for a new secretary.

Graham started the meeting by asking Alan up to say a few words. Alan thanked members for the picture we gave him for his 90th birthday, also wanted to thank the members that went along to his party.
As always if your name is down for the shows and you can't make it can you please phone Scott on 07811127924
CHIPPY RUN: No one has come up with a place to go to for a chippy run yet so Scott will pick a destination and get back to you at next meeting.
OUR OWN B.B.Q: Is held on the first Sunday in August, plans are beginning to get put into place, Nick was asked last month to make a sign for the bbq, its now been decided to make a black board and it can be used at more than one event. There is also going to be a sign put at the field entrance maybe 3 weeks before the event advertising it.
Graham suggested we get the man who has the birds of prey to see if he was free to come along on the day of the B.B.Q with a few of his birds, if its going to cost money we won't be going ahead but if its just a donation that he wants then Graham will see if he can come along for a few hours.
If we can get a couple of dancers organised again we'll have them doing a small display for us.
Jim Macfrlane is trying to sort an 4x4 off the road run for us, but to get access to one of the routes he would like to use we will have to pay £50,00 to get the use of the track by the forestry commission. The club members are happy for the club funds to pay this.
The bridge between the hotel and field is needing renewed, Scott has kindly offered to make a new one before the B.B.Q.
FLEECE AND POLO SHIRT: We have had a bit of interest in fleece jackets from some of the members, Scott will look into getting new ones ordered if any other members would like a fleece jacket or a polo shirt please contact Scott on- 07811127924 or
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.
p.s. For any new members we'd like to let you know we have cloth badges for sale and metal car badges for sale, please ask one of the committee members for more information.

Graham asked Bob to start us off with an up date on how the trip to Oban went, 15 people went along to Oban, the Hotel was nice not very good for parking though. Everyone did their own thing on the Saturday day time and all met back at the hotel at night for a meal and a catch up, the weekend was a success. Brenard presented Graham with a small bottle of whisky from Oban from there time away.
CONSTITUTION: This is now ready to go ahead and adopt, it will be all in place for the AGM in September. We had a show of hands to agree on this.
DRIVE IT DAY: This was another great day out we had 12 cars turned up at the Black Bird inn, the weather was not so good to start with but by the time we got to Creiff and started eating lunch the sun began to shine. After lunch most of us went off in our own direction, some went for more of a run and others went to the Garden centre and crystal museun.
HOTEL NOW DOING MEALS AFTER THE MEETINGS: If any members would like to stay for a bite to eat after the meeting you are very welcome we just give them an idea on the day how many will be staying.
STEAM IN THE PARK: THIS EVENT IS ON SUNDAY 12TH MAY CAN ANYONE GOING TO THIS EVENT PLEASE BE THERE FOR 9AM. Please don't use the car boot sale entrance its the next one along. Can you also display your car pass in your window for getting in on the day. The event opens to the public at 10am.
EAST FORTUNE VISIT: We have picked a day for visiting the museum at east fortune this will be on Sunday 17th November 2013, each person will have to pay there own entry and £5.00 per head towards the bus, we will have more information nearer the time about times and things.
ALYTH GALA: Is on Sunday 2nd June the parade starts at 12pm if you would like to go and join this event please be there before 12pm all cars follow the parade round to the Jubilee Park.
TREASURE HUNT: Scott has been doing his homework about the treasure hunt and we don't need any permission to go ahead with this event so it will be happening at some point this year we just have to pick a route and a date now.
CHIPPY RUN: we would like some ideas of where we can go to for our next chippy run.
B.B.Q SUNDAY 4TH AUGUST: Graham asked Heidi if we were still okay to use the field for the event again this year and since we're always getting more vehicles would it be possible to get the field behind also, Heidi thinks this should all be okay but Bob is just going to check with Mr Simpson that owns the field behind.
We are needing as many helpers as possible on the day for cooking and tombola and raffle there will be lists for putting your name down on at the next couple of meetings.
BERNARD'S ROAD RUNS: The first road run Bernard has organised is to be held on Saturday 25th May 10.30 am meeting at Blackbird Inn on the outskirts of Alyth, leaving at 11am. Heading to a distillery, should finish around 3pm.
Bernard's next road run is on Sunday 14th July same time 10.30 at Blackbird inn leaving at 11am, just turn up on the day if you want to join Bernard in a road run.
Alyth show: is held on Saturday 15th June anyone that would like to go to this is welcome to turn up on the day, Graham doesn't feel there are much interest on the classic vehicles at this event it is much more for agricultural side of things.
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

DRIVE IT DAY: Eric and Scott went out last week and planned the route for Drive it Day which is on Sunday 21st April. Meeting point on the day is The Black Bird on the outskirts of Alyth at 10.30am, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR THIS TRIP JUST TURN UP ON THE DAY !!!! the run is approx 85-100 miles long and we are heading towards Dunkeld, stopping at Creiff for a picnic for lunch, if you don't want a picnic it is up to the individual to sort out their own lunch.
CONSTITUTION: we hope to adopt the constitution next month. I have put a copy of the constitution as an attachment.
A.O.B: Bernard has decided to sort a road run out for Sunday 14th July for any members that don't want to go to Glamis Extravaganza and fancy going on a run are welcome to join him, more details later.
Some members would like to have more road runs so by the end of the conversation members have decided they would like a treasure hunt, Scott will sort a date for the next meeting and he's happy to have a go at organising the treasure hunt too.
B.B.Q- our annul B.B.Q is held the first Sunday in August, bob is happy to organise the road run and Jim Macfarlane is happy to do the tractor run. It will be getting held in the usual field beside the Glenisla Hotel, Graham asked Heidi earlier in the year and Bob has also spoken to Gary.
For our new members we work a points system every time you turn up to our meeting and events you collect points, every time you bring one of your classic vehicles to a meeting or an event between April and October you can collect extra points, even for the person that travels the furthest, and at the end of the year the member with the most points gets a trophy to keep for a year, we also have another trophy we hand out at Christmas time and its called the Hunter Trophy we have a anonymous vote for this one, its for the member you think has done the most for the club over the year.
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.
p.s The Glenisla hotel has started putting food on from 5pm on the days of our meeting in
case anyone fancies staying for a bite to eat.  

SHOWS AND SHEETS: Scott has made up lists for some of the up coming shows. Graham has asked if you do put your name down for a show and you can not make it, can you please let a committee member know as some spaces are limited and we might manage to fill it
with another members vehicle. The list of shows so far are- Steam in the park 12th May, Tayside show at Errol 9th June, Glamis extravaganza 13th, 14th July, Mearns show 25th August, farming yesteryear 7th 8th September, if you want to put your name down for any of these events please contact Scott on 07811127924 or email on
DRIVE IT DAY 21st APRIL: Route suggestions were asked for Eric suggested starting at Alyth- Dunkeld- Perth- Coupar Angus. And members agreed, Eric and Scott are to plan the route for April meeting.
CONSTITUTION: Graham asked Nick if he had any further info on the constitution, nothing more this month. We hope to get it completed at April meeting.
YEAR BOOK: A couple of members had not received there year book, the members were issued them at the meeting. Graham is asking members to have a look through and see if there are any events they might like to attend as a club.
GLAMIS EXTRAVAGANZA: No theme this year unless any members want to do anything on their own.
ALAN SEGGIE'S 90th BIRTHDAY: all members have been invited to go along to the Royal Hotel in Blairgowrie on Saturday 25th May, time to be confirmed.
A.O.B: Louie suggested Kildrummie Rally on page 11 of year book.
Bob said Oban weekend & allocation filled at hotel and still other rooms available at hotel if anyone still wishes to go or would like any friends to join them for the same cost as members.
Jim MacFarlane mentioned Chippy run again for this year.
Bob suggested a Rally in North of England for 2014.
Graham suggested Classic car show in Birmingham.
Presentation today after the meeting by one of our new members Bruce Miller on restoring his Austin Healey with a talk and slide show. It was enjoyed by all thanks for that Bruce.
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

YEAR BOOK: The year books are now on there way out, if you don't happen to get one please let us know, we would like it if you have a look through and fancy going along to any of the events let us know and we might be able to go as a club rather than an individual.
CONSTITUTION: Graham passed over to Nick so we could go over the constitution in more detail, Nick put it on a memory stick and we put it on the big screen so everyone at the meeting could see it, we went over each step and re worded things and added in and took out little bits and pieces. Next month we hope to have another look and see if there needs to be any other adjustments made.
Any members that were at the meeting we would like some feedback on it so far.
DUNCAN'S TALK: We finished off the afternoon with a talk from Duncan Mitchell on his Isetta, he has been working on it now for approx 4 years and the project is nearly complete.
Many thanks Duncan.
OTHER BUISNESS: ALYTH RESTORATION: The visit didn't go as well as hoped, think this may have been due to the weather not being so good that day, but the members that did go along to Alyth said it was well worth seeing it, we might manage to fix another visit at a later date.
HONEY FARM VISIT: Before the meeting today some of the members popped up to Bridge of Cally to visit Bernard's Honey farm, this was also very interesting, maybe not the best turned out event either by members, the members that did pop along got a nice little tester of some of the Honey that they produce.
Thanks Bernard for having members along.
Thanks again everyone for coming along to our meetings, it's also nice to see some new faces.
Thanks again, Pam and the committee.

Bob gave us up to date info for the weekend away on 26th and 27th April, for anyone interested the details are as follows-
Oban Bay Hotel & Spa, Corran Esplanade, Oban, PA34 5AE.
Bob has managed to get a great deal for the 2 nights, please try to contact them before the 20th Jan to reserve your room.
Duncan asked if the weekend away was open to friends, if they have a classic car and would like to join you then everyone agreed this was okay. There are a few nice drives you can go on, on the Saturday.
CLUB BANNERS AND GAZEBO: Scott has done a bit of internet looking and has found a couple of different Gazebo's, Nicole brought her iPad and let all members that attended on Sunday have a look at the different ones, its was decided to go for the middle of the road one.
We had a show of hand for the agreement of purchasing 2x banners and 1x Gazebo.
CONSTITUTION: Nick has kindly looked into this for us, he handed round a couple of copies to show members what it can include and what we might need, this is going to take a bit of time getting it the way we want it, as we would like to do it right, so there will be copies for you to look at and any input will be welcome.
LETHNOT SUMMER FAIR: Sheila and Duncan have invited club members to go along to their summer fair on Sunday 7th July with their classic vehicles, its runs from 2pm- 4pm, you will get a cup of tea and a cake, there are lots of different fund raising things going on in the 2 hours eg- duck race, nail in the bail, throw the sponge. We realise this is a club meeting day, but if you even fancy popping along for an hour, they'd love to see you there.
NEXT MONTHS MEETING: Duncan Mitchell is going to come along to the Feb meeting and do a talk after the meeting about the restoration of his car, it is nearly finished now, there may be a slide show to go along with the talk.
Also Sunday 3rd feb at 1pm all members are welcome to pop up to Bernard's Honey Farm to have a look round. And get a talk on it. The Address for the honey farm is- Heather hills Honey farm, Bridge of Cally, PH10 7JG. Tel. 01250 886252 if you need more directions on how to get there.
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

We would also like to welcome 2 new members, John and Ernie Boath.
CONSTITUTION: It has been decided that the club should look at getting a constitution drawn up, Colin and Pam will look into this.
CLUB VOTING: Club voting will now be done with a show of hands, the monthly buying e.g paper and stamps won't have to go to a vote but any type of assets wanted will go to a vote and show of hands at a meeting.
HOTEL: Graham presented Shelly with flowers and a club calendar for their help through out the year.
FORT WILLIAM WEEKEND: Bob will have prices at the January meeting for the wekend away to Fort William.
VISIT TO ALYTH CLASSIC RESTORATION: Bernard has booked us a visit to see the Alyth Classic restoration on SATURDAY 19th JANUARY AT 10 AM.  He is also trying to get Kirkmicheal Restoration to give a slide show and talk after one of our meetings.
Bearard is also going to give us a date to have a tour round his Honey Farm.
A.O.B: Christmas lunch at the Strathmore Golf Centre out side Alyth, Sunday 9th December for those who have booked, the time is 2pm for 2.30. Pam has pre ordered everyone's meal Doreen will have a copy of the order's with her in case anyone has forgotten what they ordered.
Many thanks once again for Colin taking notes for me. Thanks, Pam and the committee.
Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and a Merry New year.

CHRISTMAS MEAL: IF THERE IS ANYONE WANTING TO PUT THERE NAME FORWARD FOR THE CHRISTMAS MEAL PAM NEEDS TO KNOW A.S.A.P. TO BOOK THE TABLE, IT IS ON SUNDAY 9TH DECEMBER AT THE STRATHMORE GOLF CLUB(outside Alyth). We will be pre-ordering so once you let me know if you want to go I can get a menu to you so you can pick what you would like to eat on the day. THE MEAL WILL COST £21.95 PER HEAD, as stated in last newsletter there is a children's menu but you will just get a choice on the day from this. TIME OF MEAL 2PM FOR 2.30PM.
HUNTER TROPHY: there was a ballot box out at the meeting for people to vote for who they thought has done the most for the club over the last year.
CALENDAR: The calendars have now all been handed out I hope everyone was happy with them.
MEMBERSHIP FEES: The membership is now due for 2012 into 2013, Family membership is £17.00 and Single membership is £12.00. at the meeting Rohan spoke up on behalf of Jim and Nick and said they were not happy with the way it had been decided to be put up. It was never put to a proper vote so after much discussion it was then voted on and the majority agreed to membership being the price earlier stated.
In future the club would always like a show of hands before any changes are being made in the club. If you feel the club business is not getting dealt with correctly can you please bring to the chairman's attention.
A.G.M- This should be the A.G.M. But as we were not overly prepared for this it maybe was not the best day to have it as Graham was not present. We did a vote for the A.G.M to be moved forward to September from next year and the majority agreed to this. The reason Pam asked for it to be moved forward is, the S.V.V.F need to update all of there yearly books by the 1st of November, if we don't have our A.G.M. until November its too late for the secretary to be organised with all the details for them so it would make life a little easier also the secretary can have all new paper work up to date.
Dave Guthrie has done his 3 years of collecting the points, he was not present at the meeting so we didn't vote him off but we decided just in case he would like to resign we better have someone on stand by to take over the position, Eric was proposed for this job and everyone backed the proposal up and Eric also agreed to it. Scott has since spoke to Dave Guthrie he would like to stand down. 
No other positions have to be filled this year as no one has completed there 3 year stint, and the club are happy with the committee we have at the moment. 
If there are any members out there that would like to join our committee you can be co-opted on through out the year, your input in always helpful and welcome.
This is my 3rd year of doing the job of secretary and I am planning on this being my last year, as I can not always make the meetings due to other commitments if there is anyone out there that might like to take over my position, I would much appreciate it. No need to make a decision now you have until September to think about it.
TRIP NEXT APRIL: Bob priced a place in Fort William but it was rather expensive £44.00 per head per night. Bob is now going to look into other places round about the Fort William area for the weekend of 26th April so it does not clash with Drive it Day next year. He'll get back to us at a later date. 
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

CHRISTMAS MEAL: Has been provisionally booked for Sunday 9th December at the Strathmore Golf Centre Alyth. We must have numbers of all people wanting to come along and join us at the meal as I have to book seats, if there are more than 10 people going they would prefer it if we pre ordered our meals, there was a choice of 2 different menus but most people agreed on the more expensive one which is £21.95 per head. There is also a children’s menu but it will just be a normal children's selection e.g chicken goujons etc. and the children's will cost approx £5.00 per head. Also if you do pre order your meal and can not make it you will still be responsible for paying for the meal. There will be copies at the November meeting so you can pick what you would like, if you can't make the next meeting but would like to come along to the Christmas meal please contact Pam and she will give you details of the menu.
CALENDAR: Scott has already started processing the calendar, so it's now too late to put in a picture of your own vehicle for this year but if it all goes well we might do a similar thing again next year, if you ordered a calendar can you please bring your money to the November meeting if you have not paid for them already, the calendars cost £12.50 each.
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: The membership fee's are due in November and it has been decided to put the price up slightly so a single membership will cost £12.00 and a family membership will cost £ 17.00.
We have mentioned this before but just a small reminder we had a few no shows of cars at some of our gatherings e.g scone farming yesteryear- there were 7 cars didn't turn up to scone this year and it costs the club money to enter to these events per car,I know things can go wrong or something crops up and you can't always make it, but we really would appreciate it if members are not going to manage to an event they put there name down for can they please let us know asap as we might manage to fill the place with another vehicle, some of the events have a maximum number of vehicles there for it's sometimes preventing other people from putting their name on the list.
BANNERS: We are hoping to buy 2 new feather banners for our stands to put on display at any shows we attend these will cost approx £300.00ish.
After Farming yesteryear the hotel display had to be scrapped, as it was not reusable.
If there are any members that have a email address can you please pass it on to Pam so she can send out your newsletter's by email, as sending out paper copies cost approx £6.00 per month. It is so must easier doing it on the computer and you can always print your own copy out at home. 
ANY OTHER BUISNESS: Nick had details of a Morris 1000 4 door saloon 1969 H, Green. If someone was willing to restore it, it was free if it was going for spares it was going to cost £250.00. I haven't put any more details out about it as Jim Kelly is now the new proud owner of this vehicle to give him a wee winter project.
It was also suggested asking someone to come from Kirkmicheal Restoration to give us a talk some time.
Trip to Alyth Restoration will be happening one Saturday morning in January or February, date to be arranged.
Bus trip to east fortune sometime through the winter was also suggested.
I hope I have made an okay job of this months newsletter as I wasn't at the meeting but Colin kindly took notes for me. Thanks Colin.
Thanks, Pam and the committee.

GLAMIS EXTRAVAGANZA: Graham thanked everyone that came along to Glamis and also helped setting up and packing up. It turned out a good weekend.
CLUB B.B.Q: Thanks to everyone that helped on the day, it was a good turn out. Graham had a few enquiries asking why we don't charge for entry or burgers, but we always make enough on the raffle to cover everything, its always worked fine that way so far, everyone at the meeting seemed happy with this.  Frank from Auto smart donated 3 prizes which was very good of him. Davie Mclevy was impressed with having ice-cream cones this year.
CLUB CALENDER: We are going ahead with a club calender this year, if you would like your car put on one of the months please can you either E-MAIL, GET A PHOTO ON A DISC OR MEMORY STICK SO SCOTT CAN GET THEM ALL COLLECTED TOGETHER AT THE NEXT MEETING. Scott's email address is , address is 4 redford road padanaram, by forfar. DD8 1PZ. Or bring it along to the next meeting. THE PRICE WILL BE APPROX £12.50 PER CALENDER AND SCOTT NEEDS THE MONEY ALSO BEFORE ORDERING THEM. THE CALENDER SIZE WAS AGREED TO BE A3 WITH A PICTURE ON THE TOP HALF AND CALENDER DATES ON THE BOTTOM HALF. ANY MORE QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL SCOTT ON 01307467653 OR MOBILE 07811127924. The photo has to be in digital format so Scott can email them to the company that's making them. 
CHRISTMAS LUNCH: It has been suggested this year we have a change of venue for our Christmas lunch, Jackie Peebles is going to get us a price for the Strathmore golf club, but they don't get made up until October so we'll get back to you with menu date and price.
SCONE FARMING YESTERYEAR: Set up day Saturday 8th September, open to public Sunday 9th September. I think we have enough helpers for setting up on the Saturday but that doesn't mean you're not welcome to come along on the Saturday, but there is lots going on and we don't have an actual meeting time for the Saturday, but you can always pop along and have a wander about if you want to. 
OUTINGS: The MG club have asked us if we would like to join them on a trip to East Fortune Museum. Its on Saturday 27th October, meeting place is south car park at the Tay bridge at 9.30 leaving at 9.45am. There are only about 12 members in this club so if you fancy tagging along with your car please do so.
CLASSIC RESTORATION in Alyth, some members would like to visit, Bernard has been looking into it for us, they are closed first 2 weeks October and middle of November. But most other weekend are ok we just have to give them a date, it was decided on Sunday that the end of January beginning of February would now be better to go. 
Jag restoration at Inverkething – Again Bernard is going to get back to us with a date as the MG club are looking into this visit also. 
Bus Museum Lathammond- This one we could possibly go on a bus rather than take our own cars. This is a bus museum and all the buses are privately owned but it is interesting if you like that sort of thing. This will also maybe be another thought for next year as time is against us now this year, they do have a classic show once a year so maybe when we find out when this is we could get something sorted. 
When we get the new year book in January we could maybe go thorough it at a meeting and decide on some other small shows that we could go along to next year rather than it just always being Errol, Glamis and Scone. e.g- Ladybank, Fraserburgh, stirling.
CHIPPY RUN: SUNDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER, MEET AT 3.00PM in the Greens car park Forfar,then we'll set off at 3.30, head to Brechin, Montrose then end up in Arbroath and stop for our chippy at the Bell Rock which is in Arbroath.
Many Thanks, Pam and the committee.

Hi All, I thought I'd just do a short newsletter this month even though we didn't have an August meeting.
I hope you have been enjoying the summer holiday's, the weather hasn't been the best but I'm sure everyone has made the most of the summer.
GLAMIS EXTRAVAGANZA: The weekend of Glamis went very well, it was a bit muddy under foot but I think everyone had a good weekend, I thought the club stand was looking great with the garage scene and think we might use it again at Scone.
CLUB B.B.Q: We were very lucky with the weather on Sunday, when we were getting ready to set up the tents on the Saturday the rain was pelting down. But Sunday stayed fair, we had a good turn out of vehicles approx 130 turned up on the day. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We had a grand total of £568.00. We also added a few new things this year, we had Jackie supply us with background music, we had 2 highland dancers and also a ice cream stall. It all seemed to go down well, but we will be looking for feedback on this at the next couple of meetings.
MEARNS SHOW: Sunday 26th August this is the next car show, Scott has the passes and they will be getting posted or handed out very soon. Lets hope the weather is on our side for this event too.
We would like to wish Gary and Heidi many happy returns on their wedding which was on Saturday 4th August. Also many thanks for the use of the field for the club B.B.Q. 
Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

Glamis Extravaganza: There were sheets set out on the table so people could put there name down if they are coming to Glamis Saturday, Sunday or both, to put there name next to a slotted time so that through the day the stand is always manned by a member of the club.
B.B.Q 5TH AUGUST: Tombola and Raffle prizes will be needed for the day all donations are welcome. 
We are looking for helpers on the Tombola stall, Raffle stall and taking a turn on the cooking, please let us know if you can help with any of these.
The road runs will start leaving between 10 and 10.30 am, Bob has his all sorted and I'm sure Jim MacFarlane has his all organised too. Eric and Jim Kelly to be parking the non road run cars. 
MEARNS SHOW 26TH AUGUST: Closing date was Sunday 1ST July.
ERROL CAR SHOW: Was a successful day, we had 16 cars on the stand, the weather was ok, and the teas and coffee's went down well. 
IDEAS FOR FUTURE OUTINGS:  Have a think about another weekend away trip next year, suggestions welcome, Tarbet has already been suggested.  Campbell Town was another one.  Even another bus trip for later this year, as it was a success last year, museum of flight was suggested. Have a think and let us know at the September meeting.
Many thanks Pam and the committee.

GLAMIS EXRTAVAGANZA: Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th Helpers needed for Friday night 6.30 pm if possible to help set up the tent, then on the Saturday the garage theme will get set up through out the day. Wink is bringing his tractor with a plough on the back, and anyone else that is brining accessories for the garage theme please remember you have to take it all home with you again on the Sunday. Janey will sort something for the flowers at Glamis to brighten up the front of the tent.
B.B.Q: Sunday 5th August, its coming round so fast, here's hoping the weather is on our side this year.
Doreen will get the Burgers
Scott- Rolls
Colin- Charcoal.
We will also be looking for lots of prizes for the tombola and the raffle stall all donations welcome.
Nick noticed the entry in the year book wasn't the same as normal it doesn't mention the bikes or 4x4's, I will change this for next year, I did ask it to be the same as usual but it hasn't gone in that way.
Jim was wondering if anyone would mind if there were a few tractors come along this year could they maybe have a on road run as well as off road, everyone seemed happy enough with this. Just for a change, the road run normally leaves the field about 11am stop for a cuppy at Glen Markie around 12pm then back to the field the back of 1pm. Jim will tell the drivers on the morning of the B.B.Q about the change to the run.
CLUB CALENDAR: Scott put a slip out to see how much interest there would be in purchasing a glenisla car club calendar made up with pictures of our own classic vehicles, so far we have a good interest of approx 20 of them, this is at an early stage but if you are interested in joining in with it please get in touch with a committee member.
Thanks, Pam and the committee.
P.S. It's the Alyth Show on Saturday 16th June, if any members want to go along with their vehicle can you please be there for 10am.

Graham asked George to say a few words about the weekend away with the club, they all seem to have a great weekend, George said it was a nice quiet place, everyone was made to feel very welcome. Members did there own thing on the Saturday but all met up for a meal and few drinks in the evening. A good weekend was had by all.
NEW TENT: It's arrived, we put it up at Scott and Pam's before the meeting on Sunday to check it's all there, I must say it's much better than the old one, here's hoping it lasts much longer than the old one too. I'm sure once you all see it you'll be happy with it too.
GLAMIS EXTRAVAGANZA: Nick has done a rough drawing of what the stand might look like for Glamis, He will be needing painters to re-paint the old garage, as it will need freshened up and a new name put on it. Scott is going to give Nick new MDF for making the petrol pump. We will have to look at the years of cars already on the list for Glamis before we can pinpoint a year to go by for the theme. We're hoping to use 1 for pretend repairing and 2 for using on the forecourt for sale. We will have to watch for space and we don't want it looking too cluttered, Duncan is hoping to use his land rover to make it look like a breakdown truck.
Graham is going to supply a old oil drum for display.
B.B.Q.: It's getting near that time again, any ideas for anything different we can add to the B.B.Q day please put forward your ideas. We are just going to keep the number of burgers and rolls the same as normal. Can Bob and Jim please organise the road runs please. Scott will ask the Ice cream van to come up this year, Here's hoping the weather is on our side this year for it.
MEARNS SHOW: Sunday 26th August, there is now a list out if anyone wants there name put down for this show, please get in touch, or pop along to one of our meetings and put your name on the list.
DRIVE IT DAY: We had a good run on drive it day up over the cairn'o'mount to Banchory, stopped for picnic lunch, then headed down the coast road to Montrose, it was a bit cold but all enjoyed our run.
Thanks, Pam and the committee.

CLUB TENT: Scott has ordered the new club tent it should be here in the next 2-3 weeks it cost £310.00.
STEAM IN THE PARK: All entries are now closed for this but we have 10 going along on the day so here's hoping the weather will be on our side.
DRIVE IT DAY: Sunday 22nd April Scott and Eric went for a run one Sunday and sorted out the route for us all, we are heading for Banchory then on to Montrose the run will be approx 80miles in total. MEETING PLACE IS BRECHIN CASTLE GARDEN CENTRE AT 11AM. On the Sunday morning, Scott will then hand out copies of the route we are going to be taking, please either bring a picnic with you or you can park up and head to the town for something to eat on the day we will stop for at least an hour. 
POINTS: The April points started on the 1st April you now get extra points for turning up with your classic to to meetings and events.
A.O.B: Bob asked Jim Crichton to pass on a couple of idea's Bob wanted to put to the club. 
Garage at Glamis- there are 3 club members with grey tractors and Bob has a grey pick up, this could be made into an agricultural part of our theme, if the tractor owners agreed to bring there tractors along to Glamis. 
Skye trip for all those attending Bob has arranged a meal for 8pm on the Saturday evening at 8pm, everyone just does there own thing on the Friday night. The last time Bob spoke to the hotel there were still 2 rooms left if anyone fancied booking at last minute. 
B.B.Q- If we want Bob is happy to sort out the road run for the morning of the B.B.Q, Graham has asked Heidi at one of the last meetings if it was okay to use the field for the B.B.Q, she said that would be fine, Bob can you please see about getting the second field for us.
GLAMIS: Nick suggested we re-name the old scripps garage , Scott thought about naming it The Glenisla Garage for our garage theme at Glamis, everyone agreed to this, Nick is still happy to make a petrol pump for us, Scott has some MDF he can use. 
Are we doing fancy dress ? Think we will have to have a couple of people in boiler-suites and some people dressed up as customers from the year we decide, it might be the late 60's early 70's. Louie suggested we try to find a Glasses Guide from the time, if anyone one can help please let us know.
We would be looking at working with old money so it's more interesting, prices for the motors.
We are still looking for old accessories from these years if any members can help us also.
George was even able to tell some of the petrol prices from the 70's.
Thanks Pam and the committee.

After the meeting Bob did a a short talk on the history of the club and Andrew put some of the old pictures on the big screen, everyone enjoyed it. Thanks Bob. 
CLUB TENT: the tent is in hand and will be getting ordered shortly. 
George Petrie's brother/brother in law, works at city blinds he is going to get a price for a new banner or transfer's to go on the new tent.
DRIVE IT DAY: A route has not yet been made but Scott will get this done in the next month to give us an idea where we will be going, think we're heading in Bremar direction as know one as come up with any other ideas. It might be a picnic stop rather than go out for a bite to eat but we'll let you know next month. 
EXTRAVAGANZA: This is to be held on Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th July think the theme is going to be a sales forecourt in a garage. It as to be decided on what sort of era we are aiming for, if anyone has any old oil can or signs that we could use, can we please borrow them for the weekend. Nick has Kindly agreed to make a template of a petrol pump if we think we might want one, Graham asked Bob if we can borrow is old caravan to use as a sales office. Any other ideas towards this would be very welcome. 
NEW WEB PAGE: Has everyone seen Andrews new page for the club, I must say its looking good, if anyone has any pictures of shows or events pass them on to Andrew and he will upload them onto the page, he isn't putting them all at once though, as its fine to change them about now and again. 
B,B,Q: We have had an email from the Lotus club they would like to come and join us at out annual BBQ, this is good news here's hoping we get a better day for it this year. 
Thanks, Pam and the committee.

Colin has asked if anyone is sending a cheque to him for membership for the year can you please make the cheque payable to- Glenisla Classic Vehicle Club. 
STEAM IN THE PARK: Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th this is a two day event at Scone airport, its been suggested we just attend on the Sunday 13th this year to see how it goes and in the future we can always go for the 2 days. If anyone wants to attend this event please put your name forward to Scott so he can put you on the list. I'll give his details at the end of the newsletter.
DRIVE IT DAY: Bremar area has been suggested, Scott will organise a route, any other suggestions are always welcome. 
THEME FOR GLAMIS: Bernard suggested – 'Minder', Arthur Daily theme, Jim suggested second hand car sales room with price relating to the cars. Irene suggested Scottish theme, George- fitting cars out with things from their era, Jenny- Cars from t.v. films, Scott- A garage wit sales workshop. 
NEW TENT: A brochure was put round at the meeting showing a 3 different tents and te members present agreed on a 6mx3m and just to go ahead and order it. It is not pop up but it is much more hard wearing and also you can buy spare parts for it. 
WEB SITE: Andrew is setting up our own web page for the club, he showed is what he has done so far with all left to do now is set up the Domain name and then link it to the site. 
Since Sunday I have had an E-mail from Andrew and our very own web page is now up and running its- . Thanks Andrew its looking really good. 
A.O.B.: Benard asked if we were going to Alyth Gala this year, but we didn't know the date, I do now, its on the 10th June, which is the same day as Tayside car club show at Errol, If anyone interested I'm sure Scott will be putting lists out for these events soon. 
Many Thanks,
Pam and the committee.

Happy New Year to Everyone, hope you had a good Christmas.
Winners of last years trophy's: Eric Mitchell won the points trophy and Scott Henry won the Hunter trophy. 
POINTS SYSTEM: We have had a look and wondered if we could propose a new points system, Scott did a wee bit of thinking over Christmas and came up with a new way to give points out, so it might encourage members to try harder to get more points and make it easier to catch up through the year . We had copies of the new points system at the meeting and everyone agreed to give it ago this year I've put a copy of them in with your newsletter. 
MEMBERSHIP FEE'S: It is suggested to put the membership up for next year as cost are always increasing, eg for stamps, paper, ink etc. Also suggested to try out, when members renew their membership every year give them a small thank you gift e.g- pen, diary, fridge magnet, coaster. Members all thought this was a good idea after lots of discussion on the matter. The increase would only be approx £2.00- £2.50. 
TENT: It's time to replace the gazebo once again as the last one burst on its first time up at Glamis in 2009, it's been rubbish, everyone agreed to us getting prices for a new one, hopefully pop up, to make life a little easier as there is not always enough people around to help put the one we have up. This will be brought up again next month.
APRIL WEEKEND AWAY: Bob asked the 3 other members going on this weekend if they would all like to eat together on the Saturday evening at 8pm for a meal, each member agreed with this so Bob will get in touch with the Hotel.
TALK: Bernard asked if there were any thought's on a talk after one of the next few meetings, Scott has already asked Bob if he can do a talk on the history of the club, so he will do this after the March meeting.
GLAMIS EXTRAVAGANZA: If anyone has any ideas with a theme for this year please put your thoughts forward.
TRIPS: So far a trip to East Fortune has been put down to visit this year any other ideas please bring your ideas along to a meeting or give us a call or email.
Thanks, Pam and the committee.


Newsletter for December:
Hello members, The meeting today was a bit more informal, just a bleather round the fire.
POINTS BOOK: Bernard has asked if when you are signing in the points book can you please print your name rather than sign please as it took him and Davie ages to go through the book and could not understand some of the writing, so if you don't print your name it might not get counted.
UPDATE ON SKYE TRIP: There are still 3 rooms left for the weekend of 20th April 2012, I think it's £32.50 or £35.00 per head per night, If interested the hotel is called The Dornie Hotel. The telephone number is 01599 555205, please tell them you are coming with the Glenisla classic vehicle club or they will say they are full up, you will have to pay a deposit up front. Bob also suggested anyone that has already booked and is looking to eat there on the Friday evening they better phone the hotel in advance to check this will be ok, and it would also be good if everyone going could also meet together on the Saturday and all eat their evening meal together.

Nick and Graham were having a chat after the last meeting and wondered if it's time the club should have a constitution, the club is always changing and if anything untoward happened there are proper rules and regulations, this was agreed by other members present on Sunday, Pam and Colin will look into this for January.

BUS TRIP TO MOTOR MUSEUM: What a great day out we had there, 27 members came along and everyone enjoyed it.

SUGGESTED TRIPS OUT FOR NEXT YEAR TO THINK ABOUT: East fortune, Chippy run earlier in the year this time, Drive it day (for the poor members that can't afford to go to Skye), Coventry Festival ( end September beginning of October) weekend of it Friday to Monday, Invitation from MX5 club to any of there outings you can check out there web site for events organised by them.

George asked me to add in this message from him: I wish to thank the committee members, past, present and the members for all their help and support I have received during my time as a chairman which I have enjoyed very much. We are now handing over to Graham Bruce, he is a long standing member and he knows how the cogs and wheels of the club turns. Many thanks George.

THE NEXT MEETING IS TO BE HELD ON SUNDAY 8TH JANUARY 2012 USUAL TIME 4PM. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks, Pam and the committee. 

Newsletter for November:

Hello members, We'd like to welcome new members Haley and Derek Bibby. HUNTER TROPHY: It is voting time for the Hunter trophy, every member at the meeting has voted for who they think has done the most for the club this year.

MOTOR MUSEUM: It was suggested that everyone that has put there name down for this trip pays £5.00 per person and the club funds will subsidise the rest of the money for the bus. This was agreed with all the members present on Sunday. 

CHRISTMAS DINNER SUNDAY 11TH DECEMBER: The Hotel have asked if we can all pre order our Christmas dinner so they can be organised for us all on the Sunday, this makes it easier for them. It cost's £18.95 per person. I sent out the menu last month if anyone would like me to send out another copy please let me know and I'll get one to you or I'll re email it to you. Anyone wanting to come along and join us just has to pay it on the day, also if for any reason you have put your order in but are not able to make-it you have to be the one to let the hotel know you can't manage any more.(If you don't you will still have to pay for it) 

TRIP TO SKYE 20TH-22ND APRIL 2012: There is a trip organised to Skye next April, there are still 3 rooms left in the Hotel, if there is anyone interested you must contact the hotel yourself, for more details on this please give Bob Alaxander a call on 07850016973, and he will give you the hotel details. 

  DECEMBER MEETING 4TH: Last year our December meeting was just a 'noggin and a natter' in the bar next to the cosy fire, we all decided that we'd just do the same again this year, its a bit more of an informal meeting and we just sit and have a bleather, sometimes we get some good idea's for different trips and things to go on. THE NEW MEMBERSHIP FEE'S ARE NOW DEW FOR RENEWAL: SAME PRICE THIS YEAR, £10.00 FOR SINGLE MEMBERSHIP AND £15.00 FOR A COUPLE. NEW COMMITTEE FOR 2012: Chairperson- Graham Bruce Vice chairperson- Eric Mitchell Treasurer- Colin Middleton Secretary- Pam Henry Events organiser- Scott Henry Points person- Davie Guthrie

Many thanks, Pam and the committee. 

Newsletter for October:

SCONE: Was a great success, we even got a couple of new members. CHIPPY RUN: 16th October: meeting at the Greens Car Park, Forfar, at 15.30 so we're ready to leave at 16.00, we'll head up the coast road to either Inverbervie or Gourdon. Anyone interested please come along. GLASGOW TRIP TO MOTOR MUSEUM SUNDAY 20TH NOVEMBER: There was a form put on the pool table so you could put your name down, there are already 23 names on the list if anyone else is interested in coming along please contact Scott or Pam on 01307467653 or 07811127924, 07977447524 we are booking a bus, it was agreed at the meeting that the club would subsidise the bus, but if there are any non members wanting to come along with you they would have to pay for there seat on the bus, the bus will leave Forfar at approx 10.00 am we hope to have a couple of pick up points on route. NOVEMBER AGM: Stovies will be on sale after the A.G.M. At approx 6pm then there will be a quiz at 7pm approx. SKYE TRIP: There is a trip to Skye being organised for April 2012 for 20th-22nd, the Hotel has been provincial booked, you can get in touch with Bob or Bernard for more details. CHRISTMAS LUNCH: Sunday 11th December 1pm for 1.30 pm, can anyone wanting to come along to this please bring your menu with you with your meal choice already picked and your name at the top at the November meeting. The price for meal is £18.95 per Adult, If you can't make the next meeting but would like to come to the meal please phone the hotel with your order. Anyone that book's a Christmas meal but can not make it must phone the hotel themselves to cancel. FLEECES AND T-SHIRTS: Scott can order these but payment must be upfront. BIRMINGHAM CLASSIC SHOW: It was pointed out that flybe were doing a deal for £58.00 on the Saturday of the show. Thanks, Pam and the committee.

Newsletter for August:

Hope everyone is well, I think everyone must all be a bit fed up with this weather we are getting, I know I am.

It was our annual BBQ on Sunday 7th august, the weather wasn't on our side at all, it rained all Saturday night and half of Sunday. Considering the weather had been so bad, we did have a good turn out on Sunday, I don't have the correct number of cars and 4x4's but Scott reckoned there were over 60. Sorry we don't have all the name's of the prize winners, I think everyone had enough of the rain by then and didn't hang around after the announcements were made. Prize winners:- CARS: 1st: Graham's Humber Sceptre, NMP 397L. 2nd: Austin 7, AAV 707 George Findley. 3rd: Morris Minor, LMV 850C ???? 4x4s: 1st: Humber, 498 MMH ???? 2nd: Land Rover, ESY 767F, David Mills. 3rd: Jeep, MXV 485 ???? TRACTORS: 1st: Allis Chambers, VVS 891, Adam Cruikshank. 2nd: McCormack, 341 XUF, Tracy Low. 3rd: Ferguson, GSV 148, Jim MacFarlane. 1st: Motor Bike and Sidecar MGD 600P, ????, the only one there, Well done for turning up in all that rain!! PUSHBIKES: 1st Green Bike, ???? 2nd: Triumph, Jackie Peebles. The plate went to Triumph Dolimite JNJ 52V, Dave Wood. Jackie's PA system seem to go down well, I think it made George's life a bit easier rather than try to shout over everyone. Frank from Autosmart brought his lorry up full of car care products and I think he also did well with his sales and seemed to enjoy his day. George got him to do the judging of the motors this year. The raffle, tombola and teddys also did well on the day, I think we made just over £400.00.

Mearns Show is the next thing to look forward to, it's on Sunday 28th August, here's hoping they get better weather for their event, as if I remember, it was a terrible day last year.

Next meeting is on Sunday 4th September. See you all then. Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

Newsletter for July:

Alan Seggie has broken his arm and he never managed to get the rugby club event organised properly since his accident, but is hoping to sort something at a later date.

GLAMIS: Next weekend 9th and 10th July: Anyone happy to come along on the Friday night to Glamis to help put the Gazebo up, please can you be there for 6.30 and bring your pass with you to get in, its the RED gate you head for, all instructions are on your RED sheet with your car number. There does not seem to be an entry time for Sat morning but can you all be there on Sunday morning for 9.30am as judging starts early. Colin will take the club trailer along to Glamis on the Friday night for us.

NO SHOWS AT SHOWS: Please, if you are unable to attend any of the shows you have put your name down for can you please let Eric or Scott know as it's very difficult trying to plan the layout of cars when they don't show up on the day and it has to be rearranged. (Eric's number -07890 988 476. Scott's number- 07811 127 924).

BBQ: Scott is going to make up a small information sheet for the day of the BBQ so people know when things in the day are going to be happening e.g. 14.30 for prize giving followed by the raffle. The 4x4s will be going in the new field at the back once they come back from the road run, Jim and Bob are organising the road runs, first one to leave at 10.30 and off road one to leave at 11am, Jim is hoping to take them by Glen Markie and stop in-by the horse place and get a cuppy, Jim is going to phone and ask them if this will be ok with them. The Judging will take place through out the day, we have decided that we will just put a card on each winning car asking them to head to the main gazebo to claim their prize as last year the winner of the plate left before winners were announced. Pam will get 15 cards made up for this. PLEASE, ANY DONATIONS FOR THE TUMBOLA OR RAFFLE ON THE DAY ARE ALL WELCOME. Bernard suggested a small colouring competition for the children on the day if Nic could maybe draw a car, print it out, and the children could colour it in. Heidi will buy coulouring pencils or pens for this. Setting up for the BBQ on the Saturday: Once again anyone wanting to help please be in the field beside the hotel at 4.00pm

SCONE AND MEARNS: Entries for these two shows are now closed.

Thanks, Pam and the committee.  JOKE OF THE MONTH: What do you do if you see a spaceman? Park your car in it man!

Newsletter for June:

FUNDRAISER AT POTTERY: Jim Crichton was very happy with the tea and cake afternoon, they raised £570.00, a big thank you to everyone. FALKIRK WHEEL: It was a good day out for those that came along. ERROL 12TH JUNE: All entries must be there for 9.30am with their number displayed on their window, there is to be no moving of motors without a marshall present. ALYTH GALA: 12TH JUNE: Is clashing with Errol, but some members are going to this instead of Errol. The time for the parade to the park is 12 noon, but there has been a change, and anyone wishing to take part from the Club, should be in the ALYTH SQUARE by 11.30am. LEVEN RALLY: It was the last chance to put your name down for this event. ALYTH SHOW 18TH JUNE: If everyone attending can be there for 9am please, we do have our own pitch there, but will just set it out when everyone gets there on the day.

The Hotel approached George to see if we would like to hold a wee shin-dig the night before the BBQ on 7th August, or as Bob says "BOOZ UP!" but we'll just leave it just now. Anyone that is camping the night before I'm sure will pop into the pub for a few drinks anyway. Shelly also wondered if we wanted to advertise the BBQ in the Kirrie and Dean what's on. But it was decided that there is no need to advertise as we get plenty of people popping in on the day as it is, and we don't want to get too big.

Alan Seggie's grandaughter has been diagnosed with cancer and is getting treated for it, she is doing very well, but the family has decided to hold a relay for life in Blairgowrie it was originally to be held at the family farm but health and safety has put a dampener on that so now they're hoping its to be held at Blairgowrie Rugby ground on the 2nd of July, they are still waiting on it being confirmed, in the mean time would like to ask members if they would like to go along with their cars to put on show and enjoy the afternoon of fun events that they have planned. More details will be posted on this website about the event and where its to be held when this becomes available. Or you can contact Alan on 01250 872843 for more details. BBQ 7TH AUGUST: George is going to sort out a list for next month so people can put their name down to help out getting things sorted for the bbq. Bob has managed to get the field behind the usual one we use for overspill as last year there were 155 vehicles and might be expecting more this year. The Auto Smart man is welcome to come along to the bbq and do some demonstrations for us and sell some products, George asked Shelly if she minded if we got an Ice cream van to come up for an hour on the day and she is happy with this. Jackie is happy to do the PA system for the day but wondered about power but Scott has a genny that she can use. Janie suggested turning the bottle stall into a tombola as there is lots of kids come, this was all agreed to, we may also look into doing some other kids things, eg: face painting, quiz. We'll look into it more next moth so if anyone has any ideas please put them forward. The horses will be out of the field by the 1st July to give the field a month animal free.

Thanks, Pam and the committee. 

Newsletter for May:

SELKIRK RALLY: If anyone would like to go along to this they are just to go on there own rather than with the club, and suss it out this year for next year. LEVEN RALLY: There are only 3 names down so far for this event. ARMSTRONG SIDDELY CLUB: On Sunday 15th May are holding an event for Help for Hero's at the Discovery Quay in Dundee, George is to phone with numbers of people going but there is no takers so far. FALKIRK WHEEL: Can anyone that has put there name forward for going please let myself or Scott know asap if you are a concession as we will get a better price. Anyone that has put there name down for going to the wheel and can't manage we need at least 3 days notice for cancelling or you would still have to pay for your space. POTTERY AT GLENSHEE: this fund raising day is to be held on 14th May 12-5pm, money raised going to MS, all classic cars welcome. ALYTH SHOW: Is to be held on 18th June at Aberbothrie, this will get discussed at the next meeting. HOPETON HOUSE: 28th & 29th May, contact Bob Alexander for more info on this one. THISTLE RALLY: The A35 club are holding this event at Camperdown park on Sunday 29th May at 9.30am, not sure if need to pre-book places, But don't think there were any members interested in taking cars along anyway. BBQ: It's the time of year again to start organising the BBQ, Scott has put a few suggestions forward for this event they are as follows- Make a programme info sheet of the things going on through out the day, times of the raffle and prize giving etc, (this was agreed by members at the meeting on the day), Light the BBQ earlier so there isn't a big que all at once ( agreed), background music ( not agreed), P.A. for drawing the raffle as its sometimes hard to hear ( agreed), Cars to be set out facing into the field instead of out to the main road (agreed), Ice cream van to pop up in the middle of the afternoon ( agreed), Frank from auto smart to set up his stand and do a couple of demonstrations( not so sure, will look into it further). Eric has made a new BBQ that he will bring up on the day and Scott also has a gas one which can be used to keep food warm. Rolls for the BBQ: Wink's son will get a price for us for the next meeting. NEXT MONTHS MEETING: For Discussion at the next meeting are as follows- BBQ, charcoal, rolls, burgers. ERROL AND GLAMIS: THE LISTS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THESE 2 EVENTS. Many thanks, Pam and the committee. JOKE FOR THE MONTH: My wife had a nasty accident with the car this morning. She backed it out of the garage, completely forgetting that the night before, she had backed it in.

Newsletter for April:

We had a good turn out today considering it was mother's day and a few members gave their classics for the first run of the year. TRAILER: Colin brought the new looking trailer up to the meeting to let everyone see it, I must say it's looking great, Jim Inglis asked if it was the same trailer!! SVVF BOOK MEETING: Scott and Eric went along to the meeting to represent the club, to cut a long story short the people that make the book are loosing profit so there was a suggestion made that each person that receives a book might have to pay £1.00 towards it, if you are in a few clubs you only have to pay this money once. They still have more areas to go to with this suggestion, so have not come to a final suggestion yet, but it will be printed in 2012 SVVF yearbook and will not apply until 2013. The club pays a yearly fee to get our event in the yearbook already, so might just add the extra £1.00 onto the membership. DRIVE IT DAY: Scott printed out some copies of the menu, some of the members that attended the meeting filled in a pre-order for lunch on the day. PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE MEETING AT THE FIFE SIDE OF THE TAY ROAD BRIDGE, IN THE CAR PARK ON THE LEFT-HAND SIDE AT 10.45AM ON SUNDAY 17TH APRIL FOR DRIVE IT DAY, you will get directions for the run when we meet at the car park. ERROL AND GLAMIS: Next months meeting is your last chance to put your car on the list for these events, Scott and myself won't be at the meeting but Eric will have all the sheets to put your car down on. Errol is on 12th June, Glamis is 9th and 10th July. SELKIRK AND LEVEN RALLY: There are now forms to put your name down on if you fancy going along to any of these events. 14TH MAY @ THE POTTERY UP GLENSHEE: Jim Crichton's charity cakebake afternoon from 12-5pm to help raise money for M.S. It would be great if some of you could pop along to support this event, even if you'd like go along in your classic car it's always an opportunity to show them off. AUTO SMART TALK: Thought I'd add on how the Auto smart talk went: We ended up having a demonstration on some products outside in the car park, mind you I dinny ken if Nick ended up being too happy, as Bob wasn't at the meeting it was Nick's car that got picked on for a demonstration, well should I say bit's of his motor was used 1 wheel and ½ his bonnet, so I'm sure he went home with his pockets feeling a little lighter, and lots of hard work ahead of him over the week to get the rest of his car looking just as good !! It'll have to be inspection time next month to see if he's kept it up! Many thanks, Pam and the committee.

Newsletter for March:

TEN PIN BOWLING: We had a great fun night at the bowling in Dundee, it was a good turn out, we had 16 people came along and everyone had a good laugh. George suggested we have more fun outings like this. Wullie McFarlanes book: George went and bought a copy and read it and said it is well worth reading, Bernard said the same, if you fancy purchasing a copy you get it in the book shop in Alyth. DRIVE IT DAY 17TH APRIL: Scott and Eric have been doing their homework and have planned a route in the Fife area, meeting at the Tay road bridge car park at 10.45am on the Sunday morning, having a Lunch stop at the Craw's Nest, There is a sheet to put your name on if your coming along to the road run so we have an idea on how many instructions to print out for the run route, but if you can't make it to the April meeting and would like to go, if you can let Scott know he'll tick you off on the list. AUTO SMART TALK: After the April meeting there will be a guy coming along to do a talk on car care products, and may also have some products for sale. If any of you are interested please come along next month. After the talk Shelly at the Hotel has offered to lay on Stovies @ £3.95 a head if your also staying for a bite to eat. Scott and Eric have also picked a date for going to the Falkirk Wheel for an afternoon, this will be Sunday 22nd May, if you are interested again please put your name forward. Scott's details are on the homepage. CLUB TRAILER: Eric and Scott have priced most or all the material they will be requiring to make our trailer into a box trailer, approx £170- £190, everyone at the meeting agreed that this was a good price and they can go ahead start to order the material. GLENISLA GROUP: Bob was telling us there is new advertising leaflets out for the Glenisla group and our car club is also advertised on their web site, it give information on up coming events in the Glen and the date of our BBQ and things too, if you would like leaflets to hand into shops or anything please see Bob. MAY THISTLE RALLY: To be held at Camperdown Park, Dundee, are you interested in this event Sunday 29th May? If there is enough interest we can discuss this at the April meeting. Many thanks, Pam and the committee. JOKE OF THE MONTH: Why did the Classic Car Owner install a rear window heater even though it wasn't an original factory feature? So his family could keep their hands warm when pushing!

Newsletter for February:

George welcomed everyone for coming along today, it was a good turn out, and 1 new member to welcome, Colin Middleton. Did everyone get their year book? If not, please let George know, Heidi hasn't received her's yet. Last year we had a talk from and ex policeman Wullie McFarlane, he had lots of interesting wee stories to tell, he has written a book and if anyone would be interested in buying one they are on sale at the Book shop in Alan St, Blairgowrie at £10.00 each. DRIVE IT DAY is on Sunday 17th April, It's time to decide what we want to to for this, do we Organise a run ourself or wait and see if another club asks us along to their's? It's agreed that Scott and Eric will prepare a route for us, Crail was mentioned or Anstruther, Do we do a meal stop or not? it was agreed yes for a lunch stop, George suggested the Craw's Nest was very nice they have been there before and could always go back again, so the boy's will check out the Fife coast for a route, happy for the run to be about 80- 100 miles long. A VISITOR TALK: We asked last month if anyone knew someone that might like to come along and do a talk for us, Scott has managed to get a man from Auto Smart to come along and do a wee talk on car care products after the meeting on Sunday 3rd April. (BOB THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!) TENPIN BOWLING: Scott has picked a date for a fun night of Bowling, its going to be on Wednesday 23rd February at 7.30pm, at the Dundee mega bowl, if you fancy coming along that night can you please contact Scott on 07811 127924, 01307 467653, email- before 16th of Feb so he can get it booked the price is approx £8.00 for 2 games of bowling. DAY'S OUT: Scott and Eric have been doing a bit of homework for us, and managed to get some idea's, The Falkirk Wheel, East Fortune and also details on Beamish. The most popular is Falkirk Wheel and East fortune so Scott will decide on a date for these 2 outings and get back to us next month with more details. If anyone has any other idea's please get in touch or come along to a meeting and let us know what you think, so far Vintage museum Glasgow, Motor Museum Loch Lommond, Drum Castle Deeside was also put forward for idea's to keep in mind. Bernard asked if we were still all happy to do Glamis Extravaganza, Scone Farming Yesteryear and Errol. Everyone agreed we would go, but for Glamis this year we wouldn't do a Theme, it was suggested just do a Theme every second year, but we could take the Glenisla Hotel painting and put it up at Scone this year. Eric also asked if anyone has any other suggestions for a fun night out? Go Karting was suggested, any more just let Eric and Scott know your Ideas. Many thanks, Pam and the committee. JOKE FOR THE MONTH: Whats the difference between a used car salesman and a software salesman? The used car salesman knows when he's lying!

Newsletter for January:

Happy New Year to you all, hope you all had a good festive period. This is my first time typing the news letter now I've taken over from Irene, so it might take me a while to get into the hang of doing them, so bare with me. George opened the meeting, it was a small turn out, but we did have 1 new member come along today, Cheryl Mitchell, Eric's wife, she has decided to come and join us this year, and here's hoping we get some more new members through out the year. It was suggested at the end of last year we try and have a few more club outings this year, A visit to East Fortune was mentioned and maybe the Falkirk wheel, Scott also suggested we could have a night through the week and maybe go to the cinema or Bowling , Bowling seemed more popular to the members that were there on Sunday might even make it into a bit of competition between male and female!! May, Thistle Rally: George got some mail through about the Thistle Rally Austin A30 A35 club but its on the same weekend as Hopetoun House British horse driving trials that Bob Alexander put a suggestion forward we might be interested in going to see which is on 27-29th May, so we'd have to see if anyone was interested in either of these events. Drive It Day: We have to decide weather we are going to make our own one up again this year and invite another club to join us or wait to see if we get invited to another clubs one. Trailer: Scott and Eric have decided to take a look at the trailer we have just now and see if it's worth while making bigger and better, Scott's a joiner and Eric's a blacksmith so between them I'm sure they'll come up with something, turn it into a box trailer so it can all get locked up. Nic did suggest new shocks for it as it does bounce about the road a fair bit. Fund Raising: Last year we helped raise some money for Jim Ingles charity this year George thinks it would be a good idea to help Jim Crighton and the MS charity, so Jim has been asked to have a think what he would like us to do weather its do a raffle or something. Also see if we have any spare funds we could maybe help another Glen charity or organisation too. Hopefully the next meeting will be a bigger turn out of people as we can't make many decisions or get new input if you don't come along to the meetings. Jim Inglis asked if there is any other way we can advertise what event's we're attending and different things we are planning? we do have this web site, and Andrew does put a shortened version of the newsletter on here every month, we also have a page on Facebook, Andrew can also keep that updated. Membership Fee's: Just a wee reminder that if you have not already, can you please pay your new membership fee's just so we can get everything up to date for 2011, thanks. Many Thanks, Pam and the committee.

P.S. If anyone knows someone that might like to come and do a talk for us after one of the meetings please get in touch with George or come along to the next meeting and share it with us, and if you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch with a member of the committee and we can bring it up at our meetings. JOKE FOR THE MONTH: A man was caught for speeding and went before the judge. The judge said, "What will you take: 30 days or £30?" The man thought and replied, "I think I'll take the money."


Newsletter for December:

Hello Members, Firstly I must apologise for the delay in sending out the newsletters this month, but as the Christmas meal was on a different day this year I thought I would wait and take it in at the same time. We had a fine old 'Noggin' and Natter' with just 12 people attending our normal meeting. We were swithering it if should go ahead or not after the terrible storm but funnily enough the glen had less snow than we had in Kirriemuir, so the roads weren't all that bad. It was the first time I'd ever seen farmers employed to cart the snow away from the town with their tractors and dump it on the outskirts of the town. The topics talked about were mostly about the weather and how it affected the driving, most were in agreement that it is the broad tyres that was the main problem. Back in the 60's our wee Morris vehicles could go anywhere, and even the postie's vans never got stuck as they would attach chains if need be, but off course there's no room for chains on the modern cars. Bob amused us with his tales of woe, and how his V.W. camper van has a window washer that works off a bladder, this has to be pumped up before it can be used and how the air pressure for his Beetle convertible comes from the spare wheel, too bad it you are away on a dirty weekend and have a puncture!!! Scott mentioned how in a country where it was 50 degrees below, and if you through water in the air it freezes before it hit's the ground so we have nothing to worry about here! Bernard Duncan & Scott had all been down to the Birmingham Car show last month and really enjoyed it, although because of the recession some of the stands were empty. Bernard and Duncan did the trip in the one day so they would have been shattered by the time they got home. Scott and his family took it at a more leisurely pace and took B&B somewhere local. It has been decided that we postpone the January meeting to the 9th January next Month as the 2nd is a bit early for the Party revelers. The Christmas Meal: 29 people attended the meal this year so we had it in the dinning room. Normally it is lovely through there but the people sitting at the back were cold, maybe getting a draught from the windows, although the people around the fireside end were roasting, so we'll need to get that sorted for next year. The meal was really lovely, as always, with the tables all nicely set out with burning candles and crackers, we had an extra heat at our one when the cracker caught fire, so that added to the excitement. With having the 2 menus it caused a taking point too, ocht well as Rabbie says "the best laid plans gang aft agley" and it sure does with our club. However nobody went hungry! We finished up the day with a wee disco arranged by Jackie Peebles. She made up a song, the Twelve Days of Christmas, singing about the vehicles we own. It was a bit slow to start with but Pam and the kids wrote them down and that put a bit of a swing to it. The kids always make a party and I am so glad they came along, they enjoyed singing into the mic along with the music maybe we should get a karaoke next time? The winner of the Hunter trophy this year was Nick Morrocco for doing so much for the club in 2010 but unfortunately he wasn't present to accept his award. Well done Nick you are a very worthy winner. George Smith won the points award although he felt he shouldn't have been up for it this year, but it was unanimous that he totally deserves it, so it was graciously accepted. As this will be the last newsletter I will be editing I would like to thank you all for your support over the past 4 years. I have enjoyed the challenge of doing it and have learned a lot over the time. Pam Henry is now taking over the secretary post and I wish her well and am sure she will make a grand job. The committee would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Healthy new year. All the Best, Irene.