Glenview Neighborhood Association (GNA)

This page is for information and announcements for the Glenview Neighborhood Association - the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council for the Glenview neighborhood [WWW](OPD Beat 16Y. Visit this page for meeting announcements, agendas, minutes, and other GNA-related information


Weds.—June 7, 2017 7:00 PM

Park Blvd. Presbyterian Church (& Hampel)


1.   Evaluation of 5/3/17 General Meeting/Turnout & August General Meeting—Valerie/All (10M)

2.   NCPC 16Y $700 Expenditure—Sue (5 M)

3.   Traffic Calming/Safety—Lisa/Noel (5 M)

4.   City and PGE Street Repairs—Valerie/Mary (5 M)

5.   Bus Route Changes on Park Blvd—Rich/Kit (5 M)

6.   City Budget Process & Neighborhood Impact—Lisa/Noel (5 M)

7.   Ice Cream Social 2017?—Valerie (5M)

8.   Other Crime in 16Y/2017 OPD 16Y Project—CRO/All (30 M)

9.   Implementing Vulnerable Minority Resolution—Allan (10 M)

10.                 GNA Priorities For 2017 Discussion/Decisions--All (10 M)

11.                 Open Comments and Announcements (5 M)

12.                 Adjourn

Questions? Email GlenviewNA@gmail.org 

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For more information about Glenview and the GNA see GNA Brochure.pdf

See also [WWW]http://glenfriends.org/ or [WWW]http://www.glenviewneighbors.com for more information about Glenview.

Peter D. Barnett,
Mar 16, 2015, 9:58 PM